How to Delete Photos from iCloud on PC/iPhone

"I have an iPhone 6, and when I backed up my iPhone to iCloud today, it told me that there was no enough storage, partly because I saved too many photos. Can I delete photos from iCloud? How to delete them? Please help."

Some iOS users still face challenges of removing unwanted photos from iCloud due to the complicated settings.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to delete photos from iCloud under different situations.

Delete Photos from iCloud

Way 1. Delete photos from iCloud on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Step 1. Start the "Photos" app from your home screen and tap "Photos" at the bottom to display your photos and videos based on moments.

Step 2. Tap "Select" at upper right corner and touch all unwanted photos, hit the "Trash" button and the tap "Delete" again to confirm it.

Make sure you have unchecked the "Optimize iPhone Storage" in "Settings" >"iCloud".

Delete Photos from iCloud on Device

Note: Do not forget to download iCloud photos before deleting them.

Way 2. Delete photos from iCloud website

Step 1. Access in your browser and sign in your Apple ID and password. Enter the six-digit code appears on your iOS device if you set up two-factor authentication.

Step 2. Click "Photos" to open the next page. Press "Ctrl" on Windows or "Cmd"on Mac and select photos to delete from iCloud.

Step 3. Hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard and click "Delete" on the warning dialog.

Here, if you are able to restore photos from iCloud backup before you delete them.

Delete Photos from iCloud on Computer

Note: If you have downloaded iCloud photos to your computer, then you should not forget to delete the photos from your Mac or Windows computer.

Way 3. Delete photos from iCloud via My Photo Stream

When you disable the iCloud Photo Library feature on your iOS device, another place to delete photos from iCloud is My Photo Stream.

Step 1. Tap "Albums" in your "Photos" app and select "My Photo Stream".

Step 2. Also hit "Select" and touch all photos you'd like to delete. After selected, tap the "Trash" button and hit "Delete [number] Photos" to finish it.

Step 3. Open the "Recently Deleted" album in the Photos app and permanently delete photos from iCloud.

My Photo Stream

Way 4. Delete photos from iCloud via Settings

Step 1. Start the iOS Settings app from your home screen and go to iCloud. Navigate to"Storage" >"Manage Storage" >"iCloud Photo Library".

Step 2. You can tap on "Disable and Delete" to disable the iCloud Photos Library feature on iPhone.

Step 3. Then turn off "Photo Library" or "Camera Roll" on iCloud settings screen to delete photos from iCloud Backup.

iCloud Photo Library

Tips of deleting photos from iCloud

Actually, deleting photos from iCloud is a good way to free up space. However, what happens if you delete photos from iCloud?

Bear the following tips before you delete photos from iCloud.

1. The deleted photos from iCloud on your device will go to the "Recently Deleted" album and remain 30 days. If you want to delete them, just go to "Photos" > "Album" > "Recently Deleted" to select one or more photos and hit "Delete" to remove mass images.

2. If your iCloud Photos option is disabled, then the erased pictures will be disappeared from iCloud only.

3. If you turn on iCloud Photos on your iOS device, the deleted photos on your iPhone will be removed from all your devices where iCloud photos are enabled.

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In this tutorial, we have shared 4 ways to delete photos from iCloud. You can easily wipe photos from iCloud on iPhone and online websites. However, when you delete photos, you should notice that it only disappears from your iOS devices, or go on other iOS devices with iCloud Photos enabled. Surely, if you accidentally deleted photos from iOS device, you still get the opportunity to recover them with Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery software.

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