Tutorial to Force Restart iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8 and Earlier

As the latest iPhone models sells on market, there are more people left messages and asked how to force restart iPhone X/8/8 Plus and other models. It makes sense when you consider that Apple introduced great design changes on iPhone X/8/8 Plus. More importantly, force restarting iPhone is a good way to resolve a series of problems, such as iPhone randomly restarts, freezing, stuck in headphone mode and more. In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to force restart iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s and earlier. When you encounter some problems on your iPhone, just follow our guides to turn your iPhone back on easily.

Force Restart iPhone

Part 1. What is the difference between force restart iPhone and restart iPhone

Before you perform force restart iPhone, you should know what is it and how it is different with normal restart.

Briefly, normal restarting is another word for turning iPhone off and power it on again. That means it is software level and people have to do it in iOS. On the other hand, force restarting iPhone is at the hardware level.

Even though iOS is completely frozen or stuck in recovery mode or reboot loop, you can still perform a force restart. It is also a useful troubleshooting solution for iPhone users, because it is very often the only way to restart a malfunctioning iPhone.

According to our survey, there is no concept and explanation about force restart iPhone on Apple website, documents and forum. But it does work on all iPhone models.

Part 2. How to restart iPhone X

The iPhone X is the latest iPhone model that Apple launched in third quarter 2017. Apple does not only introduce wireless charge and other new features to this popular device, but also change the design. Now, you cannot find a Power button or Sleep/Wake button on iPhone X. Instead, there is a Side button to do the work that Power button did before. That makes both rebooting and force restarting iPhone X different with other iPhone models.

How to force restart iPhone X

Rebooting iPhone is a very effective way to resolve iPhone randomly restarts due to software malfunctions.

Step 1. Quickly press and release the "Volume Up" button on left side of iPhone X. Then press and release the "Volume Down" button.

Step 2. Next, press and hold down the "Side" button on right side until you see the Apple logo on screen.

Step 3. Wait for the startup procedure to finish and enter your PIN code to access your iPhone X.

Even though you use fingerprint ID on your iPhone X, PIN passcode is necessary after force restart iPhone X.

force restart iphone x

How to normal restart iPhone X

As said before, the workflow of reboot iPhone X is different with other iPhone models. Actually, it is more complicated.

Step 1. Press and hold both the "Side" button on right side and either "Volume" button on left side until the power off screen shows up.

You can decide to hold "Volume Up" or "Volume Down" button according to your habit, but do not press both "Volume" buttons.

Step 2. Drag the slider from left to right and turn your iPhone X off.

Step 3. After your screen becomes black completely, press and hold the "Side" button gain. When the Apple logo displays on the screen, let the "Side" button go.

If the Side button is not responding when power on iPhone X, you can try to charge your iPhone. When battery capacity is too low, the Side button will not turn on your iPhone.

No matter what way you select, you can still fix bricked iPhone using both ways.

normal restart iphone x

Part 3. How to force restart iPhone 8

iPhone 8/8 Plus are the 2017 generation of iPhone devices. Though the operations to force restart iPhone 8/8 Plus are a little complicated to earlier devices, the guides below could help you to do it properly.

Step 1. First of all press the "Volume Up" button on left side of iPhone 8 and let it go quickly. Then repeat the actions above on the "Volume Down" button, which is next to the "Volume Up" button.

Step 2. Then keep holding the "Side" button on the other side for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears. During the process, the power off screen may pop up, keep pressing the Side button to skip it.

Step 3. Finally, input your passcode at startup screen and complete force restarting iPhone 8.

close apps

Part 4. How to force restart iPhone 7/7 Plus

Apple removed physical Home button from iPhone 7/7 Plus and add a software based touch button. So, the way to force restart iPhone 7 is not involved with the Home button anymore.

Step 1. Press and hold down the "Sleep/Wake" button on the right side of iPhone 7. And then press the "Volume Down" button on the right side.

Step 2. Keep holding both buttons until the Apple logo pops up on the screen.

Step 3. Then use your PIN passcode to log in your iPhone 7 after the startup procedure completed.

force restart iphone 7

Part 5. How to force restart iPhone 6s or earlier iPhone

The round Home button was almost the mark of iPhone. It not only supports various actions on screen, but also works with other the Sleep/Wake button to perform force restart iPhone 6/6s and earlier models.

Step 1. Press and hold down both the "Home" and "Power" button at the same time.

Step 2. When you see the Apple logo shows on your screen, release both button and wait for the startup procedure to complete.

Step 3. Then enter your PIN passcode and log in your iPhone normally.

Force-restart iPhone is able to clean up the apps running in background and a part of cache data. But it will not remove or delete any personal content, apps, customized settings and other files on your iPhone, so you can confidently perform force restart iPhone to resolve various software problems.

force restart iphone 6

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Part 6. FAQs of force restart iPhone

1. Why force a restart?

A forced restart is a hardware level restart while a normal restart is at the software level. It also works even when your iPhone is completely frozen or goes wrong.

2. How do you restart an iPhone without a home button?

Go to Settings, and then choose Accessibility. Find the Bold Text option and turn it on. Your iPhone will ask if you like to restart the device.

3. How to restart iPhone running iOS 11 using Assistive Touch?

Make sure your iPhone has enough battery capacity and then enable the "Assistive Touch" feature. Touch the floating "Assistive Touch" button, tap "Device" and then "More". Next, you will see the "Restart" icon, tap on it, and then your iPhone will perform power off and turn back on automatically.

4. How to fix iPhone keeping restarting issue?

You can update software to fix this problem. Just go to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update" to check if any software update is available. Then, tap "Download and Install" button and follow the on-screen instructions to move on.


Many analysts complained that Apple did not improve the design of iPhone for years. And when the latest iPhone models released, such complaint stops. But customers start asking how to force restart iPhone X and other new models, because the new design makes them confused. In this tutorial, we have shared the ways to force restart iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s and earlier iPhone models. When you need to perform force restart on your iPhone, you will feel simple following our guides above. We hope our tutorial helpful to you. And if you still have problems related to force reboot iPhone, please leave a message below, we will reply it as soon as possible.

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