How to Backup Android Phone in an Easiest Way

Mobiles phones have no longer been those basic devices that could only send and receive calls or SMS/MMS, but also act like a tiny file keeper, filled with various precious contacts, messages, emails, videos, photos, documents, call logs and so on.

Backup Android Phone

People use their smartphones like Android phone or iPhone every day, and losing the data can be very suffering . That's why you had better back up your phone as regularly as you can to PC or other devices. Here in this post, we would like to show you the easiest way to back up your Android phone.

Part 1. How to backup Android phone within simple clicks

Android Data Backup & Restore is exactly what you need , which enables you to safely and selectively back up your Android data. Download the program and get ready to backup your Google Nexus, LG, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, HTC or other Android phone.

Step 1. Install and launch Android Data Backup & Restore. First, you need to choose selectively (Device Data Backup) or wholly (One-click Backup) back up your Android data.

Android Data Backup & Restore Interface

Step 2. Connect your Android device with computer.

Step 3. If you choose to selectively back up your Android device, select the data type. This program enables you to back up contacts, messages, call logs, gallery, videos, audio and documents. Choose what you want to back up.

Choose Data Type

Notes: When you choose "One-click Backup", the program will directly back up all data referred above and jump to step 5.

Step 4. Powerfully, this program enables you to make an encrypted backup. To do this, check the box of Encrypted Backup , and then hit "Start" button. Then you need to set a password for this backup. Keep well the password as you will need it when you restore this backup. If you don't want to make an encrypted backup, just hit the "Start" button.

Encrypted Backup

Step 5. Android Data Backup & Restore will soon backup Android device. When the backup is over, check to see it.

Android Data Backup

Powerful as the program is, it can help you restore Android data. For Android restore function, you need to pay and register the Android Data Backup & Restore. Then you are able to preview and restore your Android data from backup without any hassle. Here is the tutorial for you.

Part 2. How to restore Android backup

Step 1. Choose to restore data from the backup selectively (Device Data Restore) or directly restore the whole backup (One-click Restore).


Step 2. You'll see all available backup file (s) in the list. Choose one backup where you want to restore data. For any encrypted backup, you need to enter the password you set.

Backup List

Step 3. Connect your Android device with computer.

Restore Connect Device

Step 4. If you choose to selectively restore data from the backup, then you will come to this page. You can learn the backup name, device name or other information here. Preview the data from the backup, and then choose the files you would like to restore to your Android device. Finally, click "Restore" button.

Restore Data

Notes: If you choose "One-click Restore", this program will directly restore the whole backup data .

Step 5. The program will soon restore the selected Android data. Pay attention to messages restoring, and you need to set "FoneGo" as the default SMS app. Then your Android device will receive an message, and you tap on "Yes" to go on. Click "OK" in the program.


Step 6. When you've managed to restore the backup, this program will display the information for you.


In this article, we mainly show you how to backup Android phone with the excellent Android Data Backup & Restore. You can also use the program to restore Android data from the backup.

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