Check the Detailed Super Mac Cleaner Review

When you search for a system optimizer on the internet, you may get the Super Mac Cleaner recommendation. It claims that it is one of the best system cleaning applications for Mac. However, you will also see many bad reports about it. Is Super Mac Cleaner safe?

Surely you want to know more details about Super Mac Cleaner before you choose to download it on your Mac. Considering that, this post gives you a Super Mac Cleaner review. You can keep reading and get to know its key features, pros, cons, and more knowledge.

Super Mac Cleaner Review

Part 1. Super Mac Cleaner Review

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Super Mac Cleaner is a popular Mac system optimization app that can help you detect and fix various issues on a Mac. It is also known as Super-Mac Cleaner, Super-MacCleanerX, SuperMac Cleaner, or Super Mac-Cleaner. It is mainly used to free up Mac disk space, optimize Mac performance, and manage all types of files and apps.

Super Mac Cleaner

Main features of Super Mac Cleaner

Super Mac Cleaner is a Mac cleanup and system optimizer utility. It collects various functions in 3 categories, Cleaners, Utilities, and File Managers. After performing a system scan, you can easily find issues on your Mac and then repair them. It offers a simple and quick way to scan and clean the system. What’s more, it allows you to manage cache, logs, trash, rogue apps, and other files.

Super Mac Cleaner - Pros & Cons

Super Mac Cleaner is equipped with many useful features to manage Mac storage and optimize its performance. With a concise interface, you can easily access and use its functions. Super Mac Cleaner offers a free version with the quick scan feature.

However, compared with other Mac cleanup or system optimization apps, its features are limited. You have to buy the full version to fix Mac issues. What you should know is that, Super Mac Cleaner is now taken as the scareware, Mac virus, and a potentially dangerous program. When you use Super Mac Cleaner to make system scans, you will see many fake virus alerts. That will prompt you to buy its full version.

Part 2. How to Completely Remove Super Mac Cleaner from Mac

To thoroughly uninstall Super Mac Cleaner and delete all its remaining files on a Mac, you can choose to manually remove it from your Mac or rely on a third-party uninstaller. This part will tell you the common way to uninstall Super Mac Cleaner.

Step 1Open the Finder app on your Mac, go to the Applications folder, and then scroll down to locate the Super Mac Cleaner. Right-click on it and then select the Move to Trash option.

Step 2Now you need to manually delete its app leftovers. You should open Go To Folder, and then delete the associated files and folders from the folders below:


~/Library/Application Support/





Step 3After you remove all Super Mac Cleaner’s remaining files to the trash. You need to Empty Trash to completely uninstall it on your Mac.

Part 3. Best Super Mac Cleaner Alternative to Speed up Your Mac

Whether you want to manage all types of apps and files on your Mac, fix system issues, free up Mac disk space, or optimize Mac’s performance, you can try using the all-featured Mac Cleaner.

Mac Cleaner

4,000,000+ Downloads

Monitor Mac real statuses including CPU, GPU, memory, and more.

Manage Mac disk space and delete unwanted files like junk, duplicates, and others.

Manage all types of Mac applications and remove unused apps and leftovers.

Speed up Mac in real-time and protect Mac from viruses, malware, and adware.

This recommended Mac Cleaner designs all its features in 3 categories, Status, Cleaner, and ToolKit. You can choose the specific one to access more options.

Main Interface

When you want to know the current status of your Mac, you can go to Status.

Preview System Status

To get more available Mac storage space and delete useless files, you can use its Cleaner feature. You are allowed to remove junk files, duplicates, caches, logs, old and large files, etc. from a Mac.

Click System Junk

This Super Mac Cleaner alternative also offers other useful tools in ToolKit. For instance, you can choose Uninstaller and then use it to completely uninstall Super Mac Cleaner and delete all its leftovers.

Useful ToolKit

Part 4. FAQs of Super Mac Cleaner

Question 1. Is Super Mac Cleaner a good Mac optimizer?

Super Mac Cleaner is designed with many useful features to optimize Mac. However, it will spread fake virus alerts when you are using its free version. So Super Mac Cleaner is not a good Mac optimizer.

Question 2. Can Super Mac Cleaner remove viruses?

No. Super Mac Cleaner does not offer any security features to protect your Mac from viruses, adware, or malware. It can only help you remove unwanted files from Mac and fix some system issues.

Question 3. Where to download Super Mac Cleaner?

Now there are no longer Super Mac Cleaner downloads from the official. You are only allowed to download it from some app downloading sites. Considering that Super Mac Cleaner is not trustworthy. You should find another Mac cleaner or macOS optimizer to help you manage your Mac.


This post gives you a Super Mac Cleaner review to better know its features. You should know that, Super Mac Cleaner is not a good choice, either as a Mac cleanup app or system optimizer. Here you can try using the recommended Mac Cleaner.

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