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Compress PNG and JPEG Intelligently

Over 1,000,000,000 PNG and JPEG images have been optimized and still increasing.

What Can Free Online Image Compressor Do for You?

Adopting the advanced lossless algorithm, it identifies textures, patterns and colors automatically, and strips unwanted data to compress the image file with keeping the best quality.

It allows you to bulk convert images up to 40 images (Other online tools only support up to 20 images at one time) at one time, and start an image compression quickly to save your time.

It is capable of shrinking your image file size with a high compression. A big PNG or JPEG photo in MBs can be reduced and optimized into a minimal size in 200KB, 100KB, even 20KB.

Compatible with the most popular 2 types of image files currently, it compresses PNG and JPEG files flexibly. Whether the single JPEG/PNG, or mixed both types, it finishes the task smoothly.

Why You Need An Image Compression Tool?

Feel troublesome by the slow page loading speed as a webmaster?

Almost crazy at the laggy uploading speed when you are photographer?

Want to cry no tears when your image uploading or sharing are rejected by the photo file size limit?

Apeaksoft Free Online Image Compressor can kick you out of all the trouble.

It converts large JPEG and PNG file size into a smaller size, and optimizes it without losing any visual image quality.

Whether you want to free up space for your storage device, save bandwidth to help your website to improve user experience, or share photos via Email or app, you should not miss this fantastic tool.

Can You Pick up the Difference?

What is the difference between these two images? Just get your big eyes staring at them. Actually, I cannot find anything different, and I will bet you will not find one. That’s because Apeaksoft Free Online Image Compressor adopts the advanced algorithm to compress the big file size into smaller size with the maximized compression, while keeping up to the maximized value of its original quality.


Original PNG: 200KB


Shrunk PNG: 35KB

You Deserve the Best Free Online Image Compressor

You cannot help adding this great free online image compressor into your favorite list for the highlights it shows you.


Well-Protected Images

None of your image uploading will be kept on the server, and all your images files will be safely protected. You should not worry about any privacy disclosure.


One-Click Use

After uploading the image files to this online compressor, it will compress the image files automatically, and you just need one click to download the compressed files.

High Quality

The Best Quality

While compressing the file size at the maximum, this free online picture compressor also keeps the best quality of the original file losslessly.

User Reviews

Trusted by users throughout the world, and used to optimize more than 1,000,000,000 PNG and JPEG files, it gains massive reputation.

''Very fast. I upload 35 PNG and JPEG files into this online compressor. The whole compressing process only takes me 4 minutes. Super fast speed.---Daoust''

''Wow, the compression quality is great. I cannot find the difference between my original images and the compressed files. However, the file size becomes smaller. So great.---Johnson''

''I tried many online image compressors, but this one is my favorite. It is generous to support 40 image files for compression at one time while Tinyjpg only supports 20 files.---Nissan''

Daoust Johnson Nissan

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