[Guide] SMS Backup & Restore on Android Phone and iPhone

For Android users, when you switch to a new phone or you just want to move some important SMS messages back and forth, you may turn SMS Backup & Restore for help. This message management application is so useful that it gains a 4.5 point score in the Google Play store.

SMS Backup & Restore

In order let you backup and restore SMS messages from Android phone or iPhone, we are going to show you how to use SMS Backup & Restore, Android Data Backup & Restore, as well as iOS Data Backup & Restore.

SMS Backup & Restore - Backup and restore SMS on Android

SMS Backup & Restore is an all-featured Android message management app that enables you to make SMS text messages backup and restore to Android anytime you want. The developer continually updates the app and even has offered contact & log reporting from within the app. Here's the guide of SMS Backup & Restore to back up and restore messages.

Step 1. Backup SMS message on Android

Free download this app from Google Play, install and run it on your Android phone. Tap "BACKUP" > "Create New Backup" to make a new backup for your SMS messages and special characters. Then you can name the backup. Hit "OK" > "Yes" button to create the SMS backup on Android.

Backup SMS Message on Android


1. When you backup SMS message, you can choose to store the SMS backup on your phone or upload the backup to Google Drive, Dropbox or Email.

2. The SMS backup will be stored on your phone internal storage by default. However, when you want to sale your phone or factory reset the Android device, you had better to have an SMS backup on external card.

Best way for Android SMS Backup & Restore to PC

If you want to backup Android SMS text messages on PC, then here is an easier method. Android Data Backup & Restore is ready for you. You are not able to use Android Data Backup & Restore to store both the existing and deleted Android files, but also restore data selectively or wholly from the backup according to your need. Download the program first.

Back up your Android SMS text messages

1. Install and launch Android Data Backup & Restore. Connect your Android device with computer. Choose Device Data Backup (selectively backup) or One-click backup (wholly backup) your Android data.

Android Data Backup & Restore

2. If you click Device Data Backup, select the data type then. And here, you are able to backup android pictures, gallery, videos, audio, documents, contacts, messages and call logs, etc. And SMS are included in the Messages.

Choose Data

Notes: When you choose "One-click Backup", the program will directly back up all data referred above and then trigger the step 4.

3. In addition, Android Data Backup & Restore allows for the optional encrypted backup. Check the "Encrypted Backup" box after you've selected the data to back up, and click the "Start" button. Then set a password for this backup. Keep well the password as you will need to use it once you restore this backup. If you don't want to make an encrypted backup, just hit the "Start" button.

Encrypted Backup

4. Then Android Data Backup & Restore will immediately back up SMS and other files from your Android device.

Back Up SMS

Restore SMS from the backup

For Android SMS restore function, you need to pay and register the Android Data Backup & Restore. Then you can preview and restore SMS and other data from backup without any hassle.

1. Choose to restore data from the backup selectively (Device Data Restore) or directly restore the whole backup (One-click Restore).


2. You'll see all available backup(s) in the list. Choose one backup where you want to restore data. For any encrypted backup, you need to enter the password you've ever set.

Backup List

3. Connect your Android device with computer.

Connect Android Device

4. If you choose to selectively restore data from the backup, then you will enter the interface to choose what you want to restore. You can preview the data from the backup and then choose the data to restore. Finally, click Restore button.

Notes: If you choose "One-click Restore", this program will directly restore the whole backup after you choose the target backup like step 5.

Restore Data

5. This software will immediately restore the Android data. For messages restoring, you need to set "FoneGo" as the default SMS app. A notification will pop up on your Android device, and you tap on "Yes" to continue. The whole restoring process will be fast.


6. When you've managed to restore the backup, this program will display the information for you.

Restore Completed

Best iOS SMS Backup and Restore

iOS Data Backup & Restore enables you to safely and selectively back up your iPhone/iPad/iPod data.

How to backup iPhone SMS messages

1. Install and launch iOS Data Backup & Restore. Choose "iOS Data Backup & Restore". You can now choose iOS Data Backup or iOS Data Restore. Here, we choose "iOS Data Backup" to backup your iPhone SMS.


2. Click "iOS Data Backup" button, and connect your iOS device with computer. Two backup options are provided, "Standard backup" as well as "Encrypted backup".

Two Backup OptionsStandard Backup

3. If you choose "Standard backup", you need to choose the data type for backup. And here, this program enables you to back up contacts, messages, call history, photos, notes and so on. SMS are included in the Messages.

Select File Type

For "Encrypted backup", you need to set a password for the consideration of privacy. Keep well the password, as it is needed once you want to restore data from the iPhone Encrypted backup to iOS device or to PC. Then you are able to choose the file type for backup.

Set Backup Password

4. Click the Next button and choose the file folder to save the backup. Then iOS Data Backup & Restore will trigger the SMS backup immediately.


5. That's it. You can learn the backup information clearly, including the backup size and path.

Backup Completed

6. Click the OK button and you'll find the backup you've just made will be shown in the list. Click on it to view the detailed backup data.

Restore SMS messages from the backup to iOS or to PC

You couldn't restore data from the backup to iOS device unless you register the program, but you can free restore data from backup to PC for 3 times.

1. Choose "iOS Data Backup & Restore". Click the button of iOS Data Restore.

iOS Data Backup & Restore Interface

2. You now can see all available backup files from the list. Choose the one you want and hit the View Now button.

Backup File List

3. You can view the detailed data information here in the interface. Choose what you want to restore to PC to iOS device.


Notes: Currently, only contacts and notes can be restored to the iOS device. For other data, you are able to click Restore to PC to satisfy your need. No data restore limitation for "Restore to PC".

4. To restore data to your iOS device, click Restore to Device.

To restore data to your PC, click the Restore to PC button and choose the file folder to save the backup data. Hit the "Restore" button.


Have you managed to back up and restore messages on Android phone or iPhone? Any advice for SMS backup and restore can be left below.

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