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Free Online PDF Compressor

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Slim your PDF while maintaining the maximum quality.

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Smart & Super PDF Compression

Over 1 billion PDF files have been optimized and still counting!

How to use Free Online PDF Compressor?
  • Click “Select PDF File” to select the file you want to compress. Or you can also drag and drop the PDF file to the page.

  • Then, the PDF file will be automatically compressed. You can see the size and how much percentage your PDF has been compressed.

  • Click “Download the PDF” to download the compressed PDF. If you want to continue to compress another, just click “Compress Next PDF”.

What does Free Online PDF Compressor do?

Apeaksoft Free PDF Compressor is an online PDF high-compression tool to compress PDF file to a small size with the maximum quality. It is suitable for all groups of people, especially for office workers. The compressed PDF file will be reduced to a proper size as to upload to the website or send through email. As a web program, it is simple to use and quick to produce high-quality PDF. The whole compressing process is claimed to be secure and quick. Just drop the PDF file into the website page, it will start compressing automatically. With this free online compression tool, your efficiency at work is surely to be improved.


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Apeaksoft Free Online PDF Compressor is an excellent online tool to compress PDF documents and reduce the PDF weight without losing the quality.

User Reviews

The high-quality product and professional tech support have gained users from all over the world.

''The high-quality product and professional tech support have gained users from all over the world.---AJ Smith''

''It is simple to use. Just drop the PDF file in the area, the compression will start. Very efficient!---James''

''This PDF compressor is totally free. I’m surprised by the percentage of compression it can get. Amazing compression without losing quality.---Shalaly''

AJ Smith James Shalaly

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