How to Check Storage Space and Clear up It on Mac

Are you suffering from a full disk? Whether your App suddenly goes wrong or doesn’t work? If your answer is “Yes”, chances are that you have used up the storage space of your Mac. It is of great necessity to check the system storage you have already used on your Mac and clear the storage.

Check Storage Space on Mac

Part 1: Top 5 Solutions to Check Free Storage Space on Mac

Solution 1 Preview storage device

When you select a file in the Finder of Mac and press the blank space key, you will get a preview of the selected file. Also, you can use the preview feature in "Finder" to check the storage space of your Mac.

Step 1Launch Finder app

Click "Finder" on the Desktop, and select Finder > Preferences in the upper left corner. Then click on the "General" tab, and tick the option of "show storage device on the Desktop".

Step 2Check storage space on Mac

Go back to your Desktop and select the storage device. Next press the spacebar, you are able to see a pop-up window, where lists the capacity of storage device and the available space.

Step 3Close the window

If you want to close the pop-up window, simply press the blank space key.

Solution 2 Check Finder window status bar

If you wish to get an overview of the storage device from Finder as ever, the Finder window status bar can help you make it.

Step 1Turn on the status bar

Click "Finder" to launch a "Finder" window on the Desktop, or you can turn to File > New Finder Window. Then click the "View" menu and choose "Show status bar" option.

Step 2Check available space on Mac

Now you can see which items are taking up the limited space. You are also capable of viewing how many files are in the current folder and get a readout of free space.

Step 3Close Finder status bar

To close the "Finder" window status bar, hold down Command + W keys on the keyboard, or click on the circle X on the window.

Finder status bar

Solution 3 Access "About This Mac"

If your device is running Mac OS Yosemite or later, you are able to access the "About" box to check your Mac hard disk usage.

Step 1Open About This Mac

Simply select "About This Mac" from the "Apple" menu. And select the "More" Info option in the lower part.

About Mac
Step 2Get an overview of storage space

Then you can see the "About This Mac" window appears. Clicking the "Storage" tab in the toolbar, you can see there is how much available disk space on your Mac.

Info window

Solution 4 View "Get Info" box

Another method to check available space on your Mac is to access the "Get Info" box. It is easy and effortless.

Step 1Select your hard drive

To begin with, open your "Finder" app, and click your hard drive under "Devices" in the Finder Windows sidebar.

Step 2Get into Info window

Click the "File" menu, and choose "Get Info" option. Or you can hold down Command + I keys to enter the Info window.

Step 3Check Mac space

From the Info window, you will see a list of info about the hard drive, including the capacity, available space, used space, as well as other information.

Get info

Solution 5 View Disk Utility

Besides the methods mentioned above, you can also check your Mac storage from Mac Hard Disk Utility program. It provides basic info about your hard drive and other disks. What's more, you are also allowed repair or reformat the disks.

Step 1Open Disk Utility app

Click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the home interface to launch Spotlight, search and find Disk Utility in the search box. Or you can also find Disk Utility app in Applications > Finder.

Step 2Check disk storage on Mac

Once you have entered Disk Utility, select the name of your hard drive from the drop-down list. Then you can see s series of basic info, such as its capacity, available space, used space, and so on.

Disk Utility

Part 2: How to Clear up Hard Drive Storage Space on Mac Efficiently

When it comes to clear out a lot of space on your Mac easily and quickly, Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner should be your best option. As the most powerful Mac data management tool among the market, Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner sources your storage device for all junk/ unnecessary/old/ large files completely and safely.

Head over to the detailed steps below to free up more storage space on your Mac:

Step 1Free download Mac Cleaner

First of all, download and install this Mac Cleaner on your device, then launch it.

Step 2Run Mac Cleaner

From the main interface, you are able to see plenty of unnecessary items listed in categories on the left control, including Large & Old Files, Duplicated Files, etc.

Large old files
Step 3Scan unnecessary files

Select a certain item from the categories, and click the "Scan" button. This Mac cleaner will check your Mac storage automatically. After that, click "Review" to view the scanned results.

Scan Large old files
Step 4Clear up junk files

Next, select the items that you are going to remove, click the "Clean" button in the lower right corner, and check the confirmation to free up more storage space on your Mac.

Then you can easily manage your Mac storage to speed it up.

Select files

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