9 Best Minecraft Screen Recorders You Should Not Miss

- "I would like to record myself playing some Crazy Craft, but I don’t know what Minecraft recorder to use…"

- "Hello people, I have been trying to make Minecraft video recently. But I just can’t find a screen recorder that doesn’t lag. That’s really bad."

- "Best free Minecraft recording software?"

Minecraft Screen Recorder

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game, with which you can build anything freely based on your creations. If you want to share your work with friends and other people, you had better record Minecraft videos and upload them to the Internet.

However, it is not easy to find a satisfying Minecraft screen recorder. There are many similar questions about recommendations of Minecraft video recorder software. Fortunately, this article collects some great Minecraft recording software. You can read and get your best choice here.

1: Apeaksoft Screen Recorder – Record Minecraft on PC with Voice [No Lag]

By using Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, you can record all your activities in Minecraft smoothly and easily. The Minecraft recorder software has simplified all screen recording features into a user-friendly interface. Thus, it does not matter if you have no experience of recording gameplay videos.

Main Features of Minecraft Recorder for Windows and Mac

  • Record games and other on-screen videos for offline viewing or YouTube sharing.
  • Manage video, audio and screenshot settings before recording Minecraft game video.
  • Customized the recording area, system/microphone audio and other preferences freely.
  • Set hotkeys to record/capture or finish the Minecraft game recording project.
  • Share the recorded Minecraft game video to YouTube and other social media platforms by one click.

Steps to Record Minecraft Videos on PC with Audio

Step 1: Launch the Minecraft recorder

Free download the Minecraft screen recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. Then launch Apeaksoft Screen Recorder and choose Game Recorder. Consequently, you can enter the Minecraft game video recording screen.

Game Recorder

Step 2: Select the game

Click the drop-down arrow next to Select the game to choose the gameplay you need to record.

Select the Game

Step 3: Manage the input audio sources

You can choose the sound source for recording the game by enabling System Sound, Microphone, or both.

Set Game Sound and Microphone

Step 4: Record your game

When you finish the settings, click REC to start recording the gameplay. You can draw on the screen or take a quick snapshot in the recording process.

Record Gameplay

Step 5: Save the recorded file

After finishing the game recording, click Stop. Then, you can preview the video on a new window. If you need to adjust the length, set the start and end. Finally, choose Save to get the recorded file on your computer.

Record Gameplay

2: Free Online Screen Recorder - Best Free Screen Recording Software for Minecraft

Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder is the best free screen recording software for Minecraft. With this free and easy-to-use screen recorder, you can record gameplays like Minecraft, Battlefield, Roblox or World of Warcraft to gain more likes on YouTube, Twitch and more.


  • It allows to capture gameplay, presentation and e-Learning courses.
  • You can record a picture-in-picture game recording while enabling webcam.
  • Users can select the recording area like a full screen or a fixed region.


  • Unlike Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, you can’t edit with this online tool.
Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder

3: Bandicam – Record Minecraft Game Video on Windows

Bandicam is widely used as a screen recorder and gameplay recorder. Thus, you can record Minecraft with Bandicam on Windows computer. In addition, you can take a screenshot while recording Minecraft with Bandicam too.


  • Export the recorded Minecraft gameplay as MP4 and AVI formats.
  • Set the capture screen size freely.



4: HyperCam – Windows Screen Recording Software for Minecraft

HyperCam is also a pretty good screen recorder that can capture special sequences during the Minecraft gameplay recording process. You can get basic screen capture features from HyperCam.


  • Customize the screen recording size.
  • Record Minecraft videos with audio.


  • You have to save the recorded Minecraft game video as AVI format only.
  • Have bunch of malware inserted during the installation.

5: OBS – Record Minecraft for Free with No Time Restriction

OBS is an open source and free screen recorder for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can record Minecraft with OBS free. What’s more, there are many recording, streaming and editing features.


  • Record Minecraft on Windows 10 and other operating systems.
  • No time limitation towards Minecraft gameplay video recording.


  • The output game video file size is too large.

6: AZ Screen Recorder – Free Minecraft Recorder APP for Android

You can use AZ Screen Recorder to record Minecraft video with no ads or watermark. Yes. The Minecraft screen recorder apk allows users to record game video for free on Android.


  • Free record Minecraft game video on Android without root.
  • Capture Minecraft gameplay video with HD and full HD resolution.


  • Sometimes AZ Screen Recorder crashes without knowing why.
Az Screen Recorder

7: iOS Screen Recording – Record Minecraft Video on iOS 11 Directly

For iOS users, there is no need to install additional Minecraft recorder app. Because you can record game video with the built-in iOS screen recording feature directly. Just make sure you are running iOS 11 or higher versions.


  • Record Minecraft game on iPhone, iPad screen without third party application.
  • Take a screenshot during Minecraft screen recording on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


  • There are not much editing tools.
iOS Screen Recording

8: Airshou – Minecraft Screen Recorder for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Airshou is a screen recorder that works on all iOS devices. You can perform a Minecraft game recording in high quality. Moreover, there are many useful and straightforward features for stream adjustments.


  • Record Minecraft video on iPhone with editing tools.
  • Stream your video to directly.


  • Some people complain about the appearance of red bar during screen recording.

9: Jing – Short Video Capture Program on Windows and Mac

Jing is developed by TechSmith, which can be used to record short videos and take screenshots. Well, you can get some editing tools to highlight, add shapes and other tools on your recording video.


  • Record desktop and take snapshot free.
  • Get some recording filters to highlight, add text and more.


  • It is not proper to record Minecraft game video for a long time.

FAQs of Minecraft Screen Recorder

1. How to record Minecraft in full screen?

You can use Apeaksoft Screen Recorder to help you record Minecraft in full screen. After launching it on your computer, choose the Video Recorder feature. Then you are able to customize the screen recording area. To record the whole screen of Minecraft gameplay, choose the Full screen option and then you can follow the above detailed guide to move on.

2. How do I record Minecraft online without installing software?

If you don’t want to install third-party programs on your computer, you can use an online game recorder. Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder is able to record Minecraft on Mac and PC for free.

3. How to record Minecraft on Android?

If your Android phone has no built-in screen recording feature, you can use Mobizen, AZ Screen Recorder, Game Screen Recorder or other screen recording apps.

That’s all for today’s recommendations of Minecraft recorder software. You can choose any mentioned Minecraft screen recorder to capture your achievement with ease. If you have any good advice for recording Minecraft game video, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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