How to Fix iPhone Screen Flashing

"Why does my iPhone screen flicker? All of a sudden my iPhone freeze, open up apps on its own, even screen flashing." Well, you may meet such a frustrated trouble that your iPhone Apple logo flashing on the screen so that you can not use the device. Some software glitches may trigger touchscreen problems on iPhone.

iPhone Screen Flashing

Do not worry, this post is going to show you the best 4 ways to fix iPhone screen flashing issue. And please read on to learn more on what causes iPhone screen flickering, you can find the detailed solutions to fix the problems.

Part 1: Turn brightness down to fix iPhone screen flashing

The easiest way to fix iPhone screen flicker is to turn down the brightness of your iPhone. Just go to "Settings", and scroll down the page, click "Display & Brightness", turn down the brightness of iPhone as possible and disable "Auto-Brightness" at the same time.

Keep such a state for about ten minutes, you are allowed to set the brightness back to the original state.

Then you will be surprised that your iPhone screen stops flashing!

In this way, you can also avoid iPhone dim dark screen, and cannot read your screen clearly.

Turn brightness down

Part 2: Enter DFU Mode to fix iPhone screen flicker

When you find that turning brightness of your iPhone does not work, you can also try DFU mode instead to fix iPhone screen flashing.

DFU Mode, the shortened form of Device Firmware Update Mode, is a more complicated solution that can help you make changes to the operating system itself. It allows you to turn on your iPhone but will not start up the operating system, which is a really worthwhile way for you to try out. (Learn more what is DFU mode?)

Here are the detailed steps according to your iPhone mode:

iPhone X and 8:

Step 1. To fix iPhone screen flashing issue, first connect your iPhone to the computer via a data cable, and then launch iTunes and turn off your iPhone.

Step 2. Press on the Power button for a few seconds, and then hold down the Volume Down button but not release the Power button.

Step 3. Keep holding down these two buttons for about 10 seconds, then let go of the Power button and hold the Volume Down button for about 5 seconds.

Step 4. When you see the iPhone screen keep black and do not show the Recovery Mode, you are in DFU mode successfully.

DFU iPhone 8

iPhone 7:

Step 1. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone with the computer, and then open iTunes app and turn off the phone.

Step 2. Press on the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time, and keep holding for about 10 seconds.

Step 3. Release the Power button only and keep on holding the Volume Down button for around 5 seconds.

Step 4. As long as the screen of your iPhone is black, you are in DFU mode and you have fixed the iPhone screen flashing problem.

DFU iPhone 7

iPhone 6s and earlier:

Step 1. Plug your iPhone into the computer via a USB cable, then launch iTunes on your phone and turn off the phone.

Step 2. Next hold down the Side button and Home Lock of your iPhone together for around 10 seconds.

Step 3. Let go of the Side button and continue to hold down the Home Lock for another 5 seconds.

Step 4. Once the screen stays black, it means that you have gotten into DFU Mode and your iPhone screen flicker issue has been solved.

DFU iPhone 6

Part 3: Hard reset to fix iPhone iPhone screen flashing

Usually the two solutions mentioned above can help you fix the iPhone screen flashing problem. But in case they do not work, you can also try to fix it by hard reset iPhone. And here are the general guides about hard reset:

Step 1. Press and hold Home Lock and Side button together, and release them until the scree turns black.

Step 2. When you see the Apple logo shows up on the screen after 2or 3 minutes, your iPhone is restarting.

Step 3. After your iPhone boot up, you will find that the iPhone screen flashing issue has been solved.

One thing to illustrate, Hard Reset may erase iOS data in your iOS device, please make you have backed up the content and data beforehand.

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Part 4: Professional way to fix iPhone screen flicker

However, if you do not want to lose data on your iOS device, or all the methods above are not viable, here we provide a professional program, Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery, to help you fix iPhone screen flicker problem. Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery is the best system recovery application for iPhone, iPad, iPod (iOS 10.3/11 supported) on Windows and Mac, and you can easily fix the screen flicker issue without any of the data on your device.

Step 1. Launch iOS System Recovery

Download Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery in your PC or Mac, and install it following the the instructions. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

Step 2. Detect your iPhone

Connect your iPhone or other iOS device to the computer via a data cable, and then the software will detect your device automatically.


Step 3. Download a firmware

Then click the big Start button to fix your iPhone screen flicker issue. And iOS System Recovery will instruct you to download a suitable firmware, just follow it and click "Download" button.

Step 4. Repair iOS automatically

After the downloading is finished, this excellent software will repair your iPhone immediately. Wait for a few minutes and you will find the iPhone screen flashing problem is solved successfully. Here you may also want to know: how to fix iPhone alarm not working.


We mainly talk about the iPhone screen flashing issue (software fixes). We explain why does iPhone screen flicker and four effective ways to fix the flashing screen on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Hope you can easily solve this problem after reading this post. if your iPhone screen is hard cracked, and you should check the solutions here.

Part 5: FAQs of iPhone Screen Flashing

1. Why does my iPhone screen keep blinking black?

There are a few situations that could cause the screen to keep flashing a black screen. One of reasons is that your operating system isn’t allowing your device to boot back up.

2. How to fix iPhone screen flashing white?

To fix iPhone white screen, you can put your iPhone into DFU mode, restore your iPhone, or try using the recovery software to get your iPhone normal.

3. How do I fix iPhone flashing Apple logo on and off?

You can force reboot your iPhone, try restoring iPhone in DFU mode, or restore your iPhone in Recovery mode.

4. Why is iPhone X screen flickering lines?

Actually, software-related problems and hardware-related issues might cause the iPhone screen flickering lines.

If you still have any question, please leave us a message.

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