2 Quick Methods to Uninstall NoMAD on Mac Easily [2024]

How to uninstall NoMAD on Mac if it keeps booting up? NoMAD may be excellent in helping you bound to the AD (Active Directory). However, once such problems occur when using the program, you may desperately look for a way to completely get rid of the NoMAD. Lucky you, this article brings you the best workable method on how to uninstall NoMAD on Mac completely with detailed steps. Move on to see the details.

How to Uninstall Nomad Mac

Part 1: How to Uninstall NoMAD on Mac with Terminal

To get the deepest and cleanest uninstallation of any applications on Mac, using commands in Terminal can get the best result. Hence, how to uninstall NoMAD on Mac using commands in Terminal? To better answer the question, this article has searched all over the Internet and found the simplified scripts below. Check it now to learn.

Uninstall Nomad on Mac

Step 1Open Terminal on your Mac.

Step 2You can copy and paste the following commands to execute. And press Return on your keyboard.; _path="$ (/usr/bin/mktemp -d)" && cd "${_path}" && curl -LRsSO${_name} && sudo zsh -f ${_name} && cd && rm -R "${_path}"

Step 3You need to enter your macOS user account and password, and then press Return again on your keyboard.

Step 4To gain a nice effect, click the Apple icon on the menu bar and restart your Mac.

Note: This method requires you to own a macOS user account that has administrative privileges.

Extra Tip: How to uninstall NoMAD on Mac manually

For those of you not quite familiar with the Terminal, here is a more straightforward method of how to uninstall NoMAD on Mac. The only shortcoming of this method is that it demands a lot of patience since you need to locate those relevant files from NoMAD manually. Below are the detailed steps:

Step 1You can either drag the NoMAD icon from your Launchpad to the Trash or open Finder and click Applications. Find NoMAD and right-click on it to click Move to Trash.

Step 2 Now, stay at the Finder window and click Go on the menu bar. Then, click Go to Folder. On the pop-up window, you need to enter the following paths one by one to check the subfolders.

~/Library/Managed Preferences/com.trusourcelabs.NoMAD.plist"

~/Library/Managed Preferences/$loggedInUser/com.trusourcelabs.NoMAD.plist"



Step 3Once you finish checking all these folders and delete them. You can right-click the Trash and click Empty Trash to do a complete removal.

Part 2: How to Uninstall NoMAD on Mac Completely

Is there any possible way to help you uninstall NoMAD on Mac completely without using complex commands or spending too much time locating files? Of course, there is. Installing the Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner can save you a lot of trouble and gives the best solution on how to uninstall NoMAD on Mac completely. No need to learn any new operation or master new skills. Simply download this program and within a few clicks, you can completely get rid of NoMAD.

Mac Cleaner

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Clean up all traces left by NoMAD.

Uninstall NoMAD from Mac completely.

Delete seldom used applications on Mac.

Remove unneeded files, caches, and logs.

Step 1Simply download and install the Mac Cleaner on your Mac. Later, launch it on your device. On the main interface, you can see three buttons. Click the third one: Toolkit. This is a toolbox that contains many other useful functions.

Main Interface

Step 2Afterward, click Uninstall. On the following window, click Scan to scan all the applications on your Mac. This can take a while and the time depends on how many apps you have. The more you have the longer the scanning takes.

Uninstall Apps

Step 3Click View after scanning finishes and locate NoMAD in a list of applications. Click the checkbox in front of the NoMAD to correctly select the app and associated files. At bottom of the right side, click Clean to remove them all.

View Apps

Part 3: FAQs about How to Uninstall NoMAD on Mac

Question 1. What is the best way to uninstall NoMAD on Mac completely?

To guarantee a 100% complete removal of NoMAD on Mac without any leftovers, using the Terminal to run the scripts mentioned above is probably the best choice you can have. This method will definitely remove all the traces caused by NoMAD on Mac and no recovery will happen.

Question 2. How to quit NoMAD to uninstall it on Mac?

If your NoMAD is still running in the background or is stuck on that status, a prompt window might jump up to stop you from uninstalling it on Mac. To solve this, simply open Activity Monitor, find NoMAD and click on it. Then click the cancel icon above and a window will pop up. You need to click Force Quit to stop it from working.

Question 3. Where to find help with uninstalling NoMAD on Mac?

If you encounter some complex issues when uninstalling NoMAD on Mac, you can go to the GitLab. There is a special section for NoMAD users, you can write a post there and clearly describe your question and you might get help from other users. Or go to social media like Twitter or Facebook to ask for help from officials.


From this article, you can get the ultimate guide on how to uninstall NoMAD on Mac completely. With the detailed steps described in the article, you are sure to find a method that is most suitable for you. And whatever reasons you have, you can finally get rid of the unwanted app successfully.

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