What Is Life360 and More You Need to Know about the Family Tracking App

This article intends to review one of the location tracking apps among parents, Life360. According to our research, the majority of people wish to learn the current locations of their family members, close friends, and kids. However, it is difficult to get the job done between different operating systems. That is the mission of the app. Before downloading it, you can learn everything you should know about Life360 from our review.

Review Life360

Part 1. What is Life360 & Complete Review

Life360 is a real-time location-sharing app for iPhones, iPad, and Android devices. Once you and your family members install the app on mobile phones and create a private group, each member can share their location in real time with others. Plus, users can rely on the driving safety features for navigation. Of course, Life360 is designed primarily for families and parents.

RecommendMain Features of Life360
  • Share location. It enables users to share their current location with family, kids, or friends in real time. So that they can track each other and keep them safe.
  • Create geofencing. The built-in geofencing features let you create virtual boundary zones on the map. Once a member of the group enters predefined areas, he or she will receive notifications.
  • Safety features. Users are allowed to send an SOS message to their designated contacts in case of emergencies.
  • Monitor driving. The app tracks and reports speed, hard braking, phone usage, and other factors when a member is driving.
  • Social network. Group members can send messages to each other within Life360. It also allows you to create group chats.
  • Make place alerts. Users can set up alerts for specific places on the map, like home, school, workplace, etc. When a member reaches or leaves the locations, you will get notifications.
  • Monitor battery
    Bear in mind that the features may be various depending on your subscription and plan.

Review of Life360

  • PROS
  • Life360 provides a sense of security and peace of mind among family members by tracking real-time locations.
  • The app monitors driving behaviors.
  • It combines location tracking, social networks, and other features within a single app.
  • The emergency assistance is useful.
  • CONS
  • Life360 keeps tracking your location, which raises privacy concerns.
  • Some users complained about the dependency and restriction of autonomy.
  • The app works in the background and consumes battery life.
  • The free version just offers limited features.

The Cost of Life360

You can download the free version of Life360, which is limited to 2-day location history, 2-place with unlimited alerts, a family driving summary, and SOS. The Gold plan costs $14.99 per month and supports a 30-day location history, unlimited place alerts, and other basic features. The Platinum plan costs $24.99 per month.

Part 2. How to Change Location on Life360

How Life360 works is a big problem since there are lots of features in the app. We demonstrate the basic workflow below. If you wish to track the locations of your kids, family members, or friends, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Install the app from the App Store or Play Store, and open Life360.

Life360 App

Step 2 Click the Get Started button, create an account following the instructions, and try the free version or subscribe to a plan. During the process, you need to provide your phone number, and email address, and create a password.

Tip: Make sure to turn on Location Services on your iPhone or Android phone, and allow Life360 to access your device's location. Plus, the app requires notifications and other permissions.

Step 3 Next, tap the Create a New Circle button when prompted. If you already have a circle or group, tap Join a Circle instead. Then press +, select Invite, and tap Send Code. When prompted, select an app to share the invitation code with a recipient.

Step 4 Then follow the on-screen instructions to add locations to the map. These locations will be shared with all members of the group. The admin account can invite or delete members.

Step 5 Whenever you wish to get the location of members in your circle, open Life360. If you join multiple groups, tap the circle switcher menu at the top of the screen to switch between the circles.

Life360 Update Location

Step 6 Now, you will see all members' locations on the map in real time. Once tap a member's location on the map, you will see the details. Life360 changes the locations of members automatically.

Part 3. Top 3 Alternatives to Life360

Top 1: Find My

Find My

Find My is the best alternative to Life360 for iOS users released by Apple for iPhones and iPad. It lets you view the location of your Apple devices and the location of your friends or family members nearby on the map.

RecommendKey Features of Find My
  • Keep track of iOS devices.
  • Share locations with family.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Find a lost iOS device.

Top 2: FamiSafe

Famisafe App

FamiSafe is the alternative to Life360 developed by Wondershare. It enables parents to control the locations of their kids. It supports all the leading Android and iOS devices and you can download it from App Store or Play Store.

RecommendKey Features of FamiSafe
  • Track locations of target devices.
  • Send instant alerts for malicious activity.
  • Set Screen Time and Smart Scheduling.
  • Restrict specific usage of smart devices.

Top 3: Glympse

Glympse App

Glympse is a free alternative to Life360 for iPhone and Android users. It shares your real-time location with family, friends, and more temporarily. You can decide how long and who can receive your location information.

RecommendKey Features of Glympse
  • Share locations with others quickly.
  • Update locations automatically.
  • Free of charge.
  • Accurate locations with GPS.
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Bonus Tip: Best Location Changer for Life360 on iPhone

Choose Mode

Since the app works with Location Services on iOS, iPhone users cannot change locations on Life360. In other words, you need a solution to modify your iPhone location, such as Apeaksoft iPhone Location Changer.

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Part 4. FAQs about Life360

Can anyone track you on Life360?

No. Life360 notifies individual users when someone from their Circle checks their location within the app. In other words, Life360 tells you when someone checks your location.

Can Life360 see who you text?

Yes, it can read texts sent between members of any group in the app.

Does Life360 lower your insurance?

Since Life360 is primarily used to track and share locations, it won't do much to help you save money on your life insurance policy. However, the driving behavior monitor feature could save money with car insurance.


Now, you should understand what Life360 is, its benefits and shortcomings, how Life360 works, and the best alternatives. Following our review and introduction, you can make the best decision before downloading the app and subscribing to a plan. Apeaksoft iPhone Location Changer helps you change your location in Life360 on an iPhone. If you have other questions about this topic, please feel free to write them down below this post.

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