How to Recover Photos on Android Samsung

Sometimes you might delete photos by accident and have no idea how to recover them. Losing photos on Samsung phone is really suffering, especially, these lost photos are very important to you. So, what should you do after accident happened?

Recover Photos on Android Samsung

Part 1: Is it possible to recover deleted photos on Android

This question might be the first one you will ask, in fact. The answer of this question is absolutely certain, because there are a lot Samsung photo recovery tools you can use. And you can select different methods depending on the solution you met. These free photo recovery apps for Android Samsung can offer you help beyond your imagination.

Part 2: Recover Deleted Photos on Android Samsung

Actually, photo recovery apps on Samsung smartphone are various, and you are allowed to make it with different condition. No matter where you deleted photos, even your Samsung cellphone is broken, you can also recover lost photos with these Samsung photo recovery apps.

Recover Deleted Photos on Android Samsung Devices

Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is a powerful photo recovery for Android device, you can easily scan your phone to find these lost data on your Samsung phone including your deleted photos. Android Data Recovery is very easy to use. Now the article shows you how to recover your lost photos with this recovery app on Samsung.

Step 1. Download and Install

At first, you need download and install Samsung Photo Recovery tool to your computer.

Step 2. Connect Samsung Phone and Computer

After installing Android Data Recovery on your computer, launch it directly. And then you need to connect Samsung smartphone with computer by USB cable. Now there is a very vital thing you need to do: enable USB debugging on your Samsung phone. Now the Android Data Recovery can scan your phone.

Step 3. Scan Samsung Photos

Now Android Data Recovery will scan your phone automatically. In the po-up window, you need to tick the data you want o recover. Here we tick "Photos Library".

After scanning, all files on your Samsung will show up in the interface, and you can select "Photos" to save time if you just want to restore lost photos only.

Note: If you want to perform Samsung contacts recovery, just checkmark "Contacts".

Step 4. Start to Recover

Select the photo you want to regain and click the "Recover" option, all your deleted photos will be recovered and you can choose to put them in Samsung phone or open it directly on computer.

Recover Deleted Photos on Android SD cards

If you want to recover lost photos on SD cards, you can use Android Data Recovery, too. As a professional photo recovery tool for Android Samsung, Android Data Recovery can satisfy you in a lot of fields. You can also recover other formats files on Android SD card. Such APK package, videos, SMS messages, etc. Read the article carefully and try as it described, you will regain lost photos on Android SD soon.

Step 1. Download and Install

Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. Make sure you have put SD card in Android Samsung smartphone, and then connect your Android Samsung phone with computer.

Step 2. Scan SD Card

Now you need enable USB debugging on your Android Samsung smartphone. There will be a prompting dialog on your Samsung phone, and just touch the "OK" button on your phone. Android Data Recovery can scan your Android device to find all files on Android SD card.

Step 3. Start to Restore

After scanning, all files will be listed on the interface of your computer. You can see all formats files and you can click "Photo" to save your time. So, you will preview photos only, and you can select the photos you want to regain and click the "Recover" button. All lost photos you want to recover have been recovered, and you can download it to your Samsung phone, too. Of course, it is up to you. Here you may also want to know how to recover WhatsApp chats on Android.

Recover Deleted Photos with Android App

Absolutely, there are not only one photo recovery app on Android can give you help, you can also choose other apps to make it. For example, Recover Deleted Photo 2016 is also a giant photo recovery tool for Android Samsung.

Recover Deleted Photos 2016

No matter how your photos lost, deleted accidently or just disappeared without any reason, you can also use Recover Deleted Photos 2016 to recover lost pictures. Actually, it is not a photo recovery app only, but also a professional wide-ranged data recovery tool. You can recover all formats files on Android Samsung smartphone. And the operation is very easy to handle. Finishing few steps, and you will recover your lost photos completely.

Recover Deleted Photos

You can find Recover Deleted Photos 2016 on your App Store directly, it is really popular on Google. And more importantly, Recover Deleted Photos 2016 is totally free for Android users. So you will not need to pay any money. You can select it as your personal photos protector, because it is a powerful photo recovery tool on Android which will never disappoint you.

Part 3: How to Backup Android Photos

You can find a variety of Android Samsung photo recovery tools to recover your lost picture, but the most important thing you need to do is set up a good habit for data. So, you will not be upset and hopeless if you deleted your photos on your phone accidently. You can backup pictures or other formats files to avoid losing them. The next passage will introduce some photo recovery programs on Android Samsung to help you to backup your all data includes your photos.

Android Backup & Restore

We introduced Android Data Recovery at the head of the article, now we will talk more about its function on syncing, because it is really powerful and convenient on recovering data. You can not only choose it as a photo recovery app for Samsung, and you can also use it to backup Android data. Now please pay attention to the next passage, you will know how to backup your data with Android Data Backup & Restore.

Step 1. Download and Install

Download and install Android Backup & Restore on your computer. You can find it in the official site. Select "Android Backup & Restore".

Step 2. Connect Samsung Phone and Computer

Connect your phone and your computer with USB cable. Enable USB debugging to allow operating your phone on computer.

Step 3. Choose the File You Want to Backup

Select "Device Data Backup" to checkmark the data type that you want to backup while selecting "One-click Backup" to backup all data in one click without options. And all your files will be preserved on your computer.

You can set a password on Android Data Backup & Restore, and it can protect your data from being stolen. Only you can access the files with the password.

Choose the File You Want to Backup

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Recovering your lost photos is not a big and tough mission for your Samsung smartphone if you find a good Samsung photo recovery app. With the methods, you can easily recover your lost photos on your phone, and all troublesome will be cleaned up.

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