What Makes Your Apple ID Distinguish from iCloud Service

Is Apple ID same as iCloud? Even as an old Apple user, you may still feel confused about Apple ID and iCloud, especially Apple account and iCloud account can be accessed with the same email address. So What is the difference between Apple ID and iCloud ID?

This post will guide you to know more information about Apple ID and iCloud. A detailed Apple ID VS iCloud will help you better understand the main difference between them.

Apple ID VS iCloud

Part 1. Apple ID VS iCloud

As it mentioned above, Apple ID and iCloud are two different accounts but can be accessed with one same email. From this part, we like to briefly explain what they are and main difference between them.

What is Apple ID

Apple ID is an authentication way used by Apple for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and other Apple devices to identify you. It is mainly used to log into various Apple products and services like iCloud, iTunes Store, Apple Store, iMessage, and more. Apple ID is the main account that is required to use any of Apple services including App Store, Apple Music, iTunes Store, and iCloud.

What Is Apple ID

Apple ID can store your payment and shipping information for purchasing apps, digital music, movies, and more from App stores and physical products from Apple site. It also holds your personal information, security, privacy, passwords and other data. As long as you have an Apple device, you will be asked to sign in or create an Apple ID to use it.

One Apple ID can be used on all your Apple devices. You can should set up a two-factor authentication for your Apple ID. It can better protect the security of your Apple ID and all related personal information. Learn how to change Apple ID password here.

What is iCloud

iCloud is typically referring to the Apple ID that specially cloud services like iCloud backup, sync and restore. iCloud enables you to sync and access various data on multiple Apple devices. It offers a cloud-based service to store all types of images, photos, contacts, emails, documents, apps, music and other files. Lots of frequently-used data will be saved to iCloud Drive.

What Is iCloud

iCloud account also requires an email address. You are allowed to use the same email address which used for Apple ID. That’s the main reason that you may think Apple ID is same as iCloud. You can sign in iCloud account to gain access to Pages, Number, Keynote, Notes, Find My iPhone and more features on iCloud site.

iCloud can automatically sync various data across all your Apple devices signed with your same account. It’s quite useful especially when you want to reset one device or just get a new device. iCloud allows you to quickly get all the same apps, documents and settings.

Part 2. Is Apple ID Same as iCloud

Many old Apple users think that Apple ID is same as iCloud. In many cases, you are allowed to use your Apple ID to sign in iCloud and do other operations. It seems that the difference between Apple ID and iCloud accounts, and passwords is still unclear. So here we like to briefly explain the main difference between Apple ID and iCloud in this part.

Apple ID and iCloud ID are two different accounts. If you create Apple account and iCloud account with same email address. Apple ID is used for signing into the iCloud. It seems that they are same. iCloud can be an extra service added on top of the Apple ID login. However, even they are so tightly linked, they are different.

iCloud offers 5GB of free storage for storing various data including photos, videos, mails, documents, and backups. It also has the capability to syncs contacts, calendars, passwords, photo streams, documents and other files. iCloud is one kind of cloud service which allows you to backup, sync and restore data. (iCloud storage is full? Clear it now.)

You can have different Apple IDs for iCloud, iTunes and other forums. What’s more, you can set different usernames and passwords for different accounts. You can take iCloud an extra facility. You are allowed to manage different iCloud account under the same Apple ID.

Part 3. How to Remove Apple ID/iCloud from iPhone

When you forget your Apple ID password and still want to remove iCloud, you can rely on the professional iOS Unlocker. It is able to remove Apple ID account and iCloud account on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Besides, this all-in-one software can wipe iPhone screen passcode, remove iTunes backup password, etc.

iOS Unlocker

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Step 1 Click the above download buttons to download and install this powerful iOS Unlocker on your Windows or Mac. Double-click the program to run on your computer.

Step 2 Choose Remove Apple ID mode in the main interface. Connect your iOS device to it with a USB cable. Remember to tap Trust option on your iOS device when the message appears.

Notes: Before you start using iOS Unlocker, you should turn off Find My on your iOS device beforehand.

Choose Remove Apple ID

Step 3 Then, you can click the Start button to remove Apple ID and iCloud account simultaneously. The whole process will take a while to finish, please make sure your iOS device is connected during removing.

Click Start To Remove

Part 4. FAQs of Apple ID and iCloud

How to delete Apple ID on iPhone?

You can easily remove Apple ID from iPhone by resetting all settings. Just open Settings app, tap General, Reset and then Reset All Settings to delete Apple ID on your iPhone.

How to create a new Apple ID?

Navigate to Apple ID official site to sign in, change or create Apple ID. When you get there, you can click the How to create a new Apple ID link to re-create an Apple ID.

Can I create a new Apple ID with the same email?

No. Each email can only be associated with one new created Apple ID. One email address means one Apple ID account. You can’t create a new Apple ID with the same old email address.


After reading this page, you can get a better understanding of Apple ID and iCloud. Your Apple ID is the core foundation for using various Apple services across your Apple devices, while iCloud is just one Apple cloud service for you to store and sync files. Besides, if you want to remove Apple ID and iCloud without a password, you can turn to Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker. If you still have questions about Apple ID VS iCloud, leave a message in the comments section.

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