4 Methods to Check if Phone is Unlocked

An unlocked phone is a phone which is not bound to a particular cell phone carrier. If you have an unlocked phone, you can use it with all different kinds of SIM cards from different carriers. It actually can do more things with an unlocked phone but is your phone an unlocked phone? You may have no idea about it because you don't know how to check if phone is unlocked or not. Here we recommend 4 methods for you to check if your phone is unlocked.

Check if Phone is Unlocked

Method 1. Check if Phone is Unlocked with Phone's Settings

As you know, all phones have Settings app which can be used to check if the phone is unlocked or not. It can be the easiest way to check your phone unlock status with Settings app. Just follow the next step and begin to check.

Step 1. Open Settings on phone

Open your phone and then find the Settings app on your phone's screen. Usually, this app is grey with a gear icon on it.

Step 2. Find Cellular Data Network

Tap "Cellular" or "Mobile Data" which is in the Settings page. And then look for the "Cellular Data network" or "Mobile Data Options" in the screen. If you find can find "Cellular Data network" or "Mobile Data Options" successfully, your phone is unlocked. Otherwise, your phone is locked.


Method 2. Check if Phone is Unlocked Using SIM card

For both Android and iPhone users, you can check if your phone is unlocked or not with a SIM card. Of course, the pre-condition of this simple method is there is a different carrier's SIM card in your hands. If so, do the following job and know whether your phone is unlocked or not.

Step 1. Power off your phone.

The first step using SIM card to check if phone is unlocked is turning your phone off. The process will vary from phone to phone. In general, press and hold the Power button and then slide the switch to turn off your phone.

Step 2. Find phone's SIM slot

The SIM slot is different from different phones. For example, the SIM slot is either on the right side of the casing of iPhone or on the top of the case. You need to put the tool into the hole of the SIM slot and the pull it out. For most Android devices, you can find the SIM slot under the battery cover or just like iPhone.

Step 3. Change the SIM card

When you find the SIM slot, you are allowed to take the original SIM card out and then put the new SIM card of different carrier's in. Next, put the SIM slot into your phone or put the battery back.

Step 4. Check if phone is unlocked

Now turn on your phone, type in a number and try to make a call with Phone app. If you make a call successfully, your phone is unlocked. If not, and you are certain the number is valid, that means your phone is locked.

Check if Phone is Unlocked

Method 3. Check if Phone is Unlocked with Web Service

If you don't have other carrier's SIM card, you can check if phone is unlocked with IMEI number. It is a unique number you can use to identify your phone. Here you can know your unlock status with the help of it.

Step 1. Know your phone's IMEI number

The first step using IMEI number to check if phone is unlocked is finding your phone's IMEI number.
If you are iPhone users, open "Settings" app and then tap "General" icon. After that tap "About" and find "IMEI" section. Then you can see the IMEI number listed.
If you are using Android, just open "Settings" and scroll down to find "About device". Then tap "Status" and find "IMEI" section. And the IMEI number is also listed.
In general, you can dial "*#060#" to get the IMEI number and this way are suitable for most phones.

Step 2. Log in IMEI Info

Open IMEI Info's page. If you have the account already, just log in. If not, you need to register a new account first. Just follow the instructions to apply for a new one.

Step 3. Enter the IMEI number of your phone in the "Enter IMEI field". Then click the "I'm not a robot" box to verify your identity. After that you are allowed to click "Check". Then click "SIMLOCK & WARRANTY" and "Check Apple Phone Details". Doing so will take you to a page and you will see one of the following text: Unlocked: false and Unlocked: true. If it is false, your phone is locked. Otherwise, your phone is unlocked.


Method 4. Check if Phone is Unlocked via iTunes on iPhone

There is another special way for iPhone users to check if phone is unlocked. You can check it via iTunes on your computer. The first step you need to do is resetting your iPhone to factory default. And you should know that it can be only used to check Android devices.

Step 1. Reset your iPhone

Open your iPhone's Settings app on the main screen. Then tap on "General" and then find "Reset" in the bottom of this page. Tap "Reset" and then choose "Erase All Content and Settings". After you tap "Erase iPhone" to confirm the reset request, your phone will begin to reset to factory default.

Step 2. Connect to iTunes

When you done the reset, you can connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable. And then open the iTunes on your computer. Now you are able to restore your iPhone with iTunes.


Step 3. Check if phone is unlocked

If you see the familiar "Congratulations, the iPhone is unlocked" message showed up on your iTunes, it means your iPhone is unlocked. If not, your phone maybe is locked.

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We list 4 good methods to answer you the question about how to check if phone is unlocked or not. Both Android and iPhone users can find the suitable way to check if your phone is unlocked. I believe that you can get what you need from this article. If you like it, just share these useful methods to your friends.

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