How to Backup Music on iPhone

Get data backup on iPhone is a good habit to avoid data loss. Actually, I am personally doing that frequently.

Though iTunes and iCloud is the free helper to backup iPhone data, they all store iPhone backup is an invisible way. You know you made iPhone backup, but you cannot easily open them or extract them.

Is there any good iPhone backup extractor?

The answer is yes.

In this page, we collect the top 5 iPhone backup extracting software and review, including free and paid.

Which is the best one?

You decide it.

iPhone Backup Extractor

Part 1. How to pick up the best iPhone backup extractor?

What factors made the best iPhone backup extractor, you should not miss the following criteria.

1. iOS compatibility

Though Apple always release its new version of iPhone, iPad and iPod, the best iPhone backup extractor should always work on the latest iOS models, like iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X, etc., iPad, iPad Pro,iPad mini, iPod, which is running iOS 17/16.

2. User-friendly

Nobody wants to spend more time on a complicated app, especially when she/he is urgent to extract iPhone backup files. As a result, the best iPhone backup extractor should be easy to use.

3. Data support

We know iTunes or iCloud can backup various data. However, not every backup extractor supports all data extraction from iTunes or iCloud. However, the best iPhone backup extractor should let you extract as much data as possible from iPhone backup.

4. Extraction time

If one backup extractor takes you hours to scan and extract time, will you use it?

I will not.

So, you the best iPhone backup extractor should scan and extract your iPhone backup as quickly as possible.

5. Cost

Free is the best one. Not everyone is free.

Everyone wants to get the best iPhone backup extractor with less money.

Part 2. Top 5 iPhone backup extractor review

After knowing the basic rule of the best iPhone backup software, we will show you the review of the top 5 iPhone backup extractor.

#1. iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery, as its name replies, is the data recovery software. More than that, it works as the backup extractor to retrieve data from backup on computer easily.

iPhone Data Recovery

4,000,000+ Downloads

Extract iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup.

View and extract 20 types from iTunes backup to computer.

View and restore 19 types from iCloud backup to computer.

Fully compatible with the latest iOS 17/iPadOS 17 and the latest iPhone 15 series.

Learn from this page to:

Access iCloud backup.

Extract iPhone data from iTunes backup.

Or extract iPhone data from iTunes or iCloud backup here in the video tutorial:

Recover Lost Data from iPhonePlay

#2. iPhone Backup Extractor

Choose Extracting Format

iPhone Backup Extractor separates your backup file individually. Let's check its main features:


  • 1. Extract data from encrypted iTunes backup iCloud backup and 2FA iCloud backup flexibly.
  • 2. Extract data from backup databases to CSV, Vcard or ICAL formats automatically.
  • 3. Extract notes, photos, messages, call history, contacts, WhatsApp messages, restrictions passcodes, etc.
  • 4. Offer the well-designed interface with easy-to-use filters.


  • 1. Fail to scan data fully.
  • 2. No option to preview data before extracting backup.

#3. PhoneBrowse


PhoneBrowse is the free iPhone backup extractors.


  • 1. Extract data from iTunes backup files.
  • 2. Manage your iPhone music, photos and other data on computer.
  • 3. Extract messages, photos, notes, contacts, voice memos, and even Safari bookmarks.
  • 4. Supports drag-n-drop interface to manage your iPhone files.


  • Fail to extract data from iCloud backup.

#4. iBackup Viewer

iBackup Viewer

iBackup Viewer is a backup manager for iPhone and iPad. It is able to extract data from iPhone backups and convert them to readable information.


  • 1. Manage Apple Address Book and add contacts and phone numbers.
  • 2. Extract contacts, sms & iMessage messages, call history, Safari history, etc.
  • 3. Preview data before extracting in different modes.


  • 1. It cannot extract data from iCloud backup.
  • 2. Some data are not supported to be extracted.

#5. iPhone Backup Extractor & Browser

iPhone Backup Extractor & Browser

iMazing iPhone Backup Extractor & Browser explores the file system and data of your iPhone and iPad backups on your Mac or PC.


  • 1. Extract data from iTunes backup files to computer.
  • 2. View and extract your Contacts, Photos, Messages, Notes, Voice Memos, Voicemail, Call History and Apps.
  • 3. Support encrypt iTunes backup extraction.


  • 1. Cannot extract data from iCloud backup.
  • 2. Only a limited number of built-in iPhone apps can be previewd.

Part 3. Which is the best iPhone backup extractor?

Here we list the overall information about the top 5 iPhone backup extractot, and you can get a quick decision of which one is the best one.

 iPhone Data RecoveryiPhone Backup ExtractorPhoneBrowseiBackup VieweriPhone Backup Extractor & Browser
Extract from iTunes backup
Extract from iCloud backup
Preview data before extracting
Data type of extraction19/22 types12 types7 types14 types13 types
Scanning time30s48s45s38s40s

From this comparison, you will note that iPhone Data Recovery seems get a high rate from compatibility, cost, scanning time, data type supported, etc.


This page collects the best 5 iPhone backup extractor for Windows and Mac users. There is o doubt that iPhone Data Recovery is the best one. Surely, if you only want to extract data from iTunes backup, then the free iPhone backup extractor, PhoneBrowse is the best one. Of course, you can select the best one according to your needs, instead of our recommendation.

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