How to Recover Deleted Phone Numbers on Android Phones Effectively

Have you ever deleted an important phone number from your Android phone by mistake? If you did, you would surely understand how frustrating it is to accidentally wipe contacts from your phone contact book. Don't worry! There are chances to recover deleted phone numbers, whether due to accidentally deletion or factory reset. Android stores deleted contacts to virtual storage until they are overwritten by new data. So, when you lose important phone numbers, you should stop what you are doing right now and follow our guides to recover deleted phone numbers on your phone as soon as possible. Here we are going to show you multiple ways to get back lost contacts under different situations.

Recover Deleted Phone Numbers

1. Troubleshoot: contacts not show

Sometimes, you did not do anything, while some contacts just disappeared. Actually, Google Contacts has a feature that is able to display a part of the contacts to search quickly. Of course, you can set all contacts to display by selecting "All Contacts" in "Settings" > "Contacts to Display".

Some people also complained that they cannot save contacts to sideline or the contacts just display phone numbers but not names. This problem is due to system bug as well as communication apps' conflict. In that case, you need to uninstall third-party calling apps, such as WhatsApp and more. Restart your phone and then you can save contacts as usual.

If the contacts still do not show up, then you have to recover deleted phone numbers with the solutions below.

Contacts not Show

2. Recover deleted phone numbers on Android

Even though you did erase important contacts on your Android phone, it is possible to recover deleted phone numbers with a powerful recovery tool, like Android Data Recovery. It is a professional contacts recovery tool for Android devices. You can use it to analyze deep system and get back lost phone numbers in one click.

How to recover deleted phone numbers with Android Data Recovery

Step 1. Install contact recovery tool to your PC

Download and install the latest version of Android Data Recovery to your computer. Connect your Android phone to your computer too.

Tip: Android Data Recovery has one version for Windows and Mac OS X/11 respectively. You can download the right one according to your operating system.

Step 2. Connect Android to computer

Launch the contact recovery application and wait for it recognize your Android phone. The application will show you the guide to open the USB debugging mode on your phone. All you need to do is to follow the guide to complete the connection.

Connect Android to Windows

Step 3. Preview deleted contacts for recovery

When you go into the detail window, you should choose Contacts on left side bar. Then all deleted contacts will show up on right panel. If you have not saved the phone number, you can find it in Call Logs option.

Scan Android Contacts

Step 4. Recover deleted phone numbers

Select all deleted contacts and phone numbers you want to get back and click on the Recover button to restore them to your computer.

Recover Contacts Android

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3. Recover deleted phone numbers from Google Contacts

Many Android users back up their phones using Gmail frequently. To avoid data loss, Google has integrated auto backup feature for Android phones. So, you may be able to recover deleted phone numbers from Google Contacts service.

Step 1. Access Google Contacts

Access Google Contacts in any browser and log in your Google account. Or you can go to your Gmail account and choose Contacts from the Gmail menu at upper left corner.

Tip: The address of Google Contacts is Also make sure that you sign in the same Google account with your Android phone.

Step 2. Set restoration period

Click on the "Restore Contacts" option on left side bar to open the restoration settings window. Here you can decide a restoration period, like 1 hour ago or custom period.

Tip: You can set the period up to 30 days.

Step 3. Recover deleted phone numbers

Once click on the "Restore" button on the pop-up window, deleted phone numbers will be restored to your phone immediately.

Recover Deleted Phone Numbers

4. Recover deleted phone numbers from Samsung Account

If you have a Samsung phone, you are lucky. Samsung offers phone number backup service once you set up Samsung account on your phone, like Galaxy Note 8. So, you can recover deleted phone numbers on your Android phone without PC.

Step 1. Open the "Settings" app and locate to "Personalization" > "Accounts". Make sure your Android phone connects to a secure Wi-Fi network or cellular data.

Step 2. On "Samsung Account" page, find your account info from the list. Scroll down and find out the "Restore" option. Press this option to continue.

Step 3. Tap on "Ok" on the confirmation dialog. Then you can select deleted phone numbers for recovery.

Step 4. Finally, tap on "Restore Now" to complete this process. A few seconds later, your lost phone numbers will be restored to your phone from your Samsung account.

Recover Deleted Phone Numbers


We have shared multiple solutions to help you recover deleted phone numbers on Android phones. When you discover some contacts lost, you should check the contacts to display feature first. Make sure you have displayed all contacts. Google Contacts is one of the most commonly used backup tools for Android users. Of course, you can recover deleted phone numbers from this service. But it has some advantages and limits. You can get back lost contacts without extra hardware or software, but it only works for contacts backed up in last 30 days. And if you did not save the phone number as a contact, Google Contacts is not available. Samsung offers contact backup feature to users, but other Android phone cannot enjoy this feature.

If you are looking for a best phone number recovery tool for your Android phone, we recommend Android Data Recovery. It has the ability to recover deleted phone numbers from both contacts and call history. Moreover, it is easy to use and able to restore deleted phone numbers in one click. You can explore more features of Android data recovery tool.

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