3 Easy Ways to Recover Your Apple ID Password

Apple ID is associated with many things you can do with Apple devices and services. When you want to sync iOS data to another Apple device or purchase on App Store, you have to sign in with your Apple ID and password first to confirm your account. So, it will be quite annoying when you forgot ‌Apple ID‌ password.

Nowadays, more and more users rely on Face ID or Touch ID to verify the identity. So, it turns to be a common issue that you forgot the password for your Apple ID account. Here comes the question, what to do if you forgot your Apple ID password?

forgot ‌Apple ID‌ password

Good thing is, there are still ways to help you recover and find forgotten Apple ID password back. Here in this post, we like to share effective solutions to help you reset or change your Apple ID password. Moreover, you can learn a simple way to directly remove the forgotten Apple ID password.

Part 1. Change Apple ID Password from Two-Factor Authentication

When you forgot your Apple ID password, you can rely on Two-Factor Authentication to change the original passcode to a new one.

Two-Factor Authentication is an iOS feature which ensures that your Apple account can only signed in your trusted Apple device. It can crack your Apple ID password and prevent an unauthorized user from accessing your account. If your iOS device has been trusted by it, you can rely on it to find your forgotten Apple ID password back.

Step 1 When you want to change Apple ID password through Two-Factor Authentication, you should make sure your iOS device is running iOS 10 or a later version.

Step 2 Open Settings app and then click on your iCloud account. Then tap the Password & Security option to enter its main interface.

Step 3 Now you can tap Change password option to change the Apple ID password you have forgotten. During this step, you are required to enter your iPhone password.

Step 4 Enter the new Apple ID password and re-enter the password to confirm your operation. After that, you can easily sign in your Apple account with the new password.

Change Apple ID Password

Part 2. Reset Apple ID Password Through Security Questions or Email

Apple provides a website for you to manage your ‌Apple ID‌ and reset the forgotten password. To find your forgotten password for Apple ID, you can also rely on the security question or email you ever set. You can reset your Apple ID password and regain access to your account.

Step 1 Open your browser and go to the official Apple ID page. When you get there, click on the Forgot Apple ID or password. Here you can also navigate to the page.

Step 2 Enter your information and email address as required, and then click Continue.

Step 3 Choose I need to reset my password and then click the Continue button.

Reset Apple ID Password

Step 4 Now you can choose from Answer security questions or Get an email according to your need. After that, you can follow the instructions to reset your forgotten Apple ID password. Check how to reset Apple ID here.

Recover ID Password By Email

Part 3. Professional Way to Remove Apple ID Without Password

Besides the methods above, you can also choose to directly remove the original Apple ID password. To do that, you need to rely on the professional Apple ID password remover, iOS Unlocker. It is specially designed to deal with various password forgetting issues. iOS Unlocker has the capability to remove your forgotten Apple ID password.

IOS Unlocker

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Directly remove your forgotten Apple ID password.

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Step 1 First, you should double click on the download button above and then follow the on-screen instructions to free install and run this Apple ID password remover on your computer.

Step 2 When you enter the main interface, choose the Remove Apple ID feature. Then you can connect your iOS device to it with a lightning USB cable. Remember to tap Trust on the device screen.

Step 3 Now you can simply click on Start button to start removing the Apple ID and iCloud account associated to your iOS device. By doing so, you can easily remove the Apple ID password that you have forgotten.

Remove Apple ID

Within just a few clicks, you can handily remove your forgotten Apple ID password. After that, you can create a new password for your Apple ID. This iOS Unlocker also enables you to get into a locked iPhone with ease. You can free download it and gave a try.

Part 4. FAQs of Forgot Apple ID Password

Question 1. How to delete Apple ID from iPhone?

If you want to delete your Apple ID from iPhone, you can do that by resetting all settings. Just open Settings app and choose the General tab. Then tap Reset to enter the main interface of Reset. Now you can tap Reset All Settings option to remove your Apple ID from the iOS device.

Question 2. How to remove device from Apple ID on iPhone?

Go to Settings app and tap your iCloud account. Then you can scroll down to locate your devices using the same Apple ID. Select the device you want to remove, and then tap Remove to confirm your operation.

Question 3. How to remove Apple ID from a locked iPhone?

When you get a locked iPhone and want to remove Apple ID from it, you can rely on the recommended iOS Unlocker. It offers a simple way to wipe the original Apple ID on your locked iPhone.

Question 4. What is the difference between Apple ID and iCloud ID?

Even you can access them with one same email ID, the Apple ID and the iCloud ID are two different accounts. You can use Apple ID to sign in your iCloud account. Also, the iCloud can be taken as an extra service added to the Apple ID login. That’s why you may confuse them as the same account.


You should set a complex password for your Apple ID. Apple ID is connected to many Apple services and contains your personal data. But with so many passwords you need to remember, you may easily forget the password for your Apple account.
When you forgot Apple ID password and your Apple ID password is not working, you can rely on the methods above to change, recover or remove the forgotten Apple ID password. If you still have any questions about the Apple ID password, you can leave us a message in the comment.

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