How to Backup Android Contacts to PC, Google and SD card

Android phone manufacturers continuously improve mobile phone performance, like camera technology, battery life, biometrics and more. Nevertheless, these devices can still get corrupt from a malware, virus or unexpected damages. We discovered that more people search for backup contacts Android online, partly because full screen becomes the new trend in Smartphone industry. We always recommend you to perform Android contacts backup frequently. If you have such habits, then you can easily restore them afterward and won't face data loss in any situation. In this post, we will show you multiple ways about backing up contacts on Android. You can discover your favorite method and follow our guides to back up your contacts easily.

Backup Android Contacts

Part 1. How to Backup Android Contacts to PC

According to our summary, the best program for backing up contacts for Android should have several features:

  • 1. Easy-to-use. A good Android backup tool should allow users to perform contact backup in one click.
  • 2. Preview. It should have the capacity to open the backup file and display data details for preview.
  • 3. Restore. If an Android backup program only supports backing up but not restore, it is apparently not a good tool.
  • 4. Compatibility. It works on a wider range of Android phone models, like HTC, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola backup and more, so you do not worry about compatibility problem when upgrading mobile phone.

Android Data Backup & Restore could meet all requirements above. Moreover, it uses advanced technology to create Android contact backup securely and quickly.

android data backup restore

Back up Android contacts with Android Data Backup & Restore

Step 1. Get Android contact backup software installation

Download and install the latest version of Android Data Backup & Restore to your PC and connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cord. Make sure you have turn on USB debugging mode on your phone.

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If you are using Mac, you can install Android Data Backup & Restore for Mac.

Step 2. Back up Android contacts in one click

Launch the contact backup program and go to Android Data Backup & Restore tab after it detected your phone. Click on the "One-click Backup" button to start creating backup file.

Step 3. View contacts in backup file

When it is done, you will be taken into the preview window. Click the latest backup file to open it in detailed window. Select "Contacts" option on left sidebar, Android contacts will show up in the list. Then you can view or restore any contacts as you wish.

If you choose "Messages" option, it will help you save text messages on Android to computer.

Part 2. How to backup Android contacts to Gmail Account

Though Google does not release utilities similar to iTunes or iCloud for Android users, Gmail account is a good assistant to sync and back up Android contacts.

backup android contacts gmail

Step 1. In order to set up Gmail account, unlock your Android phone and go to "Settings" > "Accounts" > "Google". Tap on "Add account" and log in your Gmail account information.

Step 2. After turn on the auto-sync feature, tap on your Gmail account to go to next screen. Move the slider of "Contacts" option to right and make sure to turn it on.

Tip: Google does not inform you whether Android contacts backup is successful or not, so you have to access Gmail to check it.

Step 3. A few minutes later, access your Gmail account on your PC. Navigate to "Gmail" > "Contacts" to check Android contact backup.

Note: For some Android phone models, the backup feature is integrated in Contacts app, so you can go to "Contacts" > "Settings" and turn on the contacts sync function.

After that, you are able to recover contacts easily here.

Part 3. How to backup Android contacts with Super Backup & Restore app

Of course, you can back up Android contacts without a computer. Some Android backup apps could help you achieve such task, like Super Backup & Restore. It is able to back up Android contacts to SD card and upload the backup file to Gmail.

super backup

Step 1. Launch Super Backup & Restore app after installing it from Play Store to your phone. Tap on the settings menu with three dots button on upper right corner and set the path, including internal memory or SD card, to save your backup files.

Step 2. Back to main interface and choose "Contacts" from the list to go to next screen. Then tap on "BAKCUP" to start creating a backup file with your Android contacts.

Step 3. After the process completed, you can upload the Android contact backup file to Gmail or Google Drive for restoring in future.

Super Backup & Restore app allows you to view in-app ads to exchange free features. If you want to remove ads, you have to purchase in-app functions.

After backing up contacts on Android, you can use backup exractor to access the data from the backup file.

Part 4. How to backup Android contacts to SD card

Another way to back up Android contacts is to transfer them to SD card. Unlike photos, videos or other media files, you cannot save Android contacts to SD card directly. And you cannot view or move contacts in My File app. But you can follow the methods below to fulfill this job.

Steps to backup Android contacts to SD card

Step 1. Open the Contacts app on home screen and go to the "Contacts" tab to display all Android contacts.

Step 2. Bring the menu up in Contacts screen and choose "Import/Export" option. Then choose "Export to SD card" or the similar option. One thing you should know is that, the operation to the call menu depends on your phone model.

Step 3. A few seconds later, all contacts will be saved to SD card in VCF file.

export contacts to sd card

Step 4. Plug both your Android phone and SD card into your computer. And open your Android phone in Windows Explorer.

Step 5. Search for files end with VCF or CSV in Explorer. Select all files in result window by pressing Ctrl + A keys.

copy android contacts to pc

Step 6. Copy and paste all Android contacts to your SD card by pressing Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V.


Based on the guides above, you should understand how to back up Android contacts to your computer, SD card or Gmail account. These methods all have some unique advantages. Gmail, for example, offers 15GB free storage to save Android contacts and other data to cloud server, so you can view or restore them without computer. Android backup and restore app and SD card is another way to back up Android contacts. If you need a professional tool to protect Android contacts and other data to PCs, we will recommend Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore to you. Free download it and have a try.

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