How to Backup Text Messages on Android: in 3 Easy Ways

Sending text messages becomes an important part of people's daily life. It is not only text messages, but also precious memories and secrets. It is unimaginable that these cherished text messages on your Android phone are lost due to phone broken, device stolen or deletion unfeelingly and so on.

However, those who backup text messages on Android phones frequently will never get into such a trouble.


Because they grasp at least one of the 3 ways recommended here to backup text messages on Android to computer, Gmail account or SD card with or without an app.

Keep reading, and take the ways to become one of them.

Backup Text Messages on Android

Part 1: How to Backup Text Messages on Android to Computer (Easiest)

The first way is highly recommended with the third-party tool, Android Data Backup & Restore.


Because even if your Android phone is lost or broken, you will restore the text message backup to your another Android phone. With this backup & restore tool, you can read the text message from another phone easily. Moreover, it will take up storage on your Android phone. Besides, you can enjoy the following convenience:

Android Data Backup & Restore

4,000,000+ Downloads

Backup text messages and MMS on Android to computer easily.

Support encrypt backup to keep your SMS safe enough.

Backup contacts, call log, document, etc. apart from SMS.

Work for Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola, Google Phone, ZTE, etc.

Below are the steps on how to backup text messages on Android to computer.

Step 1. Connect Android phone to computer

Download, install and run Android Data Backup & Restore. In the main interface, click "Android Data Backup & Restore". Connect Android phone to computer via USB cable, and then this software will detect your Android phone.

Standard Encrypted Backup

Step 2. Select messages

In the interface, you are given two options, "Device Data Backup" (backup selective data) and "One-click Backup" (backup all data).

Here we choose "Device Data Backup", tick "Messages" in the pop up window, and click "Next".

Select messages

Step 3. Backup text messages (encrypt)

Here, you need to decide to encrypt the backup or not. If you choose encrypt backup, then you need to input the password, and "OK" to start to backup text messages on Android.

Encrypt Backup

If not, just backup text messages automatically to computer. Here you can learn how to save text messages from Android to computer.

Backup text messages

Very easy, right? Similar software also lets you backup text messages on iPhone, if you get an iPhone.

Part 2: How to Backup Text Messages on Android to Google with an app

You can search for text messages on the web once you backup text messages from Android phone to the Gmail. Even, you can export text messages to new phone or computer by through searching the history.

The operation of backup messages to Gmail account is really easy. What you need is an app. Similar apps are SMS Backup+, Super Backup, SMS Backup & Restore, etc.

Here are the general guides of the operation with SMS Backup+ as the example.

Setp 1. Log in your Gmail account

Before you start to back up your messages on Android, don't forget to log in your Gmail account (Gmail password forogt?). Then check the enable IMAP and click the "Save Changes" button.

Log in your Gmail account

Setp 2. Download SMS Backup+ application

Download and launch SMS Backup+ application on your computer. SMS Backup+ is a free app that helps to store text messages in your Gmail account, which makes messages much more searchable and accessible.

Download SMS Backup+ application

Setp 3. Connect Android with Gmail

Set the connection with your Gmail account and Click "connect". Then you will be informed to select a Gmail account to back up your text messages on Android.

Setp 4. Backup text messages to Gmail

Click "Backup" option. Do not tap "Skip"! If not, all the text messages on your Android phone will be ignored to backup.

Backup text messages to Gmail

The process of backup may take some time to finish, which depends on the memory capacity of your text messages on Android phones. Then you can log in the Gmail account in the web and tap a new "SMS" button.

Congratulations! You have backed up your text messages from Android to your Gmail account already.

Gmail is not only as the helper tool to backup text messages, it can also back up contacts, photos, videos, music, etc.

Learn the details to sync contacts from iPhone to Gmail.

Part 3: Backup Text Messages from Android to SD Card without app

Surely, if you do not want to install any app, you can refer to the last method. Without an app but SD card is enough.

You can backup text messages, photos and music files on Android phone to the SD card and then insert it to your new phone.

Step 1. From your Android phone, launch the Message app and open the Message on the main interface.

Step 2. Choose the text message you want to backup, and then click the Options or Menu button.

Step 3. Hit the button of "Save to SD Card". Your text messages on Android phone will be backed up to your SD card.

If your text messages are deleted carelessly one day, then you can restore them from your SD card.


So above are all about how to backup text messages on your Android Phone. By following the ways, you don't have to worry about your text messages lost. The first way is easier and safer to backup text messages on Android to PC/Mac, and the second way and the third way will backup SMS to SD card or another places on Android phone.

We hope this post can help you to some extent. For more contacts backup apps, you check check this post. If you have any other queries about backing up text messages for Android, you can share more details about your comments in the article.

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