What Is Twitter Image Size and How to Compress Image for Twitter

What size should Twitter images be? Does Twitter downgrade image quality? Why does my profile picture look blurry? How to stop Twitter image compression?

Every time you post an image to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, it gets compressed and degrades to a lower quality. What's the best Twitter image size now?

Compress Twitter Image Size

This post will guide you to know the latest Twitter image size recommendation in 2021. Moreover, we like to talk about compressing Twitter image, how to stop it, and how to compress images for Twitter uploading.

Part 1. Twitter Image Size

Twitter has constantly changed its recommended image size. Relatively speaking, Twitter can support more images formats and allows you to upload pictures in higher and higher quality. But you still need to check these Twitter image size recommendations when you upload an image to Twitter.

Twitter profile picture size: 400 x 400

Twitter header size: 1500 x 500

Twitter post image size: 1200 x 675

Minimum Twitter Card image size: 120 x 120

Twitter fleets image size: 1080 x 1920

Minimum Twitter video thumbnail image: 640 x 360

Twitter image size for ads: 800 x 418 for Website card, 800 x 800 for App card image, 800 x 800 for Carousels, 800 x 418 for Direct Message card), and 800 x 418 for Conversation card.

Twitter video size for ads: 720 x 720 (square), 1280 x 720 (landscape), 720 x 1280 (portrait)

Twitter video size: 1280 x 1084

Maximum Twitter video length: 140 seconds

Part 2. Twitter Image Compression

As it mentioned above, Twitter will apply an image compression when you upload a picture to its platform. Are you looking for a way to disable the image compression on Twitter? Actually, you can choose to reduce your image like PNG first and then upload it to Twitter with a recommended image size.

Here we introduce you with an easy-to-use Twitter image compression tool, Free Image Compressor to help you directly optimize your pictures and reduce the Twitter image compression online. It highly supports all popular image formats including JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF. It has the capability to compress image file size while maintain the original quality.

Step 1You can open this Free Image Compressor on any web browser like Chrome, Safari, IE, or Firefox. This online image compression tool is totally free and 100% secure. Moreover, it requires no account sign in/up. Add images

Step 2When you get there, click on the Add Image to Compress button to select and upload your images for compressing. You are allowed to optimize over 40 images at a time.

Step 3The added images will be automatically compressed. You can simply click on Download All button to store them on your computer. It has an advanced lossless algorithm technology to effectively identify textures, patterns and colors, and remove unnecessary data. So it enables you to shrink image file size while keeping a good quality.

Download images button

This free online image compressor will automatically balance the compression rate and image quality for you. The optimized image will carry any watermark. After the image compression, you can upload it to Twitter with ease.

Part 3. FAQs of Twitter Image Size

Question 1. Is JPEG or PNG better for Twitter?

Relatively speaking, JPEG is better than PNG for uploading to Twitter. When you upload a PNG image, Twitter will convert uploaded PNG files to the more compact JPEG format in order to shrink file size. During this process, the PNG file may easily lose some image quality.

Question 2. How do I make my Twitter picture better quality?

Twitter now allows users to share high quality images. You can go to settings menu, choose data usage, and then enable the high-quality image uploads and high-quality images for viewing 4K images. After that, you can make your Twitter post better quality.

Question 3. Why does Twitter ruin picture quality?

The blurry picture uploaded on Twitter is usually caused by the unusual frame dimensions or using a low-resolution image. You should know the Twitter file size, and choose to upload a high-quality image to Twitter.


After reading this post, you can learn more useful information about the current Twitter image size recommendation. Moreover, we share a simple way to downsize image before uploading it to Twitter to reduce the quality loss. You should know that Twitter will apply compression to your uploaded picture unless it has transparency.

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