The Complete Guide of How to Fix an iPod touch

You can use iPod to watch videos, listen to music, shoot photos, play games and do other more activities. Using iPod is a good way to kill time. However, what if your iPod stuck or froze without knowing why? Otherwise, you are just locked out when forgot an iPod password. As a result, it is important to know why your iPod got frozen or stuck, and then you can use related solutions to fix iPod errors with ease.

Fix iPod

Part 1: Common Issues Related to iPod

There can be various reasons cause your iPod disabled or frozen suddenly. For instance, system failureand data loss will freeze your iPod, especially when your iPod is lack of power during an iOS update. And if you are attacked by virus, then your iPod will be disabled too. The fact is that most people do not know what's wrong with their iPod models. Thus, how to fix a frozen or broken iPodwith unknowing error? Well, the best iPod fixing app is Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery that can recover iOS system from abnormal to normal state.

iOS System Recovery

  • Fix iPod/iPad/iPhone from Apple logo, loop restart, blue screen and other abnormal situations to normal state without data loss.
  • Supports all iOS devices including iPod touch 1/2/3/4/5/6/7generations, iPad, iPhone 15 and earlier.
  • Repair iOS system errors without erasing your contents and settings
Download for WinDownload for Mac

How to Fix a Disabled/Frozen iPod on Windows/Mac Computer (iOS 17 Supported)

Step 1. Launch iOS System Recovery

Run the iPad system recovery program on your computer. Click "More tools" and then choose "iOS System Recovery" to prepare to fix a broken iPod touch.

iOS System Recovery

Step 2. Start to fix an iPod touch

Hit "Start" button to fix an iPod and update it to the latest version. Be aware that your jailbroken iPod will be restored to non-jailbroken state after restoring.

fix an iPod

Step 3. Put your iPod into recovery/DFU mode

Follow the on-screen introduction to enter into recovery mode to fix iPad stuck on Apple logo and other system errors.

Recovery/DFU mode

Step 4. Check the iPod information

You can see basic information of your iPod listed in the main interface of iOS System Recovery. Correct it if there is something wrong.

Check iPod Information

Step 5. Fix iPod Touch without data loss

Press "Repair" button in the lower right corner. After that, iOS System Recovery can repair your iPad stuck on Apple issuesautomatically. Just be patient and wait for the frozen iPad fixing process completed.


Part 2: How to Fix iPod Stuck on Apple Logo

Solution 1: Restart your iPod to Fix iPod Stuck on Apple Logo

Step 1. Press and hold "Home" button and "Power" button simultaneously

Step 2. Keep holding both two buttons until the Apple logo appears

Step 3. Release them and then your iPod can restart automatically

Restart iPod

Check whether your iPod is fixed or still stuck on Apple logo screen.

Solution 2: Restore an iPod to Factory Settings to Fix iPod Stuck on Apple Logo

Factory reset iPod will also help you fix this issue.

Step 1. Power off your iPod and put it aside for several minutes

Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect this iPod to the computer

Step 3. Hold "Home" button while connecting iPod to your computer

Step 4. Do not release "Home" button until you see connecting to iTunes screen

Step 5. Hit "Restore" when you are prompted whether to restore your iPod or not

Restore an iPod

Your previous media and other data will be erased and then replaced with the latest iTunes backup file. Wait to see if it is helpful to fix iPod stuck on Apple logo.

Part 3: How to Fix iPod that Won't Turn on

Solution 1: Charge the battery to Fix iPod not Turn on

  • Use a USB cable to connect iPod to your computer
  • Charge your iPod with a power adapter and then turn on your iPod again

In short, if you are looking for an easy way to selectively restore data from backup after reset a stolen iPhone, it is the best one.

Solution 2: Update iOS System to Fix iPod not Turn on

Step 1. Connect your iPod to the computer via a USB cable

Step 2. Choose "Update" if there is a new available iOS system

Step 3. iTunes will reinstall iOS without erasing your data

Update iPod

You can also check the hold switch to see whether it is on. If the answer is Yes, then you can see an orange patch. When you slide it off, the orange patch will disappear. Press "Home" button to power it on and fix a disabled iPod.

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Part 4: How to Fix a Frozen iPod

Solution 1: Charge It to a Power Source to Fix a Frozen iPod Classic

Step 1. Move "Hold" switch to "On" position and then "Off" situation

Step 2. Hold down the "Menu" wheel button to restart iPod

Step 3. Plug iPod to a power source to charge it

Charge iPod Classic

Solution 2: Sync with iTunes to Fix a Frozen iPod

Step 1. Connect iPod to a trusted computer that synced before

Step 2. Keep holding "Home" button until you see the connection to iTunes screen

Step 3. Hit "Restore" to sync an iPod with iTunes to fix a frozen iPad

Sync with iTunes

Otherwise, you can force restart the iOS device to fix iPod frozen error as well.

Part 5: How to Fix iPod with a Broken Screen

Solution 1: Replace the LCD Digitizer to Fix a Broken iPod Screen

Step 1. Use open tools to remove the chrome back of your iPod

Step 2. Put your iPod face down on a flat surface like a table

Step 3. Remove the battery and logic board carefully

Step 4. Replace a broken LCD digitizer with a new iPod screen

Step 5. Reverse above steps to put your iPod back

Replace iPod Screen

Replace the Faceplate to Get an iPod Screen Fixed

Step 1. Place the faceplate dace up and use a hairdryer to heat it

Step 2. Change a new "Home" button to fix a cracked iPod

Step 3. Use your hairdryer to heat the faceplate to bond with the screen better

Step 4. Cool it down and put your iPod together

Replace the Faceplate

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If you do not mind the broken iPod screen, or the iPod screen is not badly crashed, then it is not necessary for you to fix an iPod touch with its broken screen. Feel free to contact us if you have any other solutions to fix iPod issues.

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