How to Backup Music on iPhone

Downloading some fantastic music for enjoying needs payment, but if you lost or deleted accidently these music, you must be really painful. Actually, if you backed up music on iPhone earlier, you can easily recover lost music files. So, backing up music on iPhone to computer or another device can also help you to avoid paying money to re-download the same music files. And the article will introduce 2 effective ways to back up music on iPhone.

Backup Music on iPhone

Part 1. How to Backup Music with iPhone Transfer

With the right tool you can make job well, iPhone Transfer is the right tool you should choose to backup music on iPhone to computer. With few steps only, you will never lose music which you had downloaded on iPhone. If you deleted music occasionally after using iPhone Transfer, recover data will be simple and fast with these powerful functions of iPhone Transfer.

Except backing up music files on iPhone, you can backup more data types beyond your imagination. It supports videos, images, contacts, calls, SMS messages, etc. Especially, it can backup voice memos, too. If you are a business man or lawyer, this function can help you to keep evidence, you will stand on the safe island of data. Now, just take music for example, have a look at how iPhone Transfer backs up data.


You can transfer data from iOS device (like iPhone) to computer or another iOS device, so there will be 2 situations you might meet. Fristly, you need to donwload this software on your Windows or Mac.

You can also check this video quickly to backup music on iPhone:

Situation 1: Transfer Music from iOS Device to Computer/iTunes

If you want to backup music on iPhone to computer, you can choose this operation.

Step 1. Download and Install iPhone Transfer

After you download iPhone Transfer and install it on your computer. After installing, launch it.

Step 2. Connect Your iOS Device to Computer and Select the Music you want to Backup

Just a few minutes, you can see all files of your iPhone on the interface, and select the music files you want to backup and check it carefully.

Step 3. Start Backup

When you confirm the music files you want to transfer, click "Media" to select one data type. Click "Music" > "Export to" > "Export to iTunes Library". All music files you want to backup had transferred.

Export to PC

Solution 2: Backup Music from iOS Device to Another iOS device

If you want to backup music on iPhone to other device, you can follow the next steps.

Step 1. Download and Install iPhone Transfer

Just like situation 1, you need install iPhone Transfer on computer firstly. You can do the same job as situation 1. Do not forget, launch iPhone Transfer after installing.

Step 2. Connect both Devices to Computer and Select Music

Now, connect both your iOS devices to computer. Click file types under the device you want to transfer music files from.

Step 3. Start to Transfer Files

Check the music you want to backup and click the "Export to-Export to 'the name of another device'" button. iPhone Transfer will start to transfer files.

Start to Transfer Files

Part 2. How to Backup Music via iTunes

Except iPhone Transfer, you can also backup music on iPhone via iTunes, syncing files is different with backing up music files by iTunes. In fact, iTunes is not a media player only, it can protect or keep your data from being lost accidently. So, the article will introduce the functions and operation steps of iTunes.

On the on hand, iTunes can play videos, music on your iPhone. It can also backup these files. Just few steps, your files will be safe. And it can help you save money. If you lost your music after backing up music on iPhone iTunes, you do not need to re-download it on the music app, whihc means that you do not need to pay money again for enjoying it.

So, how is it backup music on iOS device?

Step 1. Open iTunes and Connect iOS Device

At first, you need to open iTunes and connect device (like iPhone) to computer.

Step 2. Allow iTunes to Scan Your Device

When you connect device with computer, there will show up a message that askes you for device password or "Trust This Computer" button. Click it. If you forgot your password, click "Get Help" button. Select your device when it shows up on the interface, if it doesn`t show up, click "Learn How to DO" option.


If you want to save Health and Activity data from device, you need to encrypt your backup: choose the box named Encrypt backup and create a password. If you do not wat to backup this data, please click "Back Up Now". So, you can make a backup which is not encrypted.

Step 3. Check the Files on the iTunes

After the process, you can see if your backup is finished successfully. Open iTunes Preferences > Device. If you use iTunes for Windows, select Edit > Preference > Devices from the menu bar at the top of iTunes window.

Check the Files on the iTunes

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Part 3. Comparison between iPhone Transfer and iTunes

 File TypeStabilitySpeed
iPhone TransferAll types of filesExcellentVery fast
iTunesAll types of files Especially music/videoGood but there will be some problemA little slow

As we see, iPhone Transfer is much better than iTunes, no matter which type of files you want to backup, iPhone Transfer is more professional. If you want to backup music on iPhone, iPhone Transfer is a better choice than iTunes. Of course, you can also back up other types of files on iOS device easily and quickly. Just have a try, you will love it.

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Just as the article said, backing up music on iPhone is easy and necessary for iPhone users, and good habit and tools can help you to avoid getting into trouble. If you deleted accidently or lost without any reason, you can recover these files easily with backup. And you will not need to pay money.

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