How to Jailbreak iPhone on Windows with Checkra1n

As iOS users, you must know that the iOS system has a relatively strict registration during the usage process, for example, you can not install apps freely like users of Android or use the third-party app to unlock your iPhone without password. In this case, jailbreaking iOS devices like jailbreaking iPhone is popular among users. Thus, this article will show you how to jailbreak iPhone on Windows using Checkra1n. Besides, there will be an efficient way for you to back up your iPhone data so that you can jailbreak your iPhone without worries.

Jailbreaking iPhone

Part 1: What is iPhone Jailbreaking?

Before starting the guide, let us discuss what iPhone jailbreaking is. If you have used iOS devices for years, you may be familiar with iPhone jailbreaking. In short, iPhone jailbreaking is a technical means to obtain the highest permissions on iOS, the operating system of Apple's portable devices. Users can obtain the highest permissions on iOS by using this technology and may even further unlock the restrictions on mobile networks imposed by operators. If your iPhone is jailbroken successfully, you can have the right to download and install apps not from the App Store.

However, jailbreaking iOS 17 is harder than ever, and Checkn1x has not supported jailbreaking iOS 17 up to now, so this post will meanly present the step-by-step guide on jailbreaking iOS 16 and before.

Part 2: How to Back up iPhone Data Before Jailbreaking

To avoid iPhone jailbreaking from damaging your data stored in the device, backing up your data is necessary before jailbreaking your iOS devices. And we recommend you an effective program, Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore, to help you finish the data backup process.

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Step 1. Install and run iOS Data Backup & Restore.

Go to the official website of this software and download it, then click the package to open and install iOS Data Backup & Restore on your Windows or Mac computer according to the on-screen instruction. Later, launch it on your computer.

Fonelab Main Interface

Step 2. Select iOS Data Backup

Choose the iOS Data Backup & Restore option from the interface, then click the iOS Data Backup button to enter the backup window.

Ios Data Backup Restore Main Interface

Step 3. Customize backup data

After scanning your iPhone, the data types you can backup will be presented on the interface for you to select, containing photos, videos, audio, messages, call history, etc. Later, you can click the Next button to start backing up your iPhone data to the computer.

Select File Type

Part 3: How to Jailbreak iPhone on Windows Using Checkra1n

Before reading and using this tutorial to jailbreak your iPhone on your Windows computer, please ensure that your computer’s system is Windows 7 or later. And your iPhone should run iOS 12.3 to iOS 14.8 and not have a lock screen password if it is iPhone 8/8 Plus/ X. Besides you also should prepare a blank USB flash drive with over 2GB capacity. Here are steps in detail:

Step 1. First of all, download and install Checkn1x and Rufus on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Insert the USB flash drive you have prepared into your computer and launch Rufus. Then click the SELECT button to look for the checkn1x file you have downloaded and choose it. Later, click the START button to burn the ISO file to your USB flash drive.

Select Checkn1x

Note: A warning window called “ISOHybrid image detected” will pop up after clicking the START button. Please check the box of Write in DD Image mode and click the OK button.

Step 3. Please wait for about three minutes to complete the burning process, click the CLOSE button. Besides, after burning, you should unplug and insert your USB flash drive again to avoid your computer cannot recognize the USB flash drive.

Close Rufus

Step 4. Restart your Windows computer and press Esc or F12 (it depends on the label of the computer) on your keyboard before the brand logo appears to enter the BIOS mode and select your USB flash drive. Then you will enter into the Welcome to checkn1x window.

Welcome To Checkn1x

Step 5. Press Alt + F2 on your computer's keyboard as the screen says to enter into the Welcome to checkra1n window. And then, please use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 6. After connecting, use the arrow key on your keyboard to select the Options button and press Enter to open the jailbreaking tool setting screen.

Select Options

Step 7. Pick out the Allow Untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions option with the same operation as Step 6 says. After that, use the same operation to select Skip A11 BPR check. Then select the Back option to return to the main interface.

Skip A11 Bpr Check

Step 8. Use the arrow key and Enter on your keyboard to select Start. Then select Next to make your iPhone enter into the DFU mode as the on-screen instruction says.

Enter Dfu Mode

Step 9. Finally, after entering into the DFU mode successfully, your iPhone will be jailbroken automatically. When the process finishes, choose the Done button and unplug your USB flash drive and iPhone.

Finish Jailbreak

Part 4: How to Use Checkra1n to Jailbreak iPhone on Mac Computer

Step 1. First of all, you should download, install, and launch checkra1n on your Mac computer. Then, please click the Start button to begin jailbreaking.

Start Jailbreak Mac

Step 2. Later, a warning window will pop up, and you need to click the OK button to continue.

Click Ok Mac

Step 3. The next step is that you should click the Next button to enable your iPhone to enter the recovery mode.

Click Next Mac

Step 4. Then you should click the Start button to put your iPhone into the DFU mode in the window below.

Enter DFU Mode Mac

Step 5. After entering DFU mode successfully, please click the Done button to finish jailbreaking. You can also use this root tool to root an iPad.

Finish Jailbreak Mac

Part 5: Recommendation: Best Software to Unlock iPhone

After jailbreaking iPhone successfully with steps above, you can do more operations on your iOS devices with few limitation. Hence, we recommend you an effective and convenient tool: Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker. When you forget password of your iPhone and it has been jailbroken, you can download and install this software to easily unlock it without password.

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People Also Ask:

Part 6. FAQs on iPhone Jailbreaking

Can jailbreak ruin your iPhone?

In a physical sense, jailbreak does not damage your iPhone. But the files you download in a jailbroken iPhone may cause system errors. In that case, you can turn on iPhone safe mode to remove the faulty tweaks.

Is jailbreak a virus?

The jailbreak itself is not a virus, but it is easily affected by viruses because users can download and install apps from the source that Apple or Google does not protect on the jailbroken iPhone.

Does updating iOS remove the jailbreak?

No, updating iOS does not remove the jailbreak, but it can lead to a boot loop.


After looking through this post, you might know how to jailbreak your iPhone with checkra1n. And you also get a great data backup tool for your iPhone if you need to back up your information one day.

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