Three Methods for Recovering Lost Contacts on iPhone


Sometimes you will lose or accidently delete your contacts on your phone, and it is really painful if you want to recover lost contacts on iPhone but have no idea about it. Actually, you can easily find your lost data back with some effective and convenient methods. So, just read the article carefully and try these following skills to recover your lost contacts on iPhone.

Recovering Lost Contacts on iPhone

We are living in an information age, so, the information is playing a very vital part in our life. If we lost our contacts or deleted it by accident or sync the contacts to now phone, how could we recover lost contacts on iPhone? The article will introduce some effective methods to deal with this problem. With these apps, you will never worry about restoring lost contacts. And you can use them to build up a good habit for data, you can backup data on it so you will not lose your information any longer.

Solution 1. Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone via iPhone Data Recovery

As the best ios data recovery tool, Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery is really good at recovering lost contacts on iPhone. You can easily recover lost contacts on your iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6/5/4, etc. Except that, this iPhone data recovery software can also recover other data, such as images, videos, SMS messages, etc. It can be a good partner of you to deal with your data. If you did not backup your data, you can use Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery to backup all types of files from iOS device to PC/Mac.

Step 1. Install iPhone Data Recovery and Connect iPhone to PC/Mac

Download and install Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery. And then launch it and connect your iPhone and computer(Mac/PC). Now you can start the next step to restore lost contacts.

iPhone Data Recovery Interface

Step 2. Scan the iPhone

Now click "Start Scan" button, the program will not only scan the lost contacts but also scan all data in your iPhone currently. The whole progress is decided by the amount of the data on your device. It might be a long time till it finishes scanning your iPhone, so you need to be patient when you are recovering your lost contacts.

Locate Recover from iOS Device Mode

Step 3. Select and recover lost contacts on iPhone

After scanning, you will see all data on your computer, including missing data and existing data, such as images, contacts, videos, messages, etc. Now you are standing at the ending of restoring lost contacts. You can preview all data. You can also choose "Contacts" to save your time.

Recover Contacts on iPhone

Marking all files which you want to recover, click "Recover" button to restore the iPhone phone numbers. The contacts will be exported in CSV, HTML and VCF files on your computer. Now you can import it to your iPhone and the working of recovering lost contacts is done.

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Solution 2. How to Recover Lost Contacts by iTunes or iCloud

For iOS users, iTunes and iCloud is very important and familiar with, they are both good at keeping data. If you want to recover your lost contacts on iPhone and you had synced your data on them, you are very lucky and do not need to do a lot of things.

Step 1. Log in Your iTunes or iTunes and Restore

At first, you need connect your iPhone with your computer and log in your iTunes or iCloud on your PC or Mac. You need to right-click your iPhone, iPad, iPod under the "Device" list and click "Restore Backup" button, and all files you had synced to iTunes will show up in front of you on the interface.

Step 2. Select and Restore

Now select the latest backup entry appearing under the most recent data and click "Restore" option. Now you have recovered your lost contacts on iPhone.

Solution 3. How to Recover Lost Contacts with Desk Drill for Mac OS X

Except iTunes, iCloud and Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery, three still are a lot of methods and apps you can rely on, especially for iOS users, Desk Drill for MacOS is very useful. If you want to recover deleted contacts on iPhone which had been deleted for a long time, Desk Drill for MacOS will be the best choice you can take to restore your data.

Step 1. Connect and Scan

At first, you need download it and install in on your computer. And then connect your iPhone, open the Desk Drill for MacOS, it will scan your iPhone automatically, all files will show up in front of you on the interface. If you want to save your time, you can click "contacts" option, you can preview contacts only, it will be better to you to restore lost contacts on iPhone.

Step 2. Select and Restore

Now you can select the contacts you want to recover and click the "Restore" button, you can recover your lost contacts right now.

Tips: If your contacts had lost for a long time, Desk Drill for MacOS needs a long time to recover your deleted contacts on iPhone with a powerful function: Deep Scan. So, you need be more patient when it scans your iPhone deeply. On the other hand, you can scan your data on the application, but you cannot recover the files without payment, if you want to recover lost contacts on iPhone, you have to pay a license for $89.

Desk Drill for MacOS


As described in this article, if you lost your lost your contacts on your iPhone, you do not need to be nervous and ask your friends for their phone numbers on Facebook or other social applications. What you need to do is to recover your lost contacts on iPhone using these methods to get them back. More important thing is that you need to build up a good habit of data backup, so you will always control your contacts on your hand and never lose them.

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