How to Delete Songs from iTunes on iPhone/iPad/Windows/Mac

iTunes is a large platform that allows users to purchase music, movies and other media files. If you no longer like a song or album, definitely you should delete music from iTunes library.

It is a good way to free up more space on your digital device. Moreover, you can get rid of those songs successfully. However, some people complain that they cannot delete songs from iTunes.

Delete Songs from iTunes

To help people organize iTunes library, this article offers a complete guide about iTunes music deletion. You can learn how to delete songs from iTunes on different platforms through the following paragraphs. In addition, it is easy to find and delete duplicate songs from Apple music library as well.

Part 1: How Do I Delete Songs from my iPhone/iPad on iTunes

If you are using an iOS portable device, then you can follow steps below to delete songs from iTunes on iPhone or iPad.

Then here comes a common question, why can't delete songs or playlists from iTunes?

It is because iTunes syncs your music automatically. Even though you have deleted multiple songs, you can still find them in iTunes. Fortunately, you can find the step-by-step solution below.

Step 1. Run Music app on your iOS device

Turn on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then open "Music" app. You can switch to "Library" or "Playlists" to view any song, artist or album you want to delete.

Step 2. Delete songs from iTunes without a computer

When you choose the certain music, click the three-dot button. Scroll down and click "Delete" to delete songs from iTunes on iPad or iPhone.

Delete Songs from my iPhone

Note: If you see "Delete from My Music" option only, then it means this song is not downloaded on your iOS device. Moreover, you can only remove this song from iTunes library. It is still hidden from your Music app.

So how to delete multiple songs from iTunes on iPhone?

Well, you can head to Settings > General > iPhone Storage first. Later, find "Music" and click "Edit" on the top right corner. Finally, trigger off any song or even "All Songs" option to delete multiple songs on iPhone successfully.

Part 2: How Do I Delete My iTunes Library on My Computer and Start Over

What about Windows and Mac users? How to delete songs, playlists, albums or other items from iTunes on Windows or Mac? Is there any way to clear iTunes library and start over again? Well, you can try methods below.

How to Delete Music from iTunes on Mac

If your iTunes library is corrupted or has other issues, then you can delete songs from iTunes on Mac computer here.

Step 1. Open iTunes folder on Mac

Turn off all iTunes windows on your Mac. Then choose "Finder" button. Click "Go" from the Finder menu, and then choose "Home". You can see your Mac home directory directly. Later, double click "Music" in the left panel. Open a folder with the name of "iTunes".

Step 2. Delete songs from iTunes on Mac

Drag and drop "iTunes Library.itl" and "iTunes Music Library.xml" files to the trashcan button directly. You can right click on these files and select "Move to Trash" instead. At last, empty the Trash and restart iTunes application.

Delete songs from iTunes on Mac

As a result, iTunes can remove all your previous music and create a new iTunes Library file automatically. Just add favorite songs to iTunes as usual.

How to Delete All Songs from iTunes on Windows

To Delete multiple or all songs from iTunes on Windows, you need to update iTunes to the latest version first.

Step 1. Open iTunes music library

Launch iTunes on your Windows computer. Choose "Music" on the top toolbar, and then click "My Music". After that, you can access all songs in your music library.

Step 2. Remove all songs from iTunes on Windows

Drag and drop all songs you want to delete. Later, right click and select "Delete" or "Remove Download" to delete the selected music on Windows. However, the latter one will delete your downloaded songs only.

Remove all songs from iTunes on Windows

So how about duplicate songs?

Actually, you can select "Library" and then click "Show Duplicate items" from the drop-down "File" menu. During this time, you can delete duplicate songs in iTunes easily.

If you regret your option of deleting iTunes Library song, just try to restore iTunes Library music here.

Part 3: How to Remove Songs from iTunes Library without Deleting Them

In spite of deleting music from iTunes, some people prefer to remove songs from iTunes library temporarily. In another word, you can still find those songs within iTunes library.

To be honest, you should choose "Delete from my Music" and other similar options instead of "Delete" directly. Well, do not click "Remove Downloads". Otherwise, it will result in deleting songs from your iPhone and other portable devices completely.

Delete Songs from iTunes without Deleting on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Navigate "Music" app.

Step 2. Select any song.

Step 3. Choose "…" option.

Step 4. Select "Delete from My Music".

Delete Songs from iTunes without Deleting on iPhone

The purchases will be removed from your playlist or music library. But you can still get them next time you sync again.

Hide Music from iTunes without Deleting on Windows and Mac

Step 1. Open iTunes Music library.

Step 2. Choose "Account", sign in to your iTunes account (iTunes password forgot? Get iTunes password recovery now.), and select "Purchased.

Step 3. Click "x" button of the song you want to hide.

Step 4. Choose "Hide" to confirm

Hide Music from iTunes without Deleting

You can follow the above way to remove disliked movies, books and apps from iTunes without deleting as well.

As a result, next time you want to delete songs from iTunes and computer at the same time, you should unhide those purchases first. That's all for how to delete music from iTunes.

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