Tutorial for Samsung Data Recovery to Get Deleted/Lost Files Back

- "Hey everyone, I have the Samsung Galaxy. I recently deleted all my 500 photos by accident and they were really important photos. I have tried many programs for Samsung photo recovery but failed. Can anyone show me how to recover deleted photos from my Samsung Galaxy?"

Samsung Data Recovery

Though backing up important files has been mentioned over and over again, there are still many scenarios that may cause data loss. For instance, you just clean up your gallery to free up more storage space on Samsung. Or your newly-taken photos just disappear without knowing why.

Well, there is no need to worry about Samsung data recovery. Here is a powerful data recovery tool you can run to get deleted or lost Android files back including Samsung models. Thus, just plug your Samsung phone into the computer, then you can recover any file from Android to computer selectively and safely.

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Part 1: What Can You Get from the Best Samsung Data Recovery APK

Yes, it is Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery that can be your first choice for Samsung data recovery. You can recover over 20 file types selectively with a preview window. What’s more, the software can get deleted or lost files back from various scenarios, like factory restore, mistakenly deletion and more. So once you encounter system crashes, you can run Android Data Recovery to bypass the problem and recover files safely.

  • Recover deleted files over 20 file types, including contacts, photos, videos, audios, documents, text messages and more.
  • Work with over 5000 Android phones and SD cards (Samsung included).
  • Backup and manage files from Android to Windows or Mac computer through the USB cable.
  • Offer a safe, clean and user-friendly interface for novices and professionals.

Thus, you can recover deleted files from a Samsung phone selectively. In another word, the software can be your Samsung data recovery program as well. Due to the wide support of recoverable data types, you can get almost all deleted or lost files back with ease.

Part 2: How to Recover Data with Samsung Data Recovery Safely

You can take the following steps to recover files from both Samsung internal phone storage and SD card quickly.

Another common cause that external drive not showing up is that the drive letter is conflict with an existing one. The solution is simple: change the drive letter of hard drive.

Step 1: Launch Android Data Recovery

Free download and install Android Data Recovery. Launch this Samsung data recovery app after the installation. Use a lightning USB cable to connect your Samsung phone into the computer. Then Android Data Recovery will detect your Android model automatically.

Launch Android Backup Assistant

Step 2: Enable USB debugging mode

You need to enable USB debugging mode before recovering lost files. The software offers detailed instruction for all Android versions. So just do as the on-screen instruction tell. Later, click "OK" to confirm and enter into USB debugging mode. It is very important in the whole Samsung data recovery process.

Achieve Android Text Recovery From Mobile Phone

Step 3: Choose the file type you want to recover

The software requires you to choose the specific data type to scan. Of course you can request to scan the device entirely. But if you want to recover one or two files only, then it is a good way to save time. During this time, you can choose from "Contacts", "Messages", "Call Logs", "WhatsApp", "Gallery", "Gallery" and more. Then click "Next" to save your change.

Choose File Type

Step 4: Recover data from Samsung to computer

All recoverable files display in categories. You can choose the certain file type in the left panel. Later, turn on "Only display the deleted item (s)" option on the top toolbar. As a result, you can get your deleted Samsung files only. Just mark before the item you want to recover. If you are not sure, you can preview it in the right side of the window. Finally, click "Recover" button on the lower right corner to finish the process. You can also use it to recover deleted audio files on Mac and PC with ease.

Recover Android Messages

What’s more, you can export the selected files into different formats if necessary. Be aware that you cannot disconnect Samsung with computer before or during recovery.

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Part 3: Reasons That Causes Samsung Data Loss

There are many reasons that may cause data loss on Samsung and other smart phones. In spite of physical damages, the followings are common scenarios. You can read and check if you encounter the same thing.

It can be the main reason responsible for Samsung data recovery.

Sometimes the data would be wiped off after upgrading the device system.

Forget to back up important files in advance.

Something wrong with your SD card. So you cannot access all files stored in SD card suddenly.

You just forgot the password to unlock your Android phone or tablet. Consequently, those stored files are "lost".

  • Mistakenly deletion
  • OS update
  • Factory reset
  • SD card issue
  • Password forgotten

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung Data Recovery

Question 1: I just forgot my Samsung Galaxy password. But I need to open the document inside immediately…
Answer 1: You can run Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery to transfer files from Samsung to computer with no password requirement.

Question 2: How can I retrieve deleted photos from Samsung phone?
Answer 2: Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery allows users to complete Samsung data recovery effortlessly. You can preview, recover, backup and transfer all Samsung files selectively. Of course, deleted Samsung photos are supported as well.

Question 3: What’s the Samsung data recovery review about Apeaksoft?
Answer 3: It is an easy-to-use and powerful data recovery program for all Android users. With the wide support of compatible devices and recoverable files, you can recover any deleted or lost files with ease. What’s more, its simple and clean interface is friendly to both novices and professionals.

besides, it also supports wide data recovery on Samsung, like photos, music, videos, call log, and contacts recovery on Samsung phone and tablet.

Well, that’s all for Samsung data recovery program and tutorial. If you meet any difficulty while running Android Data Recovery, just feel free to contact us. We are glad to help you solve any problem whenever you need.

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