5 Easy Ways to Factory Reset iPad Without Apple ID and Password

There are many reasons of why people want to reset iPad without Apple ID or password.

  • Get a second-hand iPad from others, and want to bypass the previous owner's Apple ID.
  • Clean up iPad storage space when you forgot Apple ID or/and password.
  • Forgot your Apple ID and fail to use any Apple products.

As a result, the main problem is how to factory reset an iPad without Apple ID or password.

No worry, and this post collects 5 easy and safe ways to help you factory reset iPad without Apple ID or password.

Reset an iPad without Apple ID

Part 1. How to Reset iPad Without Apple ID Using iOS Unlocker

For resetting iPad, the necessary step is entering your Apple ID password. However, once you forgot Apple ID or password, it seems nothing will happen.

However, Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker can help you remove Apple ID and factory reset iPad without entering Apple ID account or password.

iOS Unlocker

4,000,000+ Downloads

Factory reset iPad without Apple ID or password.

Remove the existing Apple ID so that you can create a new Apple ID for use.

Wipe screen-lock password and Screen Time password to get into locked iPad.

Compatible with all iPad models and the latest iPadOS 17 version.

Now, let’s see how to use this software to factory reset iPad without Apple ID.

Step 1Connect iPad to computer

Free download iOS Unlocker on your computer, and choose "Remove Apple ID" mode.

Connect your iPad to computer, and do not forget to tap Trust on your iPad to trust the computer.

Select Remove Apple IDStep 2Remove Apple ID

Click the "Start" button to start removing the Apple ID and iCloud account associated to your iPad. After that, iOS Unlocker will start removing your Apple ID and factory reset iPad.

Remove Apple ID

Part 2. How to Reset iPad with Two Official Methods

How to Factory Reset iPad Without Apple ID Using iTunes

The second way of resetting iPad is a freeway. But you must make sure you do not turn on "Find My iPad" before, and you will still get stuck in Apple ID login after resetting iPad. The way to reset iPad without Apple ID is entering iPad into the Recovery mode via iTunes. If your iPad is disabled to connect to iTunes, you should troubleshoot it at first.

Step 1 Connect iPad to iTunes

Update your iTunes to the latest version first.

Launch iTunes and connect iPhone to computer with a lightning USB cable. iTunes will detect your iPhone automatically.

Wait for a while to see your iPad icon in the top left corner.

Connect iPad to iTunesStep 2 Put your iPad in recovery mode

For an iPad with a Home button: Hold and press Home button and Sleep/Wake button together until you see the recovery screen, it means your iPad has been in DFU mode. In another word, do not release Home button and Power button until the notification of "iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode" on your computer appears. Hit "OK" to confirm it.

Put iPad in Recovery Mode

For an iPad without a Home button: First, press and quickly release the volume button closest to the Power button. Second, repeat the action on the another volume button. Third, press and hold the Power button.

Dfu Mode Without a Home Button

Select "Summary" and "Restore iPad" in iTunes. Click "Restore" when you are notified that iTunes will factory reset your iPad to default settings.

Reset an iPad to Factory Settings

How to Reset iPad by Resetting Apple ID Password

While you fail to reset your iPad because you forgot Apple ID password, you can also fix it by resetting Apple ID password.

Step 1Go to through your browser.

Step 2Type your Apple ID account in the "Enter your Apple ID" bar.

Step 3Select "My Password" option and click "Next" to go to next page.

Here you will face two options, "Get an email" and "Answer security questions".

You can reset Apple ID password via security questions or get password-reset link in your recovery email.

Iforgot Apple Com

After resetting your iPad, you just need to input your Apple ID and resetted password to factory reset iPad directly.

Part 3. How to Reset iPad with Other Two Tools

How to Reset iPad and Bypass Apple ID Login

If you forget Apple ID account or your Apple ID password is not working, but want to reset iPad and bypass the annoyed iCloud login, the solution is exactly what you need.

iPadOS System Recovery is the key to the solution.

It helps you factory reset iPad without inputting Apple ID or password, and bypass the Apple ID login after resetting iPad. What's more, you can also benefit a lot as following:

iOS System Recovery

4,000,000+ Downloads

Professionally kick iPadOS system out of various predicaments.

Safely and easily reset iPad without any professional skills.

Update or downgrade iPad to the supported latest iPadOS 17 version.

Restore jailbroken iPad to unjailbreak.

Step 1 Connect iPad to computer

Free download iPadOS System Recovery to your computer. It has Windows and Mac version. Download what version you need.

Run iPadOS System Recovery and connect your iPad to the computer with a USB cable. Select "iPadOS System Recovery".

Connect iPad to ComputerStep 2 Select iPad state

In the pop-up window, you will find many abnormal states from iPad. Even though your iPad is crashed and cannot turn on, you could also reset it easily by click “Start” button to precede it.

Select iPad StateStep 3 Put iPad into DFU or Recovery mode

Select “Advanced Mode” in the pop-up window, and “Confirm” to follow the onscreen instructions to put iPad into DFU or recovery mode.

Advanced ModeStep 3 Reset iPad without Apple ID or password

After getting iPad into the DFU or Recovery mode, you will see you are going to the model information checking interface.

Modify the iPhone information like category, type, model, and iPadOS version.

Then click “Repair” to start downloading the firmware and resetting iPad to factory settings.

Tips :

1. For bypassing iCloud login after resetting iPad, you must make sure your Find My iPad is turned off. If you only just need to reset iPad, then it does not matter whether Find My iPad is enabled or disabled.

2. While choosing iPadOS version, you can select any iPadOS version that your iPad supports. For example, you can choose iPadOS 17, iPadOS 16, or others, even if your iPad Pro was running in iPadOS 13. In other words, you could update your iPad or downgrade it easily.

3. Advanced mode re-locks your unlocked network, and restore your iPad to non-jailbroken state.

How to Restore iPad to Factory Settings by Erasing All Contents & Settings

This is the easiest way to help you reset iPad when you did not have Apple ID or password.

iPhone Eraser is the key what you need to unlock the way.

Note: It only helps resetting iPad, but you still need to log in Apple ID and password after restoring iPad to factory settings.

iPhone Eraser

4,000,000+ Downloads

Restore iPad Pro, Air 5/4/3/2/1, mini 6/5/4/3/2/1, iPad, to factory settings without Apple ID or password.

Reset iPad to factory settings and free up iPad storage directly.

Simple interface enables users to reset iPad easily.

Compatible with the latest iPadOS 17.

Step 1Connect iPad to computer

Download and install this iPad reset tool to your computer. Use the Light USB cable to connect your iPad and your computer. Once it is connected, this software will detect your iPad automatically.

iPhone EraserStep 1Select erasing level

After the program recognizes your iPad, it will show you three erasing level options, Low, Middle and High.

The higher the erasing level, the more times the application overwrites your iPad. Select a proper erasing level and move to the next step.

Choose Erasing LevelStep 1Reset iPad

If you are ready, click the "Start" button to start resetting your iPad and erasing your data and settings on your iPad. Then you need to enter "0000" to confirm the erasing, and click "Erase" button to erase all data on your device.

Start Factory Resetting an iPad

Part 4. Must-Read Tips Before & After Resetting iPad

Before resetting iPad to factory settings, you had better backup iPad data in advanced. Otherwise, your iPad will be as empty and all data are gone with wind.

To backup iPad quickly and safely, you can use Apeaksoft iPadOS Data Backup & Restore.

It is a powerful iPad data management tool that you can backup and restore iPad data in one click, just as its name shows.

iPadOS Data Backup & Restore is a great alternative to iTunes, with which you can backup iPad without overwriting the old one.

Furthermore, you can also use the one-click iPad restore service to restore it after resetting iPad to factory settings without Apple ID or Password.

iOS Data Backup & Restore

4,000,000+ Downloads

One click to backup and restore data from any iPad to Windows/Mac selectively.

Preview data after backup or before restoring to a factory resetting iPad.

No data loss during the backup and restore process.

Supports iPadOS 17/16/15/14/13, etc. and all models of iPad Pro, iPad Air 5/4/3/2/1, iPad Mini 6/5/4/3/2/1 and other iPad generations.

How to Backup iPad before Resetting with No Apple ID

Step 1 Run iPadOS Data Backup & Restore

Free download and install the iPad backup program on computer. Launch it and select "iPadOS Data Backup" option. Use a lightning USB cable to connect iPad to computer. Choose "Start" to access file types of your iPad.

iOS Data Backup & RestoreStep 2 Select file types to scan

Before resetting an iPad to factory settings without Apple ID or iCloud password, you need to select file types you want to restore. After your iPhone is detected by iPadOS Data Backup & Restore, the program will show available types of data you can sync.

Select File Types to ScanStep 2 Backup data from iPad to computer before resetting

Click "Next" button and set a destination folder. Press "Backup" button to backup iPad data to computer without data loss. Later, you can also preview your iPad backup in details.

Backup Data from iPad to Computer

After resetting an iPad with a forgotten Apple ID or password, you can turn to iPadOS Data Backup & Restore to restore deleted data without a hassle, too.

Part 5. FAQs of Resetting iPad Without Apple ID

How do I force my iPad to factory reset?

You can use Settings to reset your iPad. First, open Settings. Then, tap General. Next, tap Transfer or Reset iPad. Finally, tap Erase All Content and Settings. To get more details, please read how to reset iPad.

Will I lose all my data if I reset my iPad?

Yes. Resetting iPad means erasing all contents and settings. To prevent data loss, please backup iPad before resetting.

Does iPad have to use Apple ID?

No. If you don't need to use iCloud or install apps, you can use the iPad without Apple ID.

Can you bypass iPad Activation Lock without the Apple ID?

No. Activation Lock is a security feature to deter theft and unauthorized access to an iPad. It is impossible to bypass the iPad Activation Lock without the original Apple ID and password.

Can I cancel a factory reset in progress?

No. Once you have initiated a factory reset on your iPad, it cannot be canceled or undone. It is essential to ensure that you have backed up any important data first.


This post lets you quickly learn 5 easy-to-use methods to reset iPad without Apple ID. If you want to spend less time and energy, you can try Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker to reset your iPad in a few minutes without restrictions. If this post is helpful for you, please share it with others in need.

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