Tutorial to Recover Samsung Account on Mobile Device and Computer

If you have a Samsung device, such as Galaxy S8/S8+/Note 8 or Galaxy Tab A/Tab S2/Tab S3/Tab 10 and more, you are lucky, because Samsung offers various services through Samsung account. And when you forgot it, you have to recover Samsung account to access these services. Similar to a Google Account is basically required on most Android phones, a Samsung account is an integral part of owning a Samsung smartphone or tablet. Considering Samsung account is so important to customers, we are going to tell you how to recover Samsung account when you forgot your Samsung account ID or the password.

Recover Samsung Account

Part 1. What is Samsung account?

Today, customer services and user experiences are as important as products for technology companies. Samsung has realized such trend and developed a series apps and services for users, such as S Health, Find My Mobile, Galaxy App Store and more. All these apps and services require a Samsung account to function. When you bought a Samsung device, you can register an account with your email address for free. And once set up your Samsung account on your phone or tablet, all Samsung services will open to you. The key features of Samsung account include:

1. Search and download apps, or purchase content in Galaxy App Store.

2. Find My Mobile. This is a very useful method to find and control your device remotely. You can track your mobile device on map in real time when your phone was stolen or lost. And it allows you to lock, ring, unlock, factory reset your device remotely. Also, you can make a phone call or send messages without using your phone.

3. Family Story. This is a social network lets you share photos, events, or memos with your family members and friends who have Samsung devices too. You can build a community with up to 20 people and share wonderful moments privately.

4. Galaxy Apps. It is a separated app store for Galaxy and Gear devices. Here you can search and download mobile apps without worrying about compatibility and security issues.

5. Samsung Hub. Similar to Google Play Store, Samsung Hub is a digital entertainment store owned by Samsung. Here you can discover and access a variety of music, movies, e-books, educational content and games. And some contents are exclusive to Samsung devices.

Anyway, all the Samsung services are only accessible with a Samsung account. If you do not have one, you can go to and follow the onscreen instructions to sign up a Samsung account right now.

Samsung account

Part 2. Forgot Samsung account - How to recover Samsung account ID

Once you add Samsung account on your device, you can access various services without login again. That is convenient; however, it also increases the probability to forget your account. When you discovered you lost the Samsung account ID, don't panic and follow the guides below to recover Samsung account ID in less than three minutes.

Method 1: Recover Samsung account ID on your phone

Step 1. Unlock your Samsung device and open the Apps screen. Head to "Settings" > "General" > "Accounts" on your phone.

Tip: Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Select Samsung account to recover on the list; hit the link labeled "Forgot your ID or password" and then open the "Forgot your ID" screen.

Step 3. Drop your first name, last name and birthday in each boxes; and tap on "Confirm". After few seconds, your Samsung account ID will be recovered on the screen.

Recover Samsung account ID

Method 2: Recover Samsung account ID in a browser

Step 1. Input into the address bar of any browser and press "Enter" key to open the website. Then click Sign In at upper right corner and then hit the link said "Forgot your ID / Password".

Step 2. On the Samsung account recovery page, go to the "Find ID" tab. And you will be required to enter your first name, last name and birthday that associated with your Samsung account.

Step 3. Once done, click the "Confirm" button. Samsung will start searching for the account ID according to the information you provide. Then it will show you the ID matched finally.

Recover Samsung account browser

Part 3. Forgot Samsung password - How to reset Samsung account password

Compared to Samsung account ID, people are easier to forget their account password. When it happens, the first thing you should know is that there is no need to be anxious. It happens more often than you thought. The solutions below could help you recover Samsung account password easily.

Method 1: Reset Samsung account password on mobile phone

Step 1. Visit in your browser, click "Sign In" and then hit "Forgot your ID or password".

Step 2. Open the Reset password tab, enter your Samsung account ID and the security code in to the right boxes. Then click "NEXT" to continue.

Step 3. Create a new tab in your browser and access your email address associated with your Samsung account ID. Redirect the recovering Samsung account password page by click the link in the mail from Samsung.

Step 4. Enter and confirm your new password in the reset page. Then you can re-sign in Samsung account on your mobile device and access any service.

Reset Samsung account

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Based on the tutorial above, you might understand what Samsung account is and how to recover Samsung account when you forgot ID or password. As you can see, when you get a Samsung smartphone or tablet, you do not purchase a single tech product, but a device with a set of services. Your Samsung account is the key to access these services. So, when you cannot remember your ID or password, you will need to recover Samsung account. Our guides above are designed to help you get back your account on mobile device and computer quickly and effectively. We hope they are helpful when you forgot your login information. And if you have any questions about Samsung account recovery, please leave messages below.

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