How to Undelete Text Messages on iPhone

Deleting some messages is a good way to free up space. When you check what apps eat up the most space, you might discover that the Messages app is usually on top of the list. It's not surprising since people send videos, photos or audio messages with texts. And some iPhone users even set to clean up messages automatically after an amount of time. That increases the risks of losing important messages on iPhone. Don't worry! We are going to tell you how to undelete text messages on iPhone easily.

Undelete Text Messages

Actually, there are several ways to recover deleted text messages on iPhone. And iPhone Data Recovery is the best method to undelete SMS and MMS on your iOS device. This utility has several unique advantages. Firstly, it has the ability to undelete text messages from your iPhone, iTunes backup or iCloud backup. Plus, you can preview all deleted files and select certain ones for recovery. Moreover, it is able to restore lost text messages to your computer without overwriting the original iPhone data. If you are ready, let's start to get your important texts back right now. We use an iPhone 7 as the example in the guide below. You can use the method for any iPhone models.

How to undelete text messages on iPhone 7

Even though you do not back up your iPhone frequently, iPhone Data Recovery could use advanced algorithm to scan entire device and help you undelete text messages easily. Moreover, this way could get the lost SMS and MMS back, no matter they were erased by iOS update failure, factory restore, or failed jailbreak.

Step 1. Prepare the software and hardware

Launch iPhone Data Recovery after you download and install it on your computer. Hook up your iPhone 7 to the computer with original USB cord.

iPhone Data Recovery

Step 2. Scan your iPhone 7

Once your iPhone 7 is detected, click on the Start Scan button to collect all recoverable files.

Step 3. Select text messages for undeleting

When the scanning process is done, press Messages on left control, which is under Message & Contacts. Then you can preview all erased text messages on right detail panel. Select the messages you want to get back by ticking the checkboxes.

Undelete text messages on iPhone

Step 4. Undelete text messages

Click on the Recover button at bottom right corner and then pick up a location to save the messages in the pop-up explorer. The selected text messages on iPhone 7 will be restored to your computer.

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Undelete lost text messages through iTunes backup

The iTunes is a utility for iPhone 7. And many iPhone 7 users turn on the feature of automatic iTunes backup on their mobile phone. But, when you try to undelete text messages from iTunes backup file, you will discover that things are not so simple. Of course, you can restore entire backup to your iPhone in iTunes client; however, it is not feasible to open the iTunes backup file or recover certain data. On the other hand, iPhone Data Recovery is able to decode backup file and let you undelete text messages only.

Step 1. Connect iPhone 7 to iPhone Data Recovery

Open the program and make sure your iPhone 7 is connected to your computer. Go to the Recover from iTunes Backup File tab. The program will recognize your iPhone 7 and display all available iTunes backup files.

Step 2. Select iTunes backup file

Choose the iTunes backup file contains the lost text messages, according to the backup date and serial number next to the iTunes backup. Click on the Start Scan button to start decoding the backup file.

iTunes backup

Step 3. Undelete lost text messages

On the result window, choose Messages on left side to preview all text messages. Then you can select the text messages you'd like to undelete. Click on the Recover button to restore them to local hard drive.

Undelete iPhone text messages from iCloud backup

Another iPhone backup service is iCloud. To protect existing data on your iPhone 7, we suggest you use iPhone Data Recovery to undelete text messages from your iCloud backup.

Step 1. Open iCloud backup recovery mode

Plug your iPhone 7 to your computer and launch iPhone Data Recovery. Switch to the Recover from iCloud Backup File mode on the interface with your Apple account.

Step 2. Choose the right backup file

All backup files in your iCloud account will show up on the right panel. And you can locate the right backup file by device name and last backup date. Press the Download button to continue.

iCloud backup

Step 3. Choose the data type to scan

On the pop-up dialog, you can select data type to scan. Here we choose Messages and Messages Attachments. Press Next to open the detail window.

Step 4. Undelete iPhone text messages

Choose Messages on left side and then you can select deleted text messages on detail panel. Click on the Recover button and then choose a destination on the explorer. The selected messages will be undeleted and stored to your computer.


We have showed you several ways to recover text messages on iPhone in this article. Now you may grasp how to get back deleted text messages from iPhone, iTunes backup, and iCloud backup. To undelete lost text messages successfully, you'd better use the original USB cable during the process. According to the data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, iPhone 7 has become the most prevalent iPhone model in United State.

Although we use an iPhone 7 as the example, the methods shared in this post are available for all iPhone models. iPhone Data Recovery is a professional recovery tool for iOS devices. If you delete important text message by mistake or other reasons, you can use this program to undelete iPhone text messages with ease.

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