How to Fix Face Time Not Working on Mac/iPhone/iPad

We use Face Time more frequently for communication instead of phone calls now. As a default program of Mac and iOS devices, we can make video chats; share your ideas and moods with friends and relatives. What should you do when FaceTime not working on Mac or iOS devices?

Face Time Not Working

There are different reasons that FaceTime does not work on Mac. You should know the problems first before find a solution. The article explains some issues you may face and 12 solutions to get rid of FaceTime not working for Apple devices.

Part 1: Some FaceTime not working issues you may face

There are some simple solutions when FaceTime won't work on Mac. You have to check the issues cause the problem first. Just check out the following reasons first.

1. Poor connections

2. No sound issues.

3. Not receiving calls.

4. Face Time for Mac activation.

5. No camera problems.

6. Logging into Face Time issues

7. Call quality issues

Part 2: How to fix FaceTime not working on Mac

Solution 1: Fix FaceTime won't sign in

When you encounter the problem iPhone contacts not syncing with iCloud, the first thing you should do is to check your internet connection.

Step 1. Sign in Apple ID on your Mac first, you should reset Apple ID password if it does not work. If it is the first time you use FaceTime for Mac, you should check whether Apple ID is enable for Mac first.

Step 2. Click the Apple logo menu, you can go to "System Preference", after that you can click "Date & Time", then select "Set data and time automatically" to make sure you set the correct time zone.

Step 3. Check whether there is a new version of FaceTime is available. As for the case, you can just update the program to fix FaceTime not working on Mac with ease.

Set Date on Mac

Solution 2: Solve FaceTime camera or microphone does not work

Step 1. Choose "FaceTime" to click "Quit FaceTime" from the menu bar. After that you can open FaceTime again to check whether it works.

Step 2. If the above solution does not work, you can choose Apple logo menu, then click "Restart" to fix FaceTime does not work related to camera or microphone issues.

Step 3. When you have multiple cameras or microphones, open FaceTime to choose the desired one you want to use FaceTime.

Facetime Video

Solution 3: Fix FaceTime not working with connection or call quality

When you find that FaceTime not working on Mac, the first recommend way to fix is checking your Wi-Fi network and cellular network. If the Wi-Fi network is too slow or too busy, it might cause many problems of FaceTime not working. To solve this issue, the first thing you need to do is to check if the interface of the network is still intact. Then, you can check if someone is using your Wi-Fi network to download videos or play games, which will slow down your FaceTime connection.

Mac Internet Sharing

Solution 4: Reset Mac DNS to get rid of FaceTime does not work

If above solutions does not work, you can also clean DNS cache on Mac, or change the DNS of Mac to fix FaceTime not working on Mac. Google's open DNS is recommended alternative you can try. Here is the detailed process.

Step 1. Go to "System Preferences" > "Network" > Select the Wi-Fi network for your Mac.

Step 2. And then click the "Advanced" option, choose the DNS tab, you can click the + button to add Google DNS.

Step 3. You can enter and to the DNS Server, click the Apply button to fix FaceTime does not work.

Google DNS

Surely, you can restart FaceTime, clear cache on Mac, reboot Mac, etc. to help remove this issue.

Part 3: How to fix FaceTime not working on iPhone/iPad

Solution 1: Check the quality of the Wi-Fi connection

Sometimes, the poor Wi-Fi network connection might cause FaceTime not working on iPhone/iPad. You can use a browser or another device to connect to Wi-Fi network to check the Wi-Fi connection. If there is something wrong with the Wi-Fi connection, and then read the instruction of Wi-Fi to fix it. Once you finish the fixing, open FaceTime again to check if the FaceTime working on iPhone or iPad now.

This solution also works when group FaceTime is not working on iPhone or Mac.

iPhone Network Settings

Solution 2: Restart FaceTime to fix FaceTime not working issues

Step 1. Tap "Setting" on your iPhone or iPad. Then, select "FaceTime" on iOS device. And then you can turn off FaceTime.

Step 2. Toggle on "FaceTime" and open it again. Hit your Apple ID and select "Sign out" to log out FaceTime from iOS device.

Step 3. Tap on "Use your Apple ID for FaceTime" to enter Apple ID. After that you can check whether FaceTime not working issues are fixed.

Reactive Facetime

Solution 3: Reset your iPhone or iPad to solve problems of FaceTime

Step 1. To protect your files and data of your iPhone, take back up the content of your iPhone to the iTunes account.

Step 2. Once you finish the store process, and then connect your iPhone with your computer from the iTunes interface. Now click the "Restore" button.

Step 3. After that, click on "Set Up as New phone"

There are only three steps here, but they will help you erase the files of your iPhone. Then, you can use it as a new phone. Now you can try to open your FaceTime to check if it can work again.


Solution 4: Check Restriction for FaceTime of iPhone or iPad

Step 1. Tap on the "Setting" application on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Go to "General" interface.

Step 3. Scroll down to select "Restriction" button.

Step 4. If the restriction option is on, to make sure the "Camera" and "FaceTime" options are on in "Allow" selection.

Check Restriction

Solution 5: Ultimate solution to fix FaceTime not working on iOS devices

What should you do if above solutions cannot fix FaceTime not working on iPhone or other iOS devices? Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery is the ultimate solution to fix software related issues for FaceTime. Here are the detailed procedures to handle with FaceTime not working.

Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery

  • Compared with iTunes and iCloud, the program is able to fix iOS system back to normal without data loss.
  • Fix iOS system for various scenarios, such as stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode and FaceTime won't work.
  • Support most of the iOS devices, including iPhone X/8/7/6/6s Plus, iPad Pro/Air/mini, iPod touch 6/5/4/3 and others.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Step 1. Launch iOS System Recovery

When you launch the program on your computer, you can click the "More tools" on the left column, after that click the "iOS System Recovery" to enter the program to fix FaceTime does not work.

Launch iOS System Recovery

Step 2. Enter DFU mode of iPhone

After that click the "Start" button to begin iOS System Recovery, connect iPhone to computer, which the program will detect the device. Now you can click the "Question" button and follow the guide to turn into DFU mode.

Enter DFU Mode

Step 3. Select the proper iOS model

You can select the iOS model, device type, device category and update to iOS version information. Here you can click the "Download" to download firmware, it will takes a few minutes to complete the download.

Check iOS Info

Step 4. Fix FaceTime not working issues

When the plugin downloaded completely, the iOS System Recovery program will automatically fix the FaceTime not working issues. Have another check to find everything works as normal now.



As an important application of Mac or iOS devices, you can find the best solutions to fix FaceTime won't work issues from the article. When you have any other issues of FaceTime related issues, you can feel free to leave a comment in the article.

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