Android.Process.Media Has Stopped? Here are Updated 5 Solutions

It is expensive and meaningless to ask for after-sales service when you see "Unfortunately, the process has stopped". Actually, is one of common Android system errors. And you just come to the right place.

Getting the message has stopped working without knowing why? Well, you can look through this article to figure out the causes of the error and related solutions in details.

Android Process Media Has Stopped

Part 1: Why Would "Android.Process.Media Has Stopped" Error Appear

There are many different causes lead to the has stopped error. And the followings are most common ones you can refer.

  • Move from one custom ROM to another with wrong operations
  • Fail to upgrade firmware on your Android phone or tablet
  • Problems of the Download Manager and the Media Storage
  • Virus attack, app crashes, etc.

Part 2: How to Fix Android.Process.Media Has Stopped

Before fixing has stopped, you had better back up important Android files. Otherwise, you will have another new problem of restoring lost Android data.

Solution 1: Clear the Cache and Data on Your Android

You can clear the cache and unnecessary data of Google Play Store and other Google services framework to troubleshoot this error. You can follow the steps below:

Step 1 Clear the cache and data on Google Services Framework

Choose Settings on Android. Tap ApplicationsManage Applications. Make sure you have turned to the All tab. Scroll down to click Google Services Framework. Then tap Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Step 2 Clear the cache and data on Google Play

Repeat above operations to clear the cache and data for Google Play too. Then go back to Google Services Framework to tap Force Stop, Clear Cache and OK in order.

Step 3 Reboot your Android

Run Google Play from your app drawer. Tap OK when you see the has stopped message. Hold and press the Power button to reboot your Android.

Clear the Cache and Data

Solution 2: Reset App Preferences

You can reset App preferences to remove unknown errors and fix the has stopped error with the following steps.

Step 1 Access all your Android apps

Scroll down to click Application Manager or Apps under Android Settings. You may see other similar options, well, it varies according to the Android phone or tablet you own.

Step 2 Reset app preferences on Android

Tap the 3-dots Menu button in the top right corner. Select Reset App Preferences to bring apps back to the original state automatically.

Reset app preferences

Solution 3: Force-Stop the Media Storage

You can troubleshoot the has stopped error by force-stopping the Media Storage.

Step 1 Find Media Storage app

Tap Application Manager or Apps inside Android Settings. Find the Menu option to select Show System. Then scroll down to locate Media Storage.

Step 2 Force-Stop the Media Storage

Tap Force Stop to quit Media Storage completely. Check if you still receive the has stopped error. Otherwise, move to the next section to try a new solution.

Fore Stop The Media Storage

Solution 4: Update Firmware

If you have not updated your Android OS for a long time, many system errors occur because of incompatible apps. So install the latest firmware first.

Step 1 Locate Android software update settings

Connect your Android to a stable Wi-Fi network. Open Settings app and click About Device. Tap Software Update in the first place, and then choose Software Update, Update or System Firmware Update.

Step 2 Install the latest Android OS

Tap Check for Updates and choose the latest Android update. Hit Update and Install to update your Android OS to the latest version.

Update Android

Solution 5: Check Google Sync & Media Storage Settings

When the the has stopped error appears, you should take a look at Google Sync and Media Storage settings.

Step 1 Stop Google synchronization

Choose Accounts and Personal in Android Settings, then untick all options under Google Sync.

Step 2 Clear the Media Storage

Select Apps and turn to All Apps inside Android Settings. Scroll down to hit Media Storage. Tap Storage to continue. Choose Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Step 3 Fix has stopped

Repeat above steps to disable and clear data on the Download Manager as well. After that, reboot your Android device by pressing the Power button.

Stop the Google Sync

Part 3: Tips: Back Up Android Before You Fix "Android.Process.Media Has Stopped" Error

Do not forget to back up your Android before fixing has stopped. It is a good habit to prevent unnecessary data loss. Apeaksoft Android Data Backup and Restore is your ultimate tool that can backup data from Android to PC selectively and safely.

Android Data Backup & Restore

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Selectively backup and restore data from phone without data loss.

Step 1 Connect Android to Android Data Recovery

Download and launch Android Data Recovery on your Mac or PC.

Then use a lightning USB cable to connect Android to your computer. Later, Android Data Recovery can detect your device automatically.

Connect Android to Android Data RecoveryStep 2 Enable USB debugging

Follow the popping-up guide to allow USB debugging on your Android phone or tablet. You can choose the different instruction according to your Android OS version.

Enable USB debuggingStep 3 Scan selected file types

Click "Device Data Backup" to selectively back up your data on the device. Then it will show you such types of data as contacts, messages, call logs, gallery, videos, audio and documents.

Choose Data Type

After that, this program offers the encrypted backup mode. Click "Encrypted Backup" if you need, and then tick the "Start" button to set a password for this backup. Remember the password well, and you will need it when you restore this backup.

Encrypt BackupStep 4 Backup data from your Android to PC

Choose what you want to back up and click "Start". Then Android Data Backup & Restore will immediately back up your all data of Android device.

Wait few seconds to complete the Android scanning process.

Backup data from your Android to PC

Part 4: FAQs about Android.Process.Media Has Stopped Error

What is the Media Storage on Android?

Media Storage is a multimedia database provided by the Android system, which is specially used to store multimedia files, including videos, audios, images, etc.

What does it mean when your phone says has stopped?

When your phone says has stopped, it mainly means that the Media Storage and Download Manager have some glitches to fix.

Can I disable Media Storage on my Android phone?

No, you can't disable Media Storage on your Android phone because it's a built-in system service. However, you can still clear data and cache of Media Storage.


If you still receive the message that has stopped, you can perform the above 5 solutions on how to fix keeps stopping. Be aware that you should backup your Android data in advance, and Apeaksoft Android Data Backup and Restore is your best choice, you can download it for free using the below link.

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