How to Fix iPhone/iPad Won't Rotate

When you turn your iPhone or iPad sideway, you find it getting in trouble in rotating. It is really annoying, and makes your operation much more inconvenient. Actually, such a situation is quite common among a lot of iOS users, and you can solve it easily.

iPhone Wont Rotate

If you do not know the right way to help you fix the problem, you cannot miss this passage. In this post, we will explain the reason why your iPhone/iPad won't rotate and tell you the most comprehensive methods to fix it.

Part 1: Why iPhone/iPad won't rotate

There are many possible reasons behind iPhone or iPad won't rotate. And you have to know the reason before you start to fix it. Below are the most common reasons that may cause the iOS device cannot rotate issue:

  • Screen Rotation might be locked
  • Some software can not rotate
  • Display Zoom may block Screen Rotation
  • The Accelerometer may be broken
  • Screen Rotation Lock on the iPad

Part 2: How to fix iPhone/iPad screen won't rotate

Turn off Screen Rotation

There is a special feature called Screen Rotation Lock in iOS device, which is designed to prevents your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from rotating its screen when you are turning it sideway. If your iPhone/iPad won't rotate due to the Screen Rotation is locked, you can follow the next steps to turn in on.

Step 1. Launch Control Center

To reveal Control Center, swipe up from the button of the screen in your iOS device. You will see an icon that looks like an arrow curving around a lock in the top left corner.

Recovery Mode

Step 2. Turn off Screen Rotation

If the icon is turn red, it means that the Screen Rotation is locked and your iPhone or iPad won't rotate. Tap the icon and turn off the lock.

Turn off Screen Rotation

Step 3. Go back to home screen

Swipe down to the button to close the Control Center, or you can press on the home button to go back to the home screen.

Step 4. Check Screen Rotation again

To rotate your iOS device again, turn the iPhone or iPad sideway. If the iPhone or iPad still won't rotate, there may be other problems you need to check.

Enable Orientation Lock

Sometimes when you are using a certain app on your device, iPhone cannot rotate. But if you turn open another app, the device can rotate normally. If you are in the case like this, it is due to the Orientation Lock is locked. To enable the Orientation Lock:

Just launch Settings app on your iOS device, and choose Privacy option, tap Location Service, then you can flip the switch button to rotate your iPhone. Or you can open Settings app, scroll down the page and choose directly the certain app where you can not rotate the device, and turn the location service open to fix iPhone won't rotate issue.

Location Service

Close Display Zoom feature

When the Display Zoom is turned on, you will realize that the size of all apps will become bigger and the fill between apps will decrease. However, what you may do not know is that this feature automatically interferes with the screen rotation feature on the device and lead directly to your iPhone/iPad won't rotate. Here are the detailed steps to disable Display Zoom:

Step 1. At the beginning, open Settings on the home screen in your iOS device, click on "Display & Brightness" option.

Display and Brightness

Step 2. You can see the Display Zoom is located in the bottom of the screen. Choose by by clicking on the View tab.

Display Zoom

Step 3. After going to a new screen, choose Standard instead of Zoomed, and tap Set. Then your iOS device will restart in the standard setting automatically.


This time when you turn your device sideway, the iPhone won't rotate issue should be solved.

Get support from Apple

If all the solutions mentioned above do not work, chances are that there are some hardware problems in your iOS device. Actually, the screen rotation feature is controlled by Accelerometer, a sensor that tracks the movement of the iOS device. If there are some problems happened to the accelerometer, it can not be able to detect the rotation of your device.

Thus, if you can make sure it is the problem of the accelerometer that cause that your iPhone or iPad won't rotate, you are suggested to send your device to Apple Store to check and repair.

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Above is all the content about how to fix iPhone or iPad won't rotate. We list the possible reasons that may cause such a situation and explain four methods depending on different causes for you to choose from. By following these steps above, we hope you can fix your iPhone in an efficient and convenient way.

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