How to Fix Last Line No Longer Available iPhone Error

The last line no longer available on iPhone often appears on models that use dual SIM or have eSIM. Once you see this notice, do not worry since it is not a rare situation and can be fixed after some simple troubleshooting. Meanwhile, the passage contains the following topics: what does the last line no longer available mean on iPhone, and solutions to fix this issue. Whether you are using an iPhone 13/14/15 and encounter such an error, you can fix it through the methods below.

Last Line No Longer Available iPhone

Part 1: Last Line No Longer Available iPhone Meaning

When you try to dial the last number from recent calls with your default number on your iPhone, you may possibly see this error last line on longer available on iPhone. You can still use the number to dial and will be asked if you want to continue calling out using the remaining lines. If you see this reminder pop up and tap the Call button, you need to know that you will be calling a random number instead of the one you try to call in the first place. This kind of situation is most likely to happen on iPhone 13/14/15 with an eSIM or other iPhone models with a dual SIM system. The reason can be random bugs, cellular issues, or corrupted network settings. Since the causes are not very sure, the following parts will list all the possible solutions to fix the error: iPhone saying last line no longer available.

Part 2: Solutions for Last Line No Longer Available on iPhone

Basic troubleshooting tips like turning off and on the Airplane mode or restarting iPhone are both useful tips for fixing common iPhone issues. Except for these, you may walk through the solutions below for more workable tips to fix the last line no longer available iPhone error. Besides, you may also first try to upload your iOS to the latest to see if the issue can be resolved.

Solution 1: Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

When seeing the last line no longer available on iPhone, here is a simple tip. You may swipe down from the top right corner to open the Control Center and tap the airplane button to turn on the Airplane mode. Wait a while and tap that button again to turn it off. Wait till your cellular signal and network are back to normal. Then, you may try to dial in again.

Turn on and Off Airplane Mode IOS16

Solution 2: Restart the iPhone

Another practical tip to fix iPhone saying last line no longer available error is to restart your iPhone. Meanwhile, this tip can fix also other random bugs like notifications not working, small crashes of certain apps, etc. To turn off your iPhone, press the Side button and the Volume down button together till the side to power off note appears. You may wait a moment and turn the iPhone on.

Power Off Screen

Solution 3: Clear Recent Calls on iPhone

Try clearing all recent calls the next time you see the last line no longer available on the iPhone. After deleting all the contact’s history, try calling the number you previously did again. To clear the recent calls, go to the Phone app and tap the Recents button at the bottom to see your iPhone call history. Next, tap the Edit button and tap the Clear button in the left corner above. Then tap the Clear All Recents button to delete all.

Clear All Recents

Solution 4: Fix iPhone System – iOS System Recovery

Sometimes, the reason why you see the last call no longer available iPhone error might be a system issue. Under this circumstance, you need a practical tool to help you recover your iOS system. The iOS System Recovery program is an excellent choice for you, which enables you to fix any iOS issues quickly while protecting your data from damage. If you are still afraid of potential data loss, you may also use the data backup option in this program to create a backup on your computer and safely restore your iPhone from this backup after fixing your last call no longer available iPhone error.

iOS System Recovery

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Step 1Get a free download first of the iOS System Recovery program. Then, install and launch it. After that, you can connect your iPhone with call issues to the computer with a USB cable. Then, choose the iOS System Recovery option on the main interface. Afterward, click the Start button to go on.

Let Program Detect Your iPhone

Step 2Now, choose Free Quick Fix option for your last call no longer available iPhone error. And click the Fix button to move on to choose a fixing mode. There are Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. In such a situation, the Standard Mode will suffice.

Select Fix Mode

Step 3Set the firmware for fixing on the following window and you need to choose the right category, type, and model that match your iPhone. Afterward, click the Download button to download. Finally, click the Next button to start fixing.

Import Download Firmware

Solution 5: Reset Network Settings

The last solution is for you to have a try when none all these solutions for the last line no longer available iPhone error above works. You can try resetting network settings on your iPhone. But unlike resetting iPhone and content option, this will not wipe off your data but only the network-related settings like Wi-Fi, cellular data, and so on. Open the Settings app, tap the General button, and tap the Transfer or Reset iPhone option. On the following screen, tap the Reset button and then the Reset Network Settings button.

Reset Network Settings When Last Line Not Available

Part 3: FAQs about Last Line No Longer Available iPhone

Question 1. What is an eSIM for iPhone?

An eSIM refers to an embedded SIM which works like a normal and physical SIM that enables you to call and text your contacts. Usually, an iPhone with an eSIM seems to have a higher potential to see the last line no longer available iPhone error.

Question 2. How can I avoid the last line no longer available iPhone error?

Unfortunately, since the reasons cause such an error is not very clear, there are no exact ways to avoid this situation to happen. Maybe it will be less likely to happen if you use SIM instead of eSIM or use a single SIM iPhone.

Question 3. How to fix the last line no longer available iPhone error without clearing anything?

When you see such an error, you may tap Cancel and back to the Phone app. Then dial the number again but with a different number on your iPhone if your iPhone model supports a dual-SIM system.


All in all, the last line no longer available iPhone error is not a big deal. Therefore, you do not need to worry next time when you encounter this situation again. Because, after reading the post, you will know exactly the possible ways to get rid of this error with the detailed steps and instructions above.

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