Full Waifu2x Review and Its Best Image Resizer Alternative

You may get the Waifu2x recommendation when you want to resize a picture, upscale image resolution, or reduce the background noise. Waifu2x is a popular online image editor mainly designed to resize images. You can see several similar image enhancers and upscaler tools on the market called waifu2x. Which one should you use?

Waifu2x Review

This post gives you a detailed Waifu2x review to explain its key features, pros, cons, and other related information. What's more, a great Waifu2x image resizer alternative is recommended to optimize your images better.

Part 1. Full Waifu2x Review

As mentioned above, Waifu2x is a famous image editing tool that is mainly designed for scaling images and reducing noise online. It is primarily used to double the size of anime images and waifu pictures effortlessly. Waitfu2x adopts reliable technology of image processing and artificial intelligence.

Waifu2x is composed of two words, Waifu and 2x. Waifu refers to a female character to whom one is attracted. 2x refers to two-times magnification. You can use Waifu2x to improve image quality with ease. You can get many waifu2x tools, such as Waifu2x, Waifu2X, waifu2x, and more. All these Waifu2x tools have similar functions. They can help you get rid of image noise, upscale image resolution, and enhance quality.

Waifu2x Tools

How to use Waifu2x to resize and upscale an image

When you want to reduce the blur or noise of your picture and improve its quality using Waifu2x, you can search for the Waifu2x image resizer on your browsers like Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Yahoo and then enter its official website. You can freely select a Waifu2x tool from the result results.

Step 1Click the Choose File button to upload your picture. Waifu2x image resizer is compatible with commonly-used image formats, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, and more. It also enables you to upload an image file through its URL. One thing you should be concerned about is that you should upload an image file of less than 5MB.

Go to Waifu2x Image Resizer Site

Step 2After you upload a photo to Waifu2x, you can set the image style as Artwork or Photo based on your need. You are offered 5 Noise Reduction options to remove unwanted background noise from your image file, None, Low, Medium, High, and Highest. Moreover, it has an Upscaling feature for you to resize your image file.

Step 3Click the Convert button to export this edited picture. You are allowed to preview the output image file. You can click the Download button to save it if you are satisfied with the image upscaling result and output quality. While using this free image resizer online, you will see some ads.

Part 2. Best Waifu2x Image Resizer Alternative to Double Image Size

There are many free image resizers online offered on the market that can give you a better user experience than Waifu2x. If you are unsatisfied with the Waifu2x image resizer, you can try using the best Waifu2x alternative, Free Image Upscaler, to resize your picture, upscale the image resolution, reduce noise and blur, and enhance its quality. It highly supports all commonly-used image formats, including JPG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, and more. It uses advanced AI Super Resolution technology to improve the quality of your images.

Step 1On your web browser, search for the Waifu2x image resizer alternative and then go to its official website. When you get there, click the Upload your photo button to browse and add your image file.

Upload Photo to Free Image Upscaler

Step 2When your picture is uploaded, you can select a suitable size from Magnification, such as 2, 4, 6, or 8. Free Image Upscaler will automatically optimize the image effects and enhance quality. It adopts AI technology to analyze your picture and automatically fill in more details. During this step, you can use its magnifier to check the details of the source and resize images. You can hover your mouse over the picture to compare their difference.

Enlarge Image Online Free

Step 3If you are satisfied with the image upscaling result, you can click the Save button to save this resized picture on your device. This Waifu2x alternative won't add a watermark to your output file.

Part 3. FAQs of Waifu2x Image Resizer and Upscaler

Question 1. Can Waifu2x upscale a photo on an iPhone?

Yes. As a free image resizer online, Waitfu2x is compatible with both computers and mobile phones. You can use it on an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone and use similar steps to upscale the resolution of your photo.

Question 2. How do you resize a picture in Photoshop?

Open Adobe Photoshop and add the picture you like to resize. Click Image on the top menu bar and select the Image Size option from its dropdown. In the pop-up Image Size dialog box, you can freely increase or decrease the Width and Height numbers to precisely resize your image file in pixels, inches, or other measurements.

Question 3. Is Waifu2x safe to use?

Yes, Waifu2x is safe to utilize. You can upload your image file to it and upload its resolution and reduce noise. Waifu2x won't reveal your uploaded pictures to others.


You can use Waifu2x to free resize your picture online. However, there are several similar image enhancer and upscaler tools on the market called Waifu2x. This post gives you a detailed review of Waifu2x. You can learn its key features and how to resize and upscale an image file using it. In addition, a great waifu2x alternative, Free Image Upscaler is introduced to resize images. If you still have questions, you can message us in the comment section below.

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