How to Customize and Bypass iPhone Lock Screen

When using iPhone or iPad, you may find that it is easy to access some private information even if the screen is locked. What if you don't want others to see your personal data on your locked screen? In fact, you can customize your locked iPhone screen with a passcode.

What will you do if you forget the passcode and want to open your iPhone? We also provide you the easiest way to help you unlock iPhone.

Or you just want your photos, contacts, and other important files back? Taking these into account, we shall share the quickest solution to recover your iOS data from screen locked iPhone.

iPhone Screen Lock

Part 1. How to customize locked screen on iPhone/iPad

It is easy to access some private information when your iPhone is locked. This problem still exists in iOS system even iOS 17. We will tell you how to customize your locked screen on iPhone or iPad in iOS 13/14/15/16/17. Actually, you can customize these features like notifications, Control Center, Home Control, Siri, Reply with Messages, Wallet, Open Camera, Today View, USB accessories, and more.

Turn off access within apps

To avoid private leaking, you can turn off access to Control Center and customize controls with passcode.

Go to Settings > Control Center, and disable Access within Apps.

Access within Apps

Customize controls

You can also customize controls, like adding or removing controls.

You can remove controls include Flashlight, Timer, Calculator, Camera, Scan QR Code, Accessibility Shortcuts, Alarm, Apple TV Remote, Guided Access, Hearing, Home, Notes, Screen Recording, Voice Memos, Wallet, Hearing, Low Power Mode, Magnifier, Stop Watch, Do Not Disturb While Driving.

However, not all apps are necessary to be removed, e.g. flashlight, which can easily turn on when you are in the dark.

Customize Control Center

Hide notifications

Even if you didn't enter a passcode or use Touch ID, sometimes your notification such as reply to messages are accessible on locked screen. You can follow these steps to hide these notifications.

Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (Face ID & Passcode, if you are using iPhone X or later). (Touch ID is not working?)

You can hide the following notifications, including Today View, Notification Center, Control Center, Siri, Reply with Messages, Home Control, Wallet, Return Missed Calls, USB Accessories.

Turn off Notifications

You can also change your lock screen wallpaper as you like. It is just so easy.

Go to Setting > Wallpaper > Choose a new Wallpaper.

Choose a new Wallpaper

Turn off Previews

Go to Setting > Notifications > Show Preview

Choose Never, and the notification will not be accessible.

Turn off Previews

Part 2. How to unlock your screen locked iPhone/iPad

Can I unlock the screen-locked iPhone?

The answer is definitely yes.

Here are 2 ways to remove the screen-locked passcode from iPhone iPad.

Wipe Locked-Screen Password from iPhone

You can wipe the screen lock password from iOS device via Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker.

Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker is the easy iPhone unlocker software. Whether your iPhone is locked by Face ID, 6-digit, or customed alphanumeric code, this software can wipe the lock password and help you use your iPhone as new one.

  • Remove a variety of password like Face ID, Touch ID, 4-digit, 6-digit, customized number and code.
  • Remove Apple ID account so that you can add a new Apple ID.
  • Recover Screen Time password or wipe the password to use iPhone without limits.
  • Compatible with all iOS devices like 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8, iPad Pro, iPod Touch, etc., running in iOS 17/16/15/14/13/12 and earlier.

Now, let’s see how to unlock the screen-locked iPhone.

Step 1. Connect locked iPhone to computer

Free download iOS Unlocker into your computer. This software is compatible with Windows and Mac computer, and you can download the version you want.

Run it and choose Wipe Passcode mode. Connect your iPhone to computer via the USB cable. Click the Start button to continue.

Wipe Passcode

Step 2. Confirm iPhone information

Here, the information of your iPhone will be detected automatically. Confirm it if they are correct. Otherwise, just modify it to match your iPhone, and click the Start button to continue.

Confirm iPhone Information

Step 3. Download iOS firmware

Then this program will download the iOS firmware from Apple server and make your computer connected with the Internet. It will take some time, and you just need to wait it patiently.

Download Firmware Package

Step 4. Unlock iPhone passcode

After the firmware downloading is complete, click the Unlock button and input 0000. After that, click Unlock to confirm the unlocking process again.

Confirm Unlock

Then this software will unlock your iPhone and your iPhone will restart during the process.

Remove Password from Locked iPhone

You can open your locked screen iPhone with Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser. Before using it, you should know if this program is your first choice. Because it will help you 100% erase everything including your passcode on your iPhone and secure your personal data. Without a passcode, you can still access your iPhone.

iPhone Eraser

  • Securely erase passcode and settings on iPhone/iPad/iPod, and make it a new device.
  • Erase contacts, SMS, photos, videos, songs, notes, voice memos, mails, etc.
  • Compatible with all locked screen iOS devices, include iPhone, iPad, iPod.
  • The whole erasing process is ensured to be safe and quick.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Before erasing your locked screen iPhone, you need to install and launch the latest iTunes on your computer. For iTunes and iPhone Eraser cannot operate at the same time, you should close iTunes before launching iPhone Eraser on your computer.

Step 1. Download, install and launch iPhone Erase on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone with the computer via a USB cable.

Fail to Connect

Step 3. Select the erasing level, you can select from low, medium, or high erasing level according to your need.

Choose Erase Level iPad

Step 4. After selecting the erasing level, click "Start" to erase all data and settings on iOS.

Start to Erase iOS Device

Then your iPhone with a locked screen will be erased thoroughly. You can easily open your iPhone.

Part 3. How to recover data from a locked screen iPhone/iPad

Sometimes, your iPhone or iPad is locked without a passcode to open it. You want to check some important files but failed. At that time, you need to remember that your lost iOS data can be extracted with a third-party tool. If there is some precious photos and important files, you want to see them right now. You can recover all your wanted files from your iPhone or iPad with this highly recommend Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery. iPhone Data Recovery is surely the professional iOS data recovery software to fix a screen-locked device.

iPhone Data Recovery

  • Recover any deleted/lost data from any locked screen iOS device and iTunes backup.
  • Recover data like contacts, messages, videos, call logs, app, and more.
  • Easy to preview data on a locked screen iPhone/iPad/iPod before recovery.
  • Support all locked screen iOS devices and iOS systems including iOS 16.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Step 1. Download, install and launch Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery. Connect your locked screen iPhone and computer via a USB cable.

Connect iPhone to Computer

Step 2. Select the mode from the left list. You can recover from iOS device, recover from iTunes Backup File, or recover from iCloud Backup File.

Connect iPhone

Step 3. After scanning, choose the file you want to recover, and click "Recover".

Recover iPhone Notes

If you have backed up data with iTunes on this computer before, you can choose from iTunes Backup File.

After choosing the right iTunes backup, click "Start" to start scanning.

Choose iTunes Backup

Then you will find the backup files listed in the left panel. Check the file you want to recover, and click "Recover" to recover data from iTunes backup file.

Recover iMessages

If you have uploaded your iOS data to iCloud before, you can choose recover from iCloud Backup File.

Sign in your Apple ID and Password on the right interface.

Login iCloud

Choose the right iCloud backup and click "Download" button.

Download iCloud Backup

Then all iOS files will be displayed in the left panel. Choose the data you want to recover and click "Recover".


With the above suggestions, you can solve the problems at ease whether you want to keep your information safe, or reset your forgotten password iPhone. We'd like to fix your locked screen iPhone to normal with the easiest solutions. Fixing a screen-locked iPhone has been a piece of cake ever then. You can easily handle this. We'd hope that our solutions are helpful to in work and life.

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