Tutorial on Transferring Music from Android to Another Android Device

Every time when major smartphone manufacturers release new flagship, people will search for how to transfer music from Android to Android, because they just upgrade their old Android phones to the new models. And this skill is important among multi-device users who own more than one Android devices.

Listening to music is easier than ever with our smartphones. Music has played a great role in our daily life, not only for entertainment, but also to relax our body and mind. It is easy to accumulate many music and playlists on our smartphone in short time. It is a waste of time to search for and download these songs on the other Android device.

Transfer Music from Android to Android

Fortunately, there are several methods to help you enjoy your favorite music across Android devices. Google Play Music, for example, allows you to transfer music from Android to Android through your Google account. Plus, almost all Android devices have equipped the Bluetooth technology, which is a good option to transfer single or a few songs between Android devices without computer.

Have troubles on the detailed procedures? You can learn multiple best ways to transfer music from Android to Android in this tutorial. If you are ready, let's start the wonderful journey.

Part 1: The best way to transfer music to Android phone

When we talk about transferring music to Android phone, many people are more likely to choose the easiest way, if there are many choices. It makes sense that not everyone is tech savvy. From this point, we recommend Apeaksoft Phone Transfer. Its key features include:

  • Easy to use. It has the ability to transfer music from Android to Android in one click. Plus, it supports data transfer between Android and iPhone as well.
  • Lossless transfer. Phone Transfer will not overwrite or damage existing songs on Android devices during transfer.
  • Faster and safer. It uses USB cables to sync data between Android smartphone, which is much quicker and safer.
  • Keep original conditions. It is able to extract music from one Android phone and save them on the other Android device in original status.
  • Support a variety of data types. In addition to music, Phone Transfer works for videos, photos, contacts and other documents too.
  • Higher compatibility. This phone transferring application is compatible with all Android devices released by Samsung, HTC, Moto, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, etc.
  • There are two versions, one for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and the other for Mac OS.

In short, it is the best way to transfer music to Android. And we use a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as the source device and Galaxy S8 as the target device to show you the workflow.

How to transfer music from Android to Android in one click

Step 1. Install the best Android music transferring application

Download the right version of Phone Transfer depending on your operating system and install it to your computer.

Plug both your Android devices to your computer using USB cables. Here you take Note 5 and Galaxy S8 as an example. Start the best phone transferring application and wait for it to recognize your smartphones automatically.


Step 2. Preparations before transfer music

Make sure your Note 5 shows in the "Source Device" field and Galaxy S8 appears in the "Target Device" area. If not, click the "Switch" button at top of the main interface to correct it. And check the box in front of "Media". If you want to remove existing songs on the target device to free up space, tick the checkbox titled "Remove the chosen data on Target Device before copy".

Settings Music

Step 3. Transfer music from Android to Android

After settings, click the "Start to copy" button to start transferring music from Note 5 to Galaxy S8. A few seconds later when it is complete, remove the Android devices from your computer. Now, you can enjoy your music on any of your Android device. As you can see from above, besides music, you can also rely on it to transfer contacts from Android to Android with ease.

Part 2: Transfer music from Android to Android with Google Play Music

As said before, Google Play Music can transfer music from Android to Android through your Google identification. The biggest advantage is that you do not need to link the two Android devices or connect them to computer. All you need is a good Wi-Fi network and a Google account. And you can complete the process with our guides below step by step.

How to transfer music from Android to Android with Google Play Music

Step 1. To sync music from Android to Android with Google Play Music, you have to install Google Music Manager on your computer. Open the Music Manager and sign in your Google account.

Step 2. Go to the "Upload" tab, click the "Add folder" button and add the music you want to listen to on Android devices into the program. Then Google Music Manager will prompt you whether add all songs to your Google Play Music account. Once confirm it, the Manager will start uploading songs from computer to your account.

Step 3. After the process finishes, turn on one Android device and connect it to a Wi-Fi network, download and install Google Play Music on your handset. Next, sign in the same Google account. You need go to "Library" > "Purchased & Uploaded" to get your music. If you prefer to listen to music offline, you can save your favorite songs from library by enabling the feature "Cache music while streaming".

Step 4. Turn on the other Android phone and repeat step 3 on it to get the same music on it.

Transfer Google Play

Note: If you do not like to install the Music Manager application, Google Play Music website ( allows you to upload music from computer to your account as well. Though you can save music on your Android phone, it is encrypted and no other music app can see or play it. And Google Play Music app does not offer a feature to upload music on your Android device as well. That means you still need a computer when syncing music between Android devices.

Part 3: Transfer music from Android to Android via Bluetooth

To transfer a song from Android to Android, you can try to use Bluetooth technology as well. Almost all Android devices have integrated this wireless technology. It relies on short wavelength radio waves to transfer music and other data between mobile devices. It does not need USB cables or internet connection. Below is our step-to-step guide for the task.

How to transfer music from Android to Android using Bluetooth

Step 1. Open the Settings app from the app tray on the source Android phone. Select the Bluetooth option under network area, and toggle the switch to turn it on. If it does not in the Settings screen, you can find the Bluetooth in Wireless & Networks submenu.

Step 2. Next, do the same operation to turn on the Bluetooth technology on the target Android device. Once the source device appears on the available device list, tap on it. Switch to the source Android phone, tap "Pair" on the popup message to set up the connection between the two Android devices.

Tip: Make sure to put both your smartphone in discoverable mode, otherwise they cannot detect each other.

Step 3. Next, open the music app on your source Android phone. Select all desired songs and playlist, activate the menu screen, choose "Share", pick "Bluetooth" on the menu bar, and tap on the target phone under available device list to share the songs.

Tip: If you cannot find the Share feature in your music app, locate to the folder saved the songs and share them through Bluetooth.

Step 4. Turn on the target Android device, and hit "Accept" on the confirming message to start receiving the songs files. Then you can listen to your music on all your Android devices.

Transfer Music via Bluetooth


Bluetooth is a simple option on transfer music to Android phone; however, it is not a perfect technology. If you encounter some troubles it when sending music from Android to Android, here are multiple tips:

  • Make sure that the two Android devices use the Bluetooth standards compatible with each other. If one of your Android phones is too old, the Bluetooth technology may be outdated.
  • Bluetooth is a communication technology based on locations, so you'd better place the two Android devices as close to each other as possible and ensure there is no obstacle between them.
  • When connecting Android devices using Bluetooth, they must be in accessible mode.
  • Bluetooth is a power-hungry feature, so you should charge both Android phones and make sure they have enough power before transfer music.
  • In some cases, restarting your Android phone could fix the problem Bluetooth not working effectively.

Part 4: Transfer music to Android phone using Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication, also known as NFC is another way to transfer music to Android phone. Around NFC, there are somethings you should know before transfer music:

  • It is a set of communication technology that enables two Android devices to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm of each other.
  • Much like Bluetooth, NFC is a low-speed wireless connection. But it is safer and simpler than Bluetooth since other people who are away more than 4 cm cannot discover your smartphone.
  • Both your Android devices must have integrated the NFC chip and support Android Beam. Many Android phones support NFC, so do Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablet; however, other Android tablets may not come with NFC hardware. If cannot find the NFC feature in Settings screen, you cannot use it to transfer data between Android devices.
  • The data that you can use NFC to transfer between Android devices include music, web pages, videos, map directions, contact, apps and photos.
  • When transfer data between Android devices, you need to contact the area where the NFC chip is, but not just press them back to back.

If you are not familiar with NFC, the details involved with transferring music from Android to Android using this technology are displayed below.

How to transfer music to Android phone using NFC

Step 1. To use NFC connection to transfer music from Android to Android, you have to turn on this feature on both devices. Open the Settings app from your home screen on the one Android phone, head to "Wireless & Networks" and enable the "NFC" feature. Then do the same thing on the other Android device.

Step 2. Select and open the desired songs in your music library or file manager on the source Android phone. Then bring the both Android devices contacting to each other.

Step 3. Once they are close enough, you will feel the vibration as the signal that Android devices have discovered each other. And when you see the "Touch to Beam" pops up at top of the source device and heard a sound, the songs start going to the target device immediately.

Step 4. When the process is done, you will get the alert sound as well. Separate the two Android devices and disable the NFC feature. Now, you can enjoy your favorite music on any Android device.



How to transfer music from Android to Android is bothering many Android owners, who just upgrade to a new Android phone or have multiple Android devices, such as Android phone and tablet. If you have spent a few minutes to read our post, you will discover that it is not as difficult as you thought.

In this tutorial, we have shared multiple ways related to transfer music between Android devices, such as Bluetooth, Google Play Music and NFC. You can pick up the most appropriate way to complete the task according to your situations. On the other hand, if you are searching for the easiest solution, Apeaksoft Phone Transfer could meet your demands. It could transfer all music to Android phone in one click and within a few seconds. We hope that our guides and suggestions are helpful to you. If you have more questions involved with enjoying music across Android devices, please leave a message below this article.

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