Guide of Transferring Notes from iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5/SE to Android

"I just got my Samsung Galaxy S9, the 3D emoji is really amazing; however, I encountered a very big problem. I used iPhone 6s before upgrade to Galaxy S9 and recorded a lot of important information in iOS Notes app, like meeting records, but it is difficult to export these notes to my new Galaxy S9. How to transfer notes from iPhone to Android? Please help!" Today, many Android flagships are as advanced as Apple iPhone, so some people decide to upgrade to Android smartphones due to higher cost-effective. But the excitement that gets the new smartphone is faded by the challenge of transferring data from old iPhone, such as notes.

Transfer Notes from iPhone to Android

Fortunately, there are some simple methods to sync notes from iPhone to Android. iCloud, for instance, is a common way to transfer notes between iOS devices. Actually, it also allows you to save notes to computer and then transfer to Android phone. On the other hand, Gmail is the most common service to transfer files between Android devices. And you can use it to sync notes from iPhone to Android as well. Anyway, we are going to share five best ways to do this task under different situations in this post. Spending a few minutes to learn these methods, you can make a better decision and get iPhone notes on your new Android phone.

Part 1: Transfer notes from iPhone to Android with Gmail

As said before Gmail is a simple way to transfer notes from iPhone to Android. But there are several things you should know:

1. Google allows you to send a mail up to 50MB using Gmail. If you want to send a mail larger than 50MB, you have to upload your notes and attachments to Google Drive first.
2. This way could help you to look at iPhone notes on Android, but not import them to Android Notes app.
3. Gmail is a web service; you need to connect both your mobile devices to internet when transferring notes from iPhone to Android.

If you are ready, let's start doing the job following the steps below.

How to transfer notes from iPhone to Android via Gmail

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone, open the iOS Settings app from the home screen, tap on your Apple ID and go to "Mail" > "Account" > "Add Account".

Add Account

Step 2. Select "Google" on the Add Account screen, enter your Gmail credential, username and password(Forgot Gmail Password?), and other information required. Then you will be presented several options. Make sure to put the switch of "Notes" to ON position. Your notes will go to your Gmail account if iPhone is online.

Turn on Notes

Step 3. On your new Android phone, you have three options to view iPhone notes in your Gmail account.

Option 1: Firstly, access Gmail website in your mobile browser, log in your Gmail account username(Forgot Gmail Username?) and password, switch to the PC mode, you will find the "Notes" label on left hand column.

Option 2: Another way to read notes on Android is the Gmail app. Open Gmail app after installed it from Google Play Store, enter your account to view notes synced from iPhone.

Option 3: Go to "Settings" > "Account" > "Add Account" and set up Gmail on your Android phone. Next, open the built-in Mail app to read your notes at any time.

Add Google Account

Part 2: Transfer iPhone notes to Android with iCloud

iCloud is another web-based service to transfer iPhone notes to Android. Unlike sync data between iOS devices, it is possible to complete this task with iCloud and a computer. And the downside is that this way cannot import your notes to Android Notes app as well. If you do not care the shortcomings, the steps below could help you achieve it easily.

How to transfer iPhone notes to Android with iCloud

Step 1. Turn on your iPhone, open the "Settings" app from your home screen, tap on your Apple ID and head to "iCloud" from the settings screen.

Step 2. Turn on the "Notes" option by toggling the switch to right side. It makes take a few minutes to an hour to sync iPhone notes to iCloud server(Fix iPhone notes not syncing).

Enable iCloud Account

Step 3. Power on your computer, input in the address bar of your browser, sign in the Apple ID and password associated with your iCloud account on iPhone. Answer the security questions or enter the six-digit verification code popup on iPhone screen to access iCloud home page.

Sign in iCloud

Step 4. Click "Notes" to open iPhone notes on your computer. Next, you can copy the desired notes and attachments, and transfer them to your Android phone using email or cloud services.

Open Notes on Computer

If have installed iCloud client on your computer, you can open it, sign in your Apple account, and then open and copy your notes to computer. Then transfer them to your Android phone. Unfortunately, there is no option to export iPhone notes from iCloud, so you have to save your notes to email or computer one by one. And apparently it is not very convenient to transfer a lot of notes from iPhone to Android using iCloud, though it supports to sync all notes from iPhone to iCloud at one time.

Part 3: Sync notes from iPhone to Android with Outlook

Outlook is a personal information manager released by Microsoft. Though many people often use it as an email service, Outlook includes calendar, contact manager, note manager and other parts. Actually, iTunes works very well with Outlook, which makes it another option to sync notes from iPhone to Android. By default, Outlook does not allow you to send email messages that exceed 20MB. But the Outlook Notes does not have such limitations. And you can back up a lot of notes to this service with iTunes.

How to sync notes from iPhone to Android with Outlook

Step 1. To sync notes from iPhone to Outlook, you have two options. Install iTunes on your computer, open it and connect your iPhone to the computer with the lightning cable. Go to the "Info" tab under "Summary", locate to the "Other" area, tick the checkbox of "Sync notes with" and select "Outlook" from the dropdown menu.

Sync notes from iPhone to Outlook

Step 2. Enter your Outlook credential, including username and password, and click the "Sync" button at bottom to initiate the syncing process. It may last a few minutes to an hour depending on the amount of your notes on iPhone.

Outlook Sync

Step 3. When it is done, turn on your Android phone, install the Outlook app from Google Play Store. Open it, and sign in your Outlook username and password. Then you can find the iPhone notes in the "Reminder" folder.

Note Reminder

If you do not want to install the Outlook app on your Android phone, you have to access your Outlook account on computer, export the iPhone notes to a document and then send it to your Android phone using email or SD card. Much like Gmail and iCloud, Outlook cannot import iPhone notes to corresponding app on Android phone. You can only view iPhone notes on Android device with this way.

Part 4: Transfer notes from iPhone to Android via Email

No matter the syncing feature in Outlook or Gmail is convenient on transferring all notes from iPhone to Android; however, you cannot use it to sync certain notes between iPhone and Android. Is there any solution to achieve this task simply? The built-in sharing via mail feature on iPhone may be a good option.

How to transfer a single note from iPhone to Android via email

Step 1. Open the iOS Notes app from iPhone home screen and select the note you want to transfer to your Android phone.

Step 2. Tap on the "Share" icon at upper right corner and then select "Mail" on the toolbox. Then you will be taken to the page of composing new email and the note appears on the content area.

Step 3. Enter your primary email account in the "To" field and drop a title for the mail in the "Subject" field. Then tap on the "Send" icon to send iPhone notes to your email account.

Step 4. On your Android phone, access your primary email account in the native Email app, and then you can browse the content of the iPhone note in the new mail.

Share Notes Email

If you cannot access the email account on your Android smartphone, visit it on your computer, copy the iPhone note to a document and then transfer it to your smartphone using a SD card or USB cable. And almost all email providers have size limit on email messages, such as Google permits users to send mails up to 50MB, but you can send larger Gmail by adding attachments from Google Drive. Before utilize your email account to transfer iPhone notes to Android, you'd better learn about the size limit from your email provider.

Part 5: Transfer iPhone notes to Android via Transfer Program

Compared to common methods related to transfer iPhone notes to Android, third party Transfer Programs share more benefits, such as Wondershare MobileTrans. Its key features include:

1. It is easy to use and help you transfer iPhone notes to Android with only one click.

2. When syncing notes, it is able to transcode the content and save them to corresponding app on Android device.

3. You can decide to clear the target Android phone to free up space or no interrupt current data on it.

4. This Transfer Program relies on the USB cables to transfer data between smartphone, which is quicker and safer.

5. In addition to notes, it also supports contacts, messages, calendars, photos, music, videos and other documents.

6. This Transfer Program is compatible with iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s/5/SE, and Android smartphone released by Samsung, HTC, Moto, Sony, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

In short, it is one of the easiest ways to transfer notes from iPhone to Android. And we use an iPhone 6 as the source device and Galaxy S9 as the target device to show you the workflow.

How to transfer notes from iPhone to Android in one click

Step 1. The smartphone transferring application is a desktop program, so you have to install it on your computer. Then plug both your iPhone 6 and the new Galaxy S9 to your computer using the USB cables. Start the phone transferring application and wait for it to recognize your smartphones automatically.

To avoid data loss and device damage, you'd better use the original USB cables or the products authenticated by Apple and Samsung.

Step 2. Next, you have to set for notes sync from iPhone to Android. Make sure the iPhone 6 shows up in the "Source Device" box and Galaxy S9 appears in the "Destination Device" area. If not, click the "Flip" button at top of the main interface to correct it.

If you have an extra demand to move data from Android to iPhone, do not switch it.

And check the box in front of "Notes". If you want to delete current data on the target device to free up space, tick the checkbox titled "Clear data before copy". You can find it under the Destination device icon.

Step 3. After settings, click the "Start Transfer" button to start syncing notes from iPhone 6 to Galaxy S9. A few seconds later when it is complete, remove the iPhone and Android devices from your computer. Now, you can look at iPhone notes on your Android device.

Wondershare iPhone to Android Transfer


In this tutorial, we have shared multiple methods on how to transfer notes from iPhone to Android device. They all have unique advantages and meet your demands under different situations. For example, Gmail is able to sync all notes on iPhone to Android at one time. If you want to get several iPhone notes to your Android phone, iCloud is a good option, though you have to complete it on a computer. Outlook is another option to sync all iPhone notes to Android with the Notes feature. And you can transfer a single note from iPhone to Android with your primary email account. All these methods have the same shortcoming, cannot import iPhone notes to corresponding app on Android. From this point, you can consider to use third party phone transferring programs.

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