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Erase Your Image Background Automatically Using AI

Taking advantage of artificial intelligence algorithms, Apeaksoft Free Background Eraser makes it easy to do photo background removing tasks. It can precisely detect picture background without pixel-by-pixel selection and erase it automatically for you. Besides, this free photo background eraser tool supports all image formats in JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, BMP, TIFF, etc.

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Make Background Transparent in One Click

This JPG/PNG/GIF background remover is suitable for users looking for ways to define their photos by erasing the background. This photo editor lets you remove complex backgrounds with small details and elements and create transparent backgrounds for your photos at once. With the help of Apeaksoft Free Background Eraser, making your images transparent becomes extremely easy!

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Replace and Change Picture Backgrounds

Once the existing background of an image is removed, you can replace it with a solid color in seconds. You can even fill the space with your new background picture by uploading it from your computer. Upload your photo now, and a stunning photo with the customized background can be yours in the blink of an eye.

User Reviews

See what users around the world are talking about Apeaksoft Free Background Eraser.

''It's the best application to remove background from photos in JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. More importantly, it is a free background remover app to remove bg background from pictures with no charge and no installation. Anyway, you can save the page of this online tool to your favorite for sure---Lorraine''

''I'm always wondering how to erase the background of a picture, especially for GIFs. Luckily, this image background eraser is the GIF background remover I've ever used. And, it perfectly supports removing background from images in different formats. More importantly, this impeccable photo background remover is entirely free to use, without registration required.---Edan''

''Compared to Photoshop background eraser, Apeaksoft Free Background Eraser is quite easy to use. It can instantly identify the background of an image and remove the background for free. I have used it to erase and remove the white background from my JPG image and turned it into a transparent background. In this way, I can change the background of my photos easily.---Krish''

Lorraine Edan Krish

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