3 Ways to Recover Lost or Deleted Saved Data from PS4 Easily

QUOTE "Why is my saved game data on PS4 lost? Is there any way to recover the lost game files easily?"

The causes of PS4 game files lost are complicated and variable. A voltage drop, the loss of communication with the server, accidental deletion, and bad Internet connection are the most common factors. From here, you'll find three methods to recover the lost or deleted saved data on PS4 effortlessly.

Recover Lost Saved Game Data on PS4Recover Lost Saved Game Data on PS4

Part 1. How to Recover Lost/Deleted Saved Game Data on PS4 from Hard Drive

The easiest way to recover deleted or lost game data on PS4 is to use a professional data recovery tool to do it. Apeaksoft Data Recovery provides the best solution for the recovery of the lost or deleted PS4 game files. Moreover, it can also recover images, documents, emails, videos, and more from Windows, Mac, recycle bin, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera, mobile phones, etc. Now, you can free download the software and follow the step below to get your lost/deleted PS4 saved game data from the hard drive.

Step 1Free download, install, and run Apeaksoft Data Recovery on your computer.

Step 2On the main interface, select the file types that you want to recover from PS4. And choose the drive where you lose your data and then click on the Scan button.

All types and scan

Step 3When the quick scanning is completed, check Type List or Path List to find the lost files.

Path list images
Note : If you don't find the file you are looking for, you can hit on the Deep Scan button in the upper-right corner to have a deep scanning.

Step 4Once you find the lost data on PS4, you just need to select all found lost files and click on the Recover button to save the lost or deleted PS4 game files on your computer.

Recover images drive

You can also use this data recovery tool to recover deleted Steam game files, restore Word documents, and more.

Part 2. How to Restore Lost or Deleted PS4 Games from Cloud Saves

PlayStation online storage allows users to save or upload PS4 games into online cloud storage. If you have saved your PS4 games to the Cloud, you are able to restore lost game data on PS4. Here's how to do it.

Step 1Head to Settings, scroll down to select Application Saved Data Management.

Step 2Choose the Saved Data in Online Storage option, and then Download to System Storage.

Recover PS4 data from cloud

Step 3Then, select your lost or deleted games and press on the Download button. Once the downloading process is over, you are able to get your lost game files back.

Part 3. How to Recover Lost PS4 Game Data from PlayStation Store

If the games are purchased from the PlayStation store, you can always re-download lost or deleted PS4 games through logging into your PS4 game account. You can follow the steps below to re-download your lost games from the PlayStation store.

Step 1Head to Library from hone screen, and press X. Then, you will see a list of games you have purchased from PlayStation previously.

PS4 library

Step 2Choose the game you want to restore and then press X.

Step 3Then, hit on X again on the Download tab and it will be downloaded to your device instantly.

When you come back to the home screen, you will see the lost game again.

Part 4. FAQs of Recovering Lost Saved Game Data on PS4

How do I manage saved game data on PS4?

To manage your saved game data on PS4, go to Settings, choose Application Saved Data Management, and hit on Saved Data in System Storage. From here, you will find 3 options to manage your saved data: Upload to Online Storage, Copy to USB Storage Device, and Delete.

How to back up PS4 saved data?

You are provided with the option to back up your save data on the iCloud automatically. You need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus to do this. The service is $59.99 per year or $9.99 per month. Or you can choose to back up PS4 saved data to a spare USB drive for free.

Can I share PS4 saved files?

You can download and transfer your PS4 saved data to any other PS4 only when you sign in to the same account. Since your saved data is tied to the PlayStation Network account on which it was created, not the console, you are not able to share saved files on PS4 with other players.


That's all for restoring your lost or deleted saved game data on PS4. Did you have any problem when following the methods above? You can feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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