How to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4

While you think iTunes is mighty to help you sync everything on iPhone, you will find it rejects the transfer of ringtones on iPhone.

What's wrong?

Let's explain it later below, and come back to the point today.

How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone?

In the following process, the full guide will list 5 free methods of moving iPhone ringtones to iPhone, including the new iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR, etc., with or without iTunes/computer.

Send Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone

Part 1. How to transfer ringtone from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes (Recommended easiest)

Like mentioned before, iTunes is not powerful to transfer ringtones and other files between iOS devices for you, so it makes sense when you consider that iTunes has many bugs and often does not recognize iPhone.

Here, we recommend Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer, the easy-to-use iPhone transferring software.

iPhone Transfer

4,000,000+ Downloads

Send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone in one click.

Back up ringtones from iPhone to PC, and transfer ringtones from PC.

Not wiping the existing ringtones on target device.

Compatible with all iOS devices, like iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6, etc.

Step 1. Connect both iPhones to iPhone Transfer

Download the right version of best iPhone transferring application based on the operating system, and follow the onscreen instructions to install it on your computer. Connect both the iPhone devices to the computer with Lightning cables.

Connect Two iOS Devices

Step 2. Preview ringtones on iPhone

Launch iPhone Transfer and wait for it to recognize iPhones automatically. Click the old iPhone's name on the top dropdown and select the "Music" options under it. Then all media files on your iPhone will show up on detail window.

Choose the "Ringtones" tab on right ribbon to only display ringtone files. Now, you can click "Play" to preview, delete ringtones or back up them to computer. Tick the checkbox in front of each ringtone you want to send to new iPhone.

Preview Ringtones on iPhone

Step 3. Transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone

After selected, locate to the top ribbon, select the iPhone button on the top. iPhone Transfer will start sending ringtones from iPhone to iPhone. A few seconds later when it is done, remove the iPhone devices from your computer, and you can set ringtones on new iPhone.


The only demerit is its free version only support limited ringtones for transfer between iPhone and iPhone.

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Part 2. How to send iPhone ringtones to iPhone with iTunes (Purchased tones only)

The first option to send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone is the iTunes application. However, users encounter the trouble like below:

"I am having a frustrating time trying to figure out why I cannot send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone. I open iTunes 12.7 and connect my new iPhone to my computer, but my ringtones won't drop into the iTunes sidebar, Tones section or anywhere in the iTunes library. My ringtones are true .m4r files, but they won't import into iTunes or my new iPhone 8 at all. How to send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone? Please help."


Let's uncover it with the following reasons

1. Apple eliminates the Ringtone or Tones tab from iTunes 12.7 and later.

2. Only the ringtones from iTunes Store (purchased with money or not) can be sent to another iDevice. The ringtones downloaded from other sources or made by your own are not feasible.

Now, it is clear.

For transferring ringtones from iPhone to iPhone, you need to follow the 2 rules above.

Ok, now let's breakdown the process to send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes

Step 1. Open the old version of iTunes application on your computer, navigate to "Edit" > "Preference" > "Devices" and make sure to check the option titled "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically".

This will stop automatic sync feature and allows you to transfer ringtones manually.

Prevent Auto Sync

Step 2. Plug the source iPhone to your computer via a USB cable, and start the iTunes application if it does not open automatically.

Unfold the "File" menu at upper left corner of the window and head to "Device" > "Transfer Purchased".

On the right panel, click the "Apply" button to start syncing the purchased items to iTunes library, including purchased ringtones on source device.

Transfer Purchased

Step 3. Wait for the process to finish, remove the source device from your computer.

Next, use the Lightning cable to connect the target iPhone to iTunes. Click the "iPhone" icon and click the "Tones" option to open the ringtones window.

Make sure to tick the checkbox of "Sync Tones". You will be presented two options, "All tones" and "Selected tones".

If you want to send all ringtones from iPhone to iPhone, select the former one. The second one allows you to select certain ringtones for transferring. Select one based on your requirements.

Sync Tones

Step 4. If you are ready, click the Apply or Sync button at bottom right corner. It may take a while to transfer ringtones to iPhone from iTunes library.

After being sent, disconnect your iPhone from the computer and close iTunes. Now, you can customize ringtones on the new iPhone as you wish.

You are able to transfer videos from iPhone to iPhone in this way.

Note: After syncing iTunes to target iPhone, you will find the existing ringtones replaced with the sync ones.

Part 3. How to copy ringtones from iPhone to iPhone without computer (Cloud services)

For someone that is eager to transfer ringtone, but get no computer at hands, this part is ready for you.

The option to send ringtones to iPhone is cloud services. There are several popular cloud services on market, like Microsoft's OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Note: For using cloud service, please make sure you enable Internet connection on both devices. Moreover, enable cloud account on both your iPhone devices.

Way 1: How to send ringtones to iPhone with OneDrive

Step 1. Download and install OneDrive on both the previous and new iPhones. Microsoft gives 5GB free storage to each account, which is enough to transfer hundreds of ringtones from iPhone to iPhone.

Step 2. Open the OneDrive app on the previous iPhone, sign in your account, tap the "plus" icon on top of the screen to open the menu bar, which allows you to add local files to cloud server. Hit the "Upload" option and head to the ringtones you want to send to the target device.

Step 3. After upload the ringtones to OneDrive, turn on the target iPhone. Start the OneDrive app and log in the same account. This time, download the ringtones and save them on your new iPhone.

OneDrive Upload

Note: OneDrive is a cloud service. That means you need a Wi-Fi network during uploading ringtones to OneDrive and downloading them to the new iPhone. Moreover, you have to understand that Apple introduced complicated copy right regulation into iOS, so the new iPhone may not recognize the ringtones after transfer.

Way 2: How to send ringtones to iPhone with Google Drive

Google Drive is another popular cloud service and many people use it one their smartphone to do backup and transfer. Of course, it is a good option to send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone.

Step 1. Also, you need to install the Google Drive for iOS on both previous and new iPhones. And make sure both iPhone is connecting to the Wi-Fi network. It is not necessary to be the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Sign in your Google account on the previous iPhone, and locate to the ringtones you want to send to another device. Select all of them, tap the "share" icon and select "Drive" on the menu bar to upload them to your account.

Step 3. Next, unlock the target iPhone, open the Google Drive app and log in the account that you have signed in on the source device. Find the uploaded ringtones and tap the "Download" option to save them on your new iPhone.

Share Ringtones

Way 3: How to send ringtones to iPhone with Dropbox

Though Dropbox offers less free storage than Google Drive, many people use it to back up important files and information. Similar to other cloud services, you can use it to send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone without computer or extra devices.

Step 1. Dropbox has released the iOS app and you can install it from App Store to your devices. Now, put the source iPhone online, open the Dropbox app and sign in your account. Quit Dropbox and navigate to the app has the ringtones you want to use on the new iPhone.

Step 2. Select one desired ringtone, tap the "Share" icon and select "Save to Dropbox" on the toolbox. When prompted, choose the destination folder in your Dropbox account. Then tap on "Save" or "Upload" to send the ringtone to Dropbox server. Repeat the operation to upload other ringtones.

Tip: If you do not see the Save to Dropbox icon on toolbox, scroll to the right and tap on More to display it.

Step 3. Now, open Dropbox app on the target iPhone and find the ringtones. Tap the menu icon and download the ringtones to your new iPhone. Then you can set them on your new device.

Add Ringtone to Dropbox

Note: Cloud services are convenient to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone, but they have apparently shortcomings. The ringtones downloaded from cloud services are not always work on iPhone.


In this tutorial, we have shared the 5 best and free ways to send ringtones from iPhone to iPhone. You can use iTunes, cloud and the third-party apps to move ringtones between iPhone and new iPhone. iTunes will erase your existing ringtones with version limited usage; cloud services need Internet and accounts on both devices; iPhone Transfer can be regarded as the easiest one way with free version limit.

Customizing your own ringtone to distinguish you and others can be easy here. Do not let the same ringtone embarrass your life.

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