8 Best Photo Size Reducer Applications to Decrease File Size

Photo size reducing is an important part of the editing process. As lens improve on smartphone and digital camera, it is easier to produce high quality photos than ever before. When dealing with high-resolution photos, reducing file size is always required for several reasons. It helps you to optimize web page loading, save traffics, save disk space, and more. This article identifies and shares top 8 best photo size reducers online and offline.

Photo Size Reducer

Part 1: Top 3 Photo Size Reducers Online

Top 1: Apeaksoft Free Image Compressor

Apeaksoft Free Image Compressor is one of the best online photo size reducers no matter for occasionally image size reducing or regularly. Since it works online, you can use it on any device and system.

  • PROS
  • Reduce photo file size to less than 10KB online.
  • Absolutely free to use without registration.
  • Batch process up to 40 images per time.
  • No watermark or other limitations.
  • CONS
  • It requires a good internet connection.

How to Reduce Photo Size Online for Free

Step 1: Open a browser and visit when you need to compress photo file size.


Step 2: Click the Add Images to Compress button and upload the target photos from your hard drive or memory. The maximum file size is 5MB. Alternatively, find the photos on your computer, drag and drop them into the web page to upload.

Download GIF

Step 3: Once the photo uploading finishes, the online photo size reducer will work immediately. A few seconds later, click the Download or Download All button to get the compressed photos. The Download All button will save all small photos in archive.

Top 2:

Compress IO is another online JPG photo size reducer worth you to use. It provides two editions, free and pro. Once you open the web page, you will get three modes, Lossy, Lossless and Custom. The latest mode offers a variety of custom options, but only is available to pro users.

  • PROS
  • Reduce photo file size to 100KB.
  • Resize photos online for free.
  • Support JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, and WEBP.
  • Compress multiple photos in bulk.
  • CONS
  • The maximum file size is 10MB per time.
  • Advanced features require to subscribe a plan.

Top 3: TinyPNG

Tinypng App

Although it is called TinyPNG, it is an online photo size reducer for JPG, PNG and WEBP. It is able to compress up to 20 images one time and the maximum file size is 5MB each. More importantly, there is no custom options at all. That makes it popular among average people.

  • PROS
  • Reduce photo file size online for free.
  • Support several photo formats.
  • Easy to use without technical skills.
  • Won’t watermark or leak your images.
  • CONS
  • There are no custom options.
  • It cannot shrink online image file size.

Part 2: 2 Best Photo Size Reducer Software

Top 1: Photoshop

Photoshop Document Resize Proportionally

As a professional photo size reducer, Adobe Photoshop can meet almost all your need. It provides at least three ways to downscale an image file size. Moreover, users can get a wide range of photo editing functions. More importantly, it is compatible with diverse photo formats including RAW.

  • PROS
  • Reduce image file size efficiently.
  • Keep the photo quality as much as possible.
  • Optimize photo for web.
  • Convert photo to another format.
  • CONS
  • It cannot process multiple photos at the same time.
  • It is expensive and costs $20.99 per month.
  • The learning curve is not friendly.

Top 2: GIMP

Resize Images Gimp
  • PROS
  • Decrease photo file size quickly.
  • Provide essential photo editing features.
  • Totally free of charge and open source.
  • Edit images of various formats including GIF.
  • CONS
  • Some external plugins are not free.
  • It lacks custom support.
  • There are limited number of layers that can be used.

Part 3: Top 3 Photo Size Reducer Apps

Top 1: Pixlr

Pixlr Screenshot

Platform: iOS 10.0 or later and Android 6.0 and up

Price: Free with ads and in-app purchase

If you need a one-stop photo size reducer app, Pixlr is fine. It includes an array of photo editing features including photo resizing. Besides, it allows you to make photo collages after downscaling the file size. The social media interface lets you share photos directly.

  • PROS
  • Alter photo size without cropping.
  • Keep the original aspect ratio or reset width and height.
  • Resize photo size with presets.
  • Exchange free features by viewing ads.
  • CONS
  • The ads are annoying when editing photos.

Top 2: Image Size – Photo Resizer

Imagesize App

Platform: iOS 9.0 or later and Android 4.4 and up

Price: Free with in-app purchase

As its name indicated, Image Size is a dedicated photo size reducer for Android and iPhone. It allows you to lock the aspect ratio when resizing or change the width and height respectively. The preview panel lets you monitor the effect in real time.

  • PROS
  • Work smooth on old handsets.
  • Resize an image accurately.
  • Crop a photo with gestures and finger.
  • Convert photo format while resizing.
  • CONS
  • The photo becomes blur when zoom-in.

Top 3: Resize It – Image resize

Resize It

Platform: iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.0.3 or up

Price: Free with ads

Resize It is a simple photo size reducer app for beginners to shrink the photos on mobile device. It allows you to manually change a photo size accurately or use the presets to do it easily. More importantly, there is no option involved with payment or signup.

  • PROS
  • Reduce photo size for free.
  • Easy to use for beginners and average people.
  • Convert photo format while resizing photos.
  • Support old iPhone and Android phone.
  • CONS
  • There is no way to remove ads.

Part 4: FAQs about Photo Size Reducer

Can you enlarge photo size?

Changing the size of a photo is incredibly simple. All you need is a photo resizer, such as Photoshop. It is able to enlarge or downscale photo size or canvas size easily.

Why email photos failed?

All email providers have mail size limit. Gmail, for example, allows you to send a mail less than 25MB. If your photos are very large, you have to reduce the file size and then send again. Want to compress videos for email, click here to learn more details.

How do I resize a photo without losing quality?

It is difficult to keep the photo quality when editing. However, it is possible to resize a photo without losing quality. All you need is a powerful photo resizer program.


This article has shared you top 8 best photo size reducer applications on computer and mobile devices. Some of them are completely free to use the full version, like Apeaksoft Free Image Compressor. Others might be pricy and expensive, such as Photoshop. You can pick your favorite tool in different situations according to your review. If you have other questions, please leave a message below this post and we will reply on it quickly.

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