7 Useful Tips to Stop Your Phone from Overheating

One common issue that smartphone users often face is overheating. An overheating phone can cause inconvenience, reduced performance, and even potential damage to the device.

There could be several reasons why a phone may overheat. This post will explore the main reasons to help you understand why a phone is overheating so quickly. Moreover, we will explore various tips and tricks to stop your phone from overheating.

Why Is My Phone Overheating

Part 1. Why Is My Phone Overheating

As mentioned above, many factors will cause your Samsung or other Android phones to overheat. Before showing you how to keep your phone from overheating, we like to explain a few possibilities why a phone is overheating quickly.

Excessive Processor Usage

One main reason for a phone overheating is excessive processor usage. When you run resource-intensive or multiple apps simultaneously, the processor works harder and generates more heat. That may cause your phone's temperature to rise significantly.


Overcharging your phone can contribute to overheating. When you leave your Android phone plugged in for extended periods, the battery continues to charge even when it reaches 100%. This can generate excess heat and strain the phone's internal components.

Software and App Issues

Outdated or malfunctioning software can sometimes cause your phone to overheat quickly. Software bugs or glitches can also cause a phone to overheat. These bugs can disrupt the normal functioning of the phone, leading to increased processor load and heat generation. Regularly updating your phone's software can help address these issues and prevent overheating. Ensure your phone's software is up to date by checking for any available system updates.

Battery Age and Degradation

As a phone's battery ages, it naturally becomes less efficient at managing heat. Over time, the battery's capacity decreases, and it may struggle to effectively supply power to the phone. This can result in increased heat generation during normal usage.

Intense Usage in Hot Environments or Poor Ventilation

The surrounding temperature can impact a phone's temperature. Using your phone in hot environments, such as direct sunlight or a car parked under the sun, can cause the internal temperature to rise rapidly. This may lead to overheating and battery draining if the phone's cooling mechanisms cannot dissipate heat effectively.

Another reason for the phone overheating issue is poor ventilation. Many phones are designed with heat sinks or cooling systems, but if these systems are blocked or obstructed, heat can accumulate, leading to overheating. Using your phone on soft surfaces like pillows or blankets can block the vents and prevent proper airflow, causing the phone to heat up.

Insufficient Storage Space

Insufficient storage space can cause your phone to keep overheating. When your phone's storage is full, it can slow down the device and strain the processor, resulting in increased heat generation.

Hardware Issues

Occasionally, hardware issues can be the culprit behind a phone overheating and battery draining. Malfunctioning components like the battery, power management circuitry, or even the processor can lead to excessive heat generation.

Part 2. Learn 7 Useful Tips to Stop Your Phone from Overheating

To prevent your phone from overheating, consider the following seven tips.

Restart Your Phone

Regularly restarting your phone can help clear temporary files, refresh system processes, and reduce the chances of overheating. Consider restarting your Android phone at least once a week.

Restart Android Phone

Keep Your Phone Out of Direct Sunlight or Remove the Phone Case

Exposing your phone to direct sunlight for prolonged periods can significantly increase its temperature. This can be detrimental to its overall performance and longevity. Therefore, keeping your phone away from direct sunlight is important, especially during hot summer days. Also, you can choose to remove your phone’s case while using it or switch to a case that allows better heat dissipation.

Close or Uninstall Resource-Intensive Apps

Some resource-intensive games or apps that require extensive processing power can strain your phone's CPU and GPU, causing it to heat up. To prevent overheating, you can limit your usage of such apps, especially in hot environments. When your phone is overheating, you can close or uninstall some unnecessary background apps to reduce the workload on your phone's processor and minimize overheating.

Uninstall Several Apps on iPhone

Avoid Overcharging and Optimize Battery Usage

Leaving your phone plugged in for an extended period, even after it has reached full charge, can potentially lead to overheating. Unplug your phone once it has reached 100% battery capacity to prevent unnecessary heat buildup. Advanced smartphones often come with built-in battery optimization settings. Enable these features to regulate power consumption and prevent overheating.

Keep Android System and Apps Updated

Software updates often include bug fixes, performance optimizations, and enhanced power management techniques. Keep your apps and operating system up to date to ensure your phone runs efficiently, reducing the risk of overheating.

Maintain sufficient storage space on your phone

You should ensure your phone has enough storage space to prevent overheating. You can remove unwanted pictures and videos or uninstall unused apps to free up space. Also, you can rely on a powerful Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore to back up your phone data to a computer.

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Uninstall Several Apps on iPhone

Part 3. FAQs of Why Does a Phone Keep Overheating

How can I quickly cool down my phone?

If your phone is overheating when charging, you can unplug it from the charger. When your phone is overheating quickly while on Facetime, you can finish the video calling to cool it down. Also, you can close background apps and use other tips above to easily cool down your phone.

How do you check your phone temperature?

You can use third-party apps like CPU-Z, AIDA64, and Cooling Master to check your phone’s temperature. On some Android devices, you can go to the Settings app and choose Battery information to check the current temperature of your phone.

Will overheating damage my phone?

Generally, the overheating will damage the battery of your phone. The hot temperature may quickly drain your battery and cause it to not store energy efficiently.


Phone overheating is a common issue that can negatively impact your device's performance and lifespan. You can follow the seven tips above to minimize the risk of overheating. Suppose none of these solutions work, or you are concerned about the severity of the overheating. In that case, contacting customer support or visiting an authorized service center for further assistance is always recommended.

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