[Review & Guide] SMS Backup & Restore on Android Phone

For Android users, when you switch to a new phone or you just want to move some important SMS messages back and forth, you may turn SMS Backup & Restore for help. This message management application is so useful that it gains a 4.5 point score in the Google Play store.

What is SMS Backup & Restore?

How to use SMS Backup & Restore?

Can SMS Backup & Restore retrieve erased text messages?

Do not worry and let us uncover the inquires of SMS Backup & Restore one by one.

SMS Backup & Restore

Part 1. SMS Backup & Restore - Backup and restore SMS on Android

What is SMS Backup & Restore?

SMS Backup & Restore is a free Android message app to backup and restore MMS/SMS and call logs to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Email as XML over Wi-Fi or USB cable.

Now, let's check how it works to backup and restore your SMS on Android phone.

Step 1. Backup SMS message on Android

➤ Free download this app from Google Play, install and run it on your Android phone.

➤ Tap "BACKUP" > "Create New Backup" to make a new backup for your SMS messages and special characters.

➤ Then you can name the backup. Hit "OK" > "Yes" button to create the SMS backup on Android.

The backup is stored by default in the “SMSBackupRestore” folder of the first/default SD Card of the phone (/sdcard/SMSBackupRestore).

Backup SMS Message on Android

Step 2. Restore SMS backup to Android phone

➤ Still open SMS Backup & Restore app on your Android phone.

➤ Tap "Restore"

➤ Checkmark the backup that you want to restore.

➤ Hit the arrow next to the SMS messages backups if you have many backups and want to restore some specific one text messages or MMS backup.

➤ Tap "Restore" and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the restoring process.

Restore SMS Message on Android


1. When you want to sell your phone or factory reset the Android device, you had better to have an SMS backup on external card.

2. When you backup SMS message, you can choose to store the SMS backup on your phone or upload the backup to Google Drive, Dropbox or Email.

3. SMS Backup & Restore only help you restore the erased SMS that has been backed up. For those deleted text messages recovery after backup, you had better visit this post: How to recover deleted text messages on Android.

SMS Backup & Restore is a good option to backup text messages, however it is not ideal as many of you think.

Let's check the review from users.

According to AppBrain's report, you can find this app gets a high rating and downloads from Google Play.

Backup SMS Message on Android

As for its overview, you should not miss the reviews from users of Google Play:

  1. 1. This app does a quick search and download to transfer text messages between old phone and new phone.
  2. 2. It backs up emojis and full quality photos or even details on call logs.
  3. 3. I was able to transfer everything directly over wifi.
  4. 4. I was able to recover critical texts that had somehow disappeared.
  5. 5. I like this app. When before I reset my phone, I lost all important message, but now this app help to restore my backup.
  1. 1. This app does not transfer texts properly. Only a small fraction of texts actually transferred over.
  2. 2. It gives no note to check if the backup is successful or not.
  3. 3. It can’t split the backup into multiple files to send, to avoid hitting a maximum number.
  4. 4. The "scheduled backup" feature does not work.
  5. 5. Restoring SMS is slower than molasses.

If you want to backup more data apart from text message, call logs, like contacts, photos, etc. you need to follow the second mehthod to help you.

Part 2. Best Way for Android SMS Backup & Restore to Android

Android Data Backup & Restore is a more powerful but easy tool to help you get data backup to computer.

Android Data Backup & Restore

  • Backup your Android data to computer without taking up any space on your Android phone.
  • Preview and select the data for backup without force backup of the whole data.
  • One-click backup or selective data are optional for you.
  • Backup contacts, messages, call logs, gallery, videos, audio and documents.
  • Restore data with keeping the existing data and restored backup.
  • Backup data with encrypted password tp protect privacy.
  • Compatible with Samsung, LG, HTC, Google, Sony, Huawei and more.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Section 1. Back up your Android SMS text messages

Step 1. Install and launch Android Data Backup & Restore. Connect your Android device with computer. Choose Device Data Backup (selectively backup) or One-click backup (wholly backup) your Android data.

Android Data Backup & Restore

Step 2. If you click Device Data Backup, select the data type then. And here, you are able to backup android pictures, gallery, videos, audio, documents, contacts, messages and call logs, etc. And SMS are included in the Messages.

Choose Data

Notes: When you choose "One-click Backup", the program will directly back up all data referred above and then trigger the step 4.

Step 3. In addition, Android Data Backup & Restore allows for the optional encrypted backup. Check the "Encrypted Backup" box after you've selected the data to back up, and click the "Start" button. Then set a password for this backup. Keep well the password as you will need to use it once you restore this backup. If you don't want to make an encrypted backup, just hit the "Start" button.

Encrypted Backup

Step 4. Then Android Data Backup & Restore will immediately back up SMS and other files from your Android device.

Back Up SMS

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Section 2. Restore SMS from the backup

For Android SMS restore function, you need to pay and register the Android Data Backup & Restore. Then you can preview and restore SMS and other data from backup without any hassle.

Step 1. Choose to restore data from the backup selectively (Device Data Restore) or directly restore the whole backup (One-click Restore).


Step 2. You'll see all available backup (s) in the list. Choose one backup where you want to restore data. For any encrypted backup, you need to enter the password you've ever set.

Backup List

Step 3. Connect your Android device with computer.

Connect Android Device

Step 4. If you choose to selectively restore data from the backup, then you will enter the interface to choose what you want to restore. You can preview the data from the backup and then choose the data to restore. Finally, click Restore button.


If you choose "One-click Restore", this program will directly restore the whole backup after you choose the target backup like step 5.

Restore Data

5. This software will immediately restore the Android data. For messages restoring, you need to set "FoneGo" as the default SMS app. A notification will pop up on your Android device, and you tap on "Yes" to continue. The whole restoring process will be fast.


6. When you've managed to restore the backup, this program will display the information for you.

If you are using iPhone, just read this post to help you backup iPhone text messages.

Have you managed to back up and restore messages on Android phone or iPhone? Any advice for SMS backup and restore can be left below.

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