Top 10 Screen Recorders for Mac to Capture Screen (Free & Paid)

There is a built-in Screenshot app on your Mac for you to record the screen without any third-party software. However, the features and usage of the Screenshot app are lame. So, you may want to find another alternative to the Screenshot app, luckily, this passage will list the top 10 best screen recorders for Mac, including free and paid. You can download one Mac screen recorder you need to capture your own screen video.

Screen Recorder Mac

Part 1: Best 4 Mac Screen Recorders (Free)

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder for Mac

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder for Mac is the best free screen recorder for Mac users. The all-in-one free screen recorder for Mac allows you to record your Mac screen with audio.

Screen Recorder for Mac

4,000,000+ Downloads

This macOS screen recorder guarantees smooth usage on your Mac.

You can use the Mac screen recorder with internal audio and microphone voice.

Record Zoom meetings, gameplay, webcam, etc., with high quality.

Work for Mac OS X 10.9 or above (macOS 14 Sonoma).

Step 1Install Screen Recorder for Mac

After downloading the screen and audio recorder for Mac, you can install and run it on your MacBook Pro/Air, Mac mini, or iMac.

Step 2Select record area and audio source

You can record the full screen, a fixed region, or a customized region at will.

Custom Area

Since it's a screen and audio recorder for Mac, you can customize the audio with system sound and microphone voice.

Microphone VoiceStep 3Record Your Mac Screen

Click the REC button and start to record your Mac screen, including video and audio.

Record on MacStep 4Save the screen video

Once finished, you can click the little red square to stop the screen recorder with audio on Mac. You can export and share this video recording at will.

Save Recording

The free version of this software lets you record video and audio on Mac without time limitation. However, you are only allowed to save the 3 minutes of the recording.

  • Pros
  • Edit video with rich features
  • Support system audio and microphone sound
  • Various video/audio file formats
  • Record screen with high quality and no lag
  • Cons
  • You need to upgrade to enjoy all features

QuickTime Player

QuickTime, owned by Apple, is rated as one of the most powerful screen recorders for Mac with built in media player. You can view wide number of file formats using this software tool. The video recording of QuickTime skill brings rich quality output with improved audio combination.

Besides, the latest vision of this screen recorder for Mac develops some basic editing features in the timeline. After recording the screen video, you are also supported to trim, clip the video, or add another video at the end of the timeline. Then you can share the recording directly to YouTube, Mail and other apps and websites.

However, the disadvantage of QuickTime is that the timeline is too small, and you are not allowed to add any annotations.

  • Pros
  • Various file formats
  • Rich-quality output with improved audio
  • Some basic editing features
  • Cons
  • The timeline is too small
  • You cannot add any annotations
QuickTime Player


Monosnap, developed by Farminers Limited, is another free and quick screen recording tool for Mac users. A great feature of this software is that you can draw a pointer or rectangle when you are recording a video. During desktop recording, you are also allowed to use the Mac built-in webcam or add an external camera.

What's more, this Mac screen recorder supports you to export the screenshots or recording video to many cloud-based storage websites, such as iCloud, Amazon S23, all social network, and even the web sharing space of Monosnap.

The editing features of Monosnap are too limited. You are only allowed to crop the beginning or the end of the recording, and save one vision of the editing video.

  • Pros
  • Free and quick video screen recorder for Mac
  • Support the Mac built-in webcam
  • Export to many cloud-based storage websites
  • Cons
  • Limited editing features

Capture Me

Capture Me, as another Mac screen recorder, provides you more choices to create a screen recording. It is resizable to various resolutions and offers quite a lot output options. As for the download, Capture Me is really a light application that requires less space than the average software.

It lets you record gameplay like LOL, PS3/4 gameplay, videos, tutorial on Mac freely.

However, the video recording mode "Again With No Sound" only works for a limited duration of one minute, which is pretty helpless for recording video tutorials.

  • Pros
  • Various resizable resolutions
  • A range of output options
  • Require less space
  • Cons
  • "Again With No Sound" mode only works for 1 minute
Capture Me

Part 2: Best 6 Screen Recorders for Mac (Paid)

ScreenRecord Studio ($16)

Similar to QuickTime, ScreenRecord Studio is also a wonderful screen recorder for Mac. It allows you to capture and record the screen in a high definition, and plays a crucial role in creating training CDs, visual tutorials and even monitoring device.

As a lightweight Mac screen recorder, ScreenRecord Studio has a clean and easy-to-use interface, which can help you handle effortless. After recording, you can also simply edit for the recording video, for example, adding data and time. And it supports you to export the recordings to various formats.

If you have to say one shortcoming of ScreenRecord Studio, the words "Demo Version" will show up on the recording movie.

  • Pros
  • Record in high-definition
  • A clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Simply editing features
  • Export to various formats
  • Cons
  • "Demo Version" shows up on the recording
ScreenRecord Studio

Snagit ($25)

If you are looking for a Mac screen recording tool to create short, quick videos or upload to blog posts, Snagit should be your best choice. With Snagit, you can quickly upload your short recording to and embedding linked recordings in blog posts. Or you can share the recording videos privately.

Different with other screenshot application, Snagit can remain all your recordings in a specific folder where you can search them without too much effort. You can also use the keyboard shortcut to recording your screen, or draw a custom frame on the desktop to capture and record the screen.

As a light screen recorder for Mac, Snagit can only offer simple edits for the recording. You are not allowed to add titles or other annotations. You may also want to know some alternatives to Snagit.

  • Pros
  • Remain your recordings in a specific folder
  • Draw a custom frame on the desktop
  • Create short and quick videos
  • Cons
  • Limited and simple editing features

ScreenFlow ($99)

If you want to get more control over the capturing and editing of the screen videos, the widely used ScreenFlow can meet your satisfactory. This screen recorder for Mac allows you to record anything on Mac desktop, as well as crop, zoom, and pan the recording for a perfect looking production.

What's more, you can also add annotations, callouts, and display one or multiple clips on the main movie. The latest vision of ScreenFlow improves an in-app access to iTunes and iPhoto libraries, and an ability to delete unused raw footage, and add more templates for applying your recording to clipping in the timeline.

To sum up, you will be surprised to what the one-hundred-dollar Mac screen recorder brings to you.

  • Pros
  • Allow you to record anything on Mac
  • Add annotations, callouts, etc., on the recording
  • Improve an in-app access to iTunes
  • Cons
  • The price of ScreenFlow is too expensive

Screen Mimic ($65)

Screen Mimic is a Mac screen recording tool designed at creating Adobe Flash videos (SWF), Flash Videos (FLV) as well as Quick Time files (MOV). The movies in these formats mentioned above can be uploaded to the websites and applications much more easily.

The latest vision of Screen Mimic improves the status indication when you pause a recording, and also resolved the issue that Screen Mimic might not prompt to save an unsaved video when quitting the software.

Though Screen Mimic is not so perfect, and its price is a little high, it deserves you to have a try if you really like the way this screen recorder for Mac works.

  • Pros
  • Improve the status indication when the pause
  • Save an unsaved video when quitting the software
  • Cons
  • A high price but unperfect service
Screen Mimic

Snapz Pro X ($69)

Snapz Pro X supports you to capture and record everything on your Mac easily and effortlessly. After recording, you can save the videos as Quick Time files or screenshot directly, share them on the websites, put on your blog, or upload to wherever you like.

This excellent screen recorder for Mac is supposedly "20 times faster" than any other screen recording software, and offers a plenty of wonderful features to help you edit the video. However, Snapz Pro X costs $69, and the interface looks a little dated.

  • Pros
  • Easily capture and record everything on Mac
  • Supposedly, it's 20 times faster than other products
  • Cons
  • The price of the software is expensive
  • The interface looks a little dated
Snapz Pro X

Camtasia Stuido ($249)

Camtasia Stuido is one of the most popular and professional screen recorders for Mac and PC. Not only recording screen, add video, images, audio and PowerPoint presentation, but also making editing video easy, apply multiple effects and more. What is more, you can always add annotation, transitions, and voices to the multi-track timeline.

But there is one major drawback for the Mac screen recorder, it should be a little complicated to edit the files due to the powerful editing functions of the program.

  • Pros
  • Professional Mac screen recorder
  • Apply multiple effects to recording videos
  • Add annotation, transitions to the multi-track timeline
  • Cons
  • Complicated to edit the files
  • The price is too high

The above top 10 screen recorders are for Mac. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, visit this page to take the iPhone screen recorders here.

Part 3: FAQs of Screen Recorder for Mac

1. How do I record my screen on Mac with audio?

To record Mac screen, you can use QuickTime to start a screen recording. If you need to record audio on Mac as well, you can also use QuickTime, but it is not good enough since it can only record the audio through external speakers and built-in microphone. Here we recommend the best screen recorder called Apeaksoft Screen Recorder for Mac, which is capable of recording screen with audio on Mac smoothly. You can use it to record audio from System Audio, Microphone or both with high sound quality.

2. Can I record a sound on Mac?

Yes, you can use a tool like Apeaksoft Screen Recorder for Mac to help you record a sound on your Mac. The best audio recorder can help you capture audio from System Audio, Microphone, or both with high sound quality. You are able to record music, radio or podcast instead of downloading them and save the captured audio in MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, etc. for easy playback.

3. Can I record video and audio on Mac with QuickTime?

QuickTime Player can work with screen and audio recording. QuickTime is a good choice to solve how to record video and audio on Mac. Moreover, you can also do some easy editing on your videos using QuickTime Player.

4. Is there any screen recorder app for Mac?

Absolutely. You can get screen recorders like Icecream Screen Recorder, Loom Screen Recorder and more from the App Store on your Mac.


When you need to record screen on Mac, whether game victories, video tutorials, movies, or even images, you can find a suitable screen recorder for Mac from the article. If you have any other queries about the best screen recorder for Mac, you can share more information in the article.

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