What Is the Reason Why Is My Find My iPhone Not Working on My Device

Imagine relying on the indispensable features of iOS to locate your device only to find that Find My iPhone is not working when you need it the most. It's frustrating, right? Sometimes, this handy tool faces hiccups that prevent it from working correctly. From connection problems to settings gone haywire, various reasons can make Find My iPhone glitch. But don't worry! Figuring out these issues is the first step to getting it back on track. This article explains why Find My iPhone might not work and offers simple solutions. We'll explore what causes these problems and walk you through easy fixes so you can confidently reunite with your missing device.

Why Is Find My Not Working

Part 1: Why Is Find My iPhone Not Working?

Find My iPhone, a reliable tool for locating lost Apple devices, can sometimes hit a deterrent, leaving users needing clarification when it fails to perform as expected. Several reasons might be behind its malfunction:

1. Connectivity Issues

Poor or unstable internet connection, both on the lost device and the device used for tracking, can hamper why is Find My iPhone not working.

2. Apple ID Problems

Issues with the linked Apple ID, such as incorrect credentials or disabled services, can disrupt Find My iPhone's ability to locate the device.

3. Disabled Location Service

If the location services on the lost device are turned off or restricted, Find My iPhone won't be able to pinpoint its location accurately.

4. Outdated Software

Why is Find My iPhone not updating its location? Using an outdated iOS or macOS version might cause compatibility issues with Find My iPhone, leading to its malfunction.

5. Hardware Problems

In some cases, hardware malfunctions or damage to the device can interfere with the accurate tracking provided by Find My iPhone.

Part 2: How to Fix Find My iPhone or Find My Friends Not Updating Location [5 Ways]

Experiencing issues with Find My iPhone or Find My Friends not updating the location can be frustrating, primarily when relying on these features to track your device or loved ones. However, understanding the underlying reasons and troubleshooting steps can help restore the smooth functioning of these crucial tools.

1st Way. Check Internet Connectivity

Ensure that your device and your tracking device have a stable internet connection. Try switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data to refresh the connection. Restart the devices or move to an area with a better network signal.

Check Wi-Fi

2nd Way. Enable Location Sevices

Why is Find My iPhone not sharing location? Because your location is turned off. Check the location settings on your device and the one you're tracking. Go to your device's Settings, Privacy, and Location Services, and ensure it's turned on. Ask the person to check and enable Location Services through the same settings path for the tracked device.

Location Services

3rd Way. Disable Hide My Location Feature

If you've enabled the Hide My Location feature on your iOS device, it could be why Find My Friends is not working; turning it off might resolve the issue. Check your device settings under Privacy or Location Services and turn off this option.

4th Way. Sign In Again

Sign out of your Apple ID on the device and sign back in. Sometimes, re-signing in refreshes the connection and resolves authentication issues. Navigate to Settings, Your Name or Profile, and Sign Out.


5th Way. Verify Apple Sevice Availability

When Find My is not updating location, you should check if Find My iPhone or Find My Friends is available in your region or country. Some Apple services may only be supported in some places. Verify service availability through Apple's official website or support channels.

Part 3: Change Your iPhone's Location to Cheat the Find My iPhone or Find My Friends

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Part 4: FAQs on Why Is Find My iPhone Not Working

Is Find My the same as Find My Friends?

No, they are not the same. Find My combines the functionalities of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into a single app. This unified app allows users to locate their Apple devices and share their location with friends and family.

Is Find My Friends still an app?

No, Find My Friends is no longer available as a standalone app. With the release of iOS 13 and later versions, its features have been integrated into the Find My app.

Can I turn off Find My iPhone without a phone?

You typically need access to the device to turn off Find My iPhone. Without physical access to the iPhone, it may not be possible to turn off this feature remotely or pause the location of Find My iPhone. However, if you have other Apple devices linked to the same iCloud account, you can use the Find My app on those devices to manage your iPhone's settings.

Can I track my iPhone if Find My is disabled?

No, Find My needs to be enabled on your iPhone for tracking purposes. If it's disabled, the device won't appear on the Find My map, and you won't be able to track its location using this feature.

How do I enable Find My on my iPhone?

To activate Find My on your iPhone, navigate to Settings, tap your Apple ID, choose Find My, select Find My iPhone, and toggle the switch to enable it. That is how you can use Find My iPhone on your iOS device.


Why is Find My Friends not updating the location? Facing issues with Find My iPhone not working can be frustrating, especially when it's an essential tool for locating your device. From connectivity problems to software glitches, various factors can disrupt its functionality. However, understanding these issues is the first step toward resolving them. In this article, we've explored why Find My iPhone may malfunction and offered straightforward solutions to help you overcome these hurdles.

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