So nehmen Sie Omegle-Videoanrufe in einer Brise auf

Omegle is a free online video chat site that allows you to have a conversation with strangers without signup. What makes Omegle more appealing is that you may meet someone who talks something cool or shares interesting stories that you want to keep forever. At this time, you need an Omegle video call recorder to help.

Omegle-Videoanruf aufnehmen

However, Omegle hasn’t equipped the service for recording the video call. So it’s essential to find a professional video recorder for video recordings with high equality. This tutorial will show you how to record Omegle calls based on your devices.

Teil 1: Record Omegle Video Calls on your Windows & Mac

1. Free Online Recorders for Omegle Video Calls

Apeaksoft Free Screen Recorder

Apeaksoft Free Screen Recorder is a powerful video-capturing online tool with which you can easily and quickly record your Omegle calls through simple steps. With it in hand, to record audio through the microphone and system sound would be as easy as a walk in the park. You can also record on-screen activities without any downloading and get the conversation part in the desirable time and area and get the output file in WMV or MP4 as expected.

Follow the steps below and record your Omegle video calls with ease.

Schritt 1Reichweite Apeaksoft Free Screen Recorder and prepare to change the settings before you start opening.

Apeaksoft Free Sreen Recorder

Schritt 2In the main interface, you can select the recording area and change the settings on video and audio. Make sure to turn on the Kamera if you are recording a video call. And feel free to choose the audio source whether by Lautsprecher, Mikrofon oder beides.

Then move to Omegle and click the REC button to start recording the call.

Schritt 3After getting the desired part, click the Ende icon. And you can view the recording history in the following list.

Aufzeichnung speichern


Sie können auch erreichen VEED.IO with its online video recording option to get your Omegle video chat recorded quickly and safely.

Schritt 1Offen VEED.IO und wählen Sie Rekord option. Then choose the Screen window to record. Make sure you enable VEED to access the Omegle screen with the on-screen instructions.

Schritt 2Customize the settings before you begin recording Omegle video chat. Remember to unmute the microphone and show cam if you want yourself recorded in the video chat too. Choose Omegle chatting window through Bildschirm Möglichkeit. Dann klick Rekord anfangen.

Schritt 3Tippen Sie auf Stoppen button to complete the recording. And you can preview the video effect in the following window.

Save And Preview


Sceencast-O-Matic is one of the most popular free online recorders to record Omegle video call. More than 35000 videos are recorded by Screencast-O-Matic every day to Webinar erfassen, online meeting, video tutorial, gameplay, etc. Look at following steps to use Screencast-O-Matic to record Omegle video call easily.

Schritt 1Go to the official website, and then, press the "Start Recording" button in the upper right. You do not need to download any program, and it can be an important advantage for you to choose this method.


Schritt 2Choose the recording area. You are able to drag and move the dots to adjust the size of recording area. Then, check the system audio in the right volume. Open your browser to start a new Omegle video chat. When the conversation starts in Omegle, click on the red button to start recording.

Wählen Sie den Aufnahmebereich

Schritt 3Once everything is done, click "Stop" on the recording box to get the Omegle video for the chat. Preview the files before you download the record Omegle video call into your computer.

2. A Powerful Desktop Recorder for Both Windows and Mac

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

To save you from compatibility and functional problems of video recording on your PCs, we highly recommend you try Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. It is the best and most professional tool for recording Omegle video calls.

In addition, while you are recording Omegle video call, this Bildschirmschreiber für Mac & Windows also allows you to take a screenshot at the same time. It has multiple editing features to enable you to annotate your screenshot with highlights, text box, arrow, etc.

Bildschirm Recorder

4,000,000+ Downloads

Nehmen Sie einen beliebigen Video- / Audio- und Aufnahmebildschirm auf Ihrem Computer auf.

Legen Sie den Aufnahmebereich mit Vollbild oder angepasster Bildschirmgröße fest.

Zeigen Sie eine Vorschau des aufgenommenen Videos an und speichern Sie es als WMV, MOV oder MP4 usw.

capture online videos, LOL-Spiel aufnehmen, erhalten Sie Webcam-Videos und erstellen Sie Video-Tutorials und mehr.

Im Folgenden erfahren Sie, wie Sie Omegle-Videoanrufe über den Apeaksoft Screen Recorder aufnehmen.

Schritt 1Download and install the latest version of Apeaksoft Screen Recorder from the official website. After that, launch the program on your computer before you start the video call in Omegle.

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

Schritt 2Wähle die Video Recorder option to adjust the parameters for video recording. You can customize the recording area with Vollbild or Benutzerdefinierte Region. To record the video chat on Omegle, please make sure you have turned on the System Klang for other speakers and Mikrofon und Webcam if you are also involved in the conversation.


Schritt 3Klicken Sie auf die REC button to record your Omegle talk. During the process, you are welcomed to open the Tools icon and change the settings on borderline and shape, texts, images and more as you like. Then click the Ende Symbol und Exportieren your works after you preview it in the following window.


Schritt 4After that, you can view the video recordings on the history list and editing tools are provided on the sidebar for use if you want.

Video speichern

Teil 2: Complete Omegle Video Call Recording with Your Phones

1. Record Omegle Videos for Android

Eingebauter Bildschirmrekorder

Undoubtedly, you can use the built-in screen recorder on your Android phone as the easiest and quickest way to record your Omegle videos. Just follow the steps below to start recording your video chat.

Schritt 1Swipe from the top and unfold the quick setting list. Here you can find the Bildschirmaufzeichnung section (or click the Bearbeiten icon to open) and enter it.

Android Bildschirmschreiber

Schritt 2Go through the settings based on your needs. Choose Device audio, Mikrofon or both for Omegle Video recording. Make sure you ensure it shows taps and touches for convenience. Then click Start Taste, um zu beginnen.

Android Bildschirmschreiber

Schritt 3With all set, you can swipe down from the top and tap to stop the recording process.

Beenden Sie die Aufnahme

EZ Bildschirmschreiber

EZ Screen Recorder is an effective tool for Android users to capture any video with a clear interface to follow.

Schritt 1Download EZ Screen Recorder on your Android devices. Click the Kamera icon to open this app.

Schritt 2In the following options, you are allowed to record your screen through the REC button. And you can change the settings on the audio and video through the Tools icon if you like.

Schritt 3After you record the Omegle video chat on your phone, swipe down from the top and tap the functional column to stop recording.

Ez Screenrecorder

2. Capture Omegle Calls on iOS Devices

Screen Recording without Any Downloading

Through the home control on your iPhone, you can also capture Omegle calls without downloading.

Schritt 1Klicken Sie auf die Einstellungen button and enter the Control Center. Finden Bildschirmaufzeichnung option on the controls available. Tap on the und button and add it to the included controls.

Schritt 2After that, you can reach Home after swiping down from the corner above on the screen. Click the Aufnahme icon and turn to the Omegle chat for recording.

Record On ios Device

Schritt 3When you want to finish the recording, click the red button on the screen above and tap on Stoppen to end it. Then you can find your video recorded in Photos.

Nimm es auf!

You can easily record Omegle video calls on your iPhone/iPad/iPod after you download Record it! Application and follow the steps below to complete the target.

Schritt 1Download this app on your iPhone. After installing, open it and start recording by enabling the Nimm es auf! Erfassung on screen broadcast. If you don’t want to get disturbed by notifications, check Bitte nicht stören option to prevent it.

Schritt 2Switch to Omegle chatting and capture the conversation you want. After that, click the red floating bar on the screen above and choose Aufzeichnung beenden Taste zum Beenden.

Nimm es auf

Part 3. FAQs about Recording Omegle Video Calls

Does Omegle use a camera during the conversation?

The present version of Omegle is available for both text and video chatting with other people. You can choose to turn on/off the cameras to communicate as you like during each talk.

How can I record Omegle video calls without others noticing it?

You can adopt third-party tools like Apeaksoft Screen Recorder to record Omegle video calls without any alert of the recording process. Just make sure it is acceptable and legal before recording.

Is there an Omegle video app for use?

Not yet. There is no official version of this video chat app You have to use the web browser to reach Omegle and start your conversation with others.

What do I need to do to record Omegle video calls successfully?

To get a high-quality video, you need to ensure that the software can perform normally on your PC first. Then remember to close some applications you do not need and turn off the audio source if there is much noise. Also, you had better choose a right place with full light and inform the speakers ahead of time for a smooth recording of your Omegle videos.


Based on the introduction above, you can get different methods available for Aufzeichnung von Omegle-Videoanrufen. If you want easy operation with rich features, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder will be the best choice both for Windows and Mac. Sceencast-O-Matic online and more can also be your choices. If you have any idea about the alternative programs for recording Omegle video calls, you are welcome to share your ideas in the comments with us.

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