[Bijgewerkt] Een stapsgewijze handleiding voor het eenvoudig opnemen van spraak op de iPhone

When you are making the meeting minutes or taking notes from a public lecture, it can be hard to memorize all the details with a logical shorthand. But recording the content in audio will save you a lot of trouble. To capture a passing though or important phone call, you can record voice on iPhone.

Audio opnemen op iPhoneAudio opnemen op iPhone

This post offers you a bite of cherry to learn how to capture the iPhone sound and speaker's voice. You can get many useful tips and excellent iPhone voice recorders.

Part 1: How to Record iPhone Voice with Local Screen Recording

iPhone has its built-in iOS screen recorder in iOS 11/12/13/14/15/16. In order to record audio on iPhone with the default iOS screen recorder, you need to set it up first. Here is the detailed process of how to record audio with iOS screen recorder.

Stap 1Enable the Screen Recording feature

Ga naar Instellingen app en tik vervolgens op controle Center from the drop-down list. Scroll down to access Schermopname under the MORE CONTROLS tab.

Klik op de green + icon to add it to Control Center. (For some old iPhones, you can visit Regelingen aanpassen in the Control Center and enable Schermopname)

Schermopname inschakelen

Stap 2Start recording via the Control Panel

Return to the home screen of iPhone. Tap on the Schermrecord icon on the Control Center. The program will start to record iPhone audio three seconds later.

To capture your iPhone sound, you should long press on the Schermrecord pictogram en tik vervolgens op het Microfoon icon to turn it on to record your voice from the microphone.

Neem iOS op

Stap 3Stop recording and save the video

When everything is done, you can press the Schermopname icon again on the Control Center. Or long-press the red section on the top and choose the stop button. After that, you can get the audio file in Filmrol en Video plakboeken.

Opname stoppen

Part 2: How to Record iPhone Voice with Built-in Voice Memo

Voice Memo is another built-in iPhone voice recorder app that allows you to capture iPhone voice, speech, and other audio files with the built-in microphone. Voice Memo is a very effective way to record voice notes. The followings are the steps about how to record iPhone voice.

Stap 1Launch the Voice Memo app

Open Voice Memo on the iPhone home screen. If you don't find it in the home interface, open the App Store en input Voice Memo om het te krijgen.

(With older iPhones with a Home button, you can hold this button to launch Siri, then say Neem een ​​spraakmemo op to open the Voice Memo)

Stap 2Begin met opnemen

Klik op het rood Record icon at the bottom to start recording. You can pause or resume freely with the buttons below.

Stap 3Stop met opnemen

When you get the ideal part, click the Klaar button and you can view the recording in the list.

Stap 4Edit your recording

To further edit and share your audio recording, you can click the Drie punten icon of the target audio and choose to copy, share and edit the sound as you like.

Voice Memo New
Tips : To prevent you from losing the audio files in Voice Memos, you can een back-up maken van spraakmemo's on iPhone with easy steps.

Part 3: 3 Best iPhone Voice Recorder Apps (Custom Speakers & Audio Format)

Despite the convenience of the local iPhone voice recorders, you can't change the audio speaker and audio formats freely. To break the limits of default settings on iPhone audio, here we introduce 3 more tools to help you get a professional sound recording with ease.

Top 1. Apeaksoft Phone Mirror

Apeaksoft Telefoonspiegel is the most popular pick to record iPhone voice. This is a professional iPhone recorder for high-quality videos and audio. All iPhone users can personalize the audio files on resolution, speaker, output format and more to get a perfect result.

Prijs: Free trial is available.

Compatibel apparaat: iPhone, Android

  • PROS
  • Customize the audio source from the phone speaker, PC speaker or both.
  • Support popular audio formats for output like MP3, WMA, AAC, etc.
  • Enable users to make auto-stop with custom settings.
  • No quality loss, delays and ads during the recording.
  • Schermspiegel je iPhone and Android devices via WiFi or USB connection.
  • CONS
  • Need a manual connection for your iPhone and computer.

How to record iPhone voice via Apeaksoft Phone Mirror

Stap 1 Download and install Apeaksoft Phone Mirror on your PC. Choose iOS-spiegel binnenkomen.

Selecteer iOS Mirror

Stap 2 Connect your iPhone to this PC via WiFi or USB connection. Follow the instructions and wait until you get a successful connection.

Sluit het iPhone-scherm aan

Stap 3 Druk op Record icon and customize the settings for your audio recording. After that, you can click the Opname starten icon below the mirrored screen and capture the iPhone sound freely.

Apeak Record Audio

Top 2. Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Recorder Pro is a professional and free voice recorder app for iPhones. You can record voice memos and on-site sounds of unlimited length with high quality. You can also get the iPhone voice in MP4, MPEG, and WAV formats directly.

Prijs: Free (Include in-app purchase)

Compatibel apparaat: Iphone

  • PROS
  • No limitations on the recording time length.
  • Offer custom audio settings on bitrate, sample rate, bit depth, etc.
  • Applicable effects during the recording.
  • CONS
  • Ads would pop up within this app.
  • You can't share the voice directly with others.
Voice Recorder Pro

Top 3. Spraakrecorder en audio-editor

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor is a wonderful iOS app that allows you to record iPhone voice without limitations. It provides a free version and a premium version. For the free version, you can switch audios between five audio formats, WiFi transfer, upload audio, get the password to protect your recording and more.

Prijs: Free (Include in-app purchase)

Compatibel apparaat: Iphone

  • PROS
  • One click to start and stop the audio recording from the home screen.
  • Support audio-text transcription via speech recognition.
  • Enable users to add notes to different recordings.
  • Share the audio recordings via email, Messages and social media platforms.
  • CONS
  • The transcription service is limited to 30 minutes at most.
  • There will be ads in the free trial.
Voice Recorder Audio-editorMisschien wil je ook weten:

Part 4: FAQs of Recording iPhone Voice

How do I record audio while playing music on iPhone?

Since the iPhone built-in recorders only capture the audio from the microphone, you can download Apeaksoft Telefoonspiegel to record iPhone audio with music.

How do you record audio without someone knowing?

You can mirror your phone screen and start the audio recording remotely on your PC via Apeaksoft Telefoonspiegel. Please make sure the recording is legal in case of any violations against the law.

Is there an app that will automatically record conversations?

Ja. U kunt downloaden en installeren Apeaksoft Telefoonspiegel and change the settings on autostop to start and end your audio recording by recording length, recording file size or ending time automatically.


Recording iPhone voice can be an easy thing after you read this article. You can use iPhone built-in recording tools as well as some professional iPhone voice recorders. If you have any questions, you can leave questions in the comment below or directly contact us.

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