How to Record A Phone Call on Android

There are a lot of reasons why you need to record a phone call on your Android phone, sometimes for making a backup for future reference, sometimes for remaining an evidence. However, it should be quite sad that Android does not have a built-in tool to record a phone call directly. Good thing is, there are many recorder apps in Google Play Store can help you record calls with crystal-clear audio quality.

Record Android Phone Call

That is exactly why you cannot miss this tutorial. In this article, you are capable to learn the best solutions to record Android phone calls, including the various features they provide, as well as the detailed recording process. Please read on and learn more details.

Part 1: Record Android phone call with Google Voice

Google Voice app makes it much easier to record a phone call on Android phone. This powerful app not only offers a free phone number and voicemail service, but also enables you to record incoming phone calls with no extra charge. What’s more, it is available for both Android and web.

Now let’s start learning how to record a phone call on Android with Google Voice App:

Step 1: Set Google Voice account

Search and download Google voice app on your Android device, log in and become a Google Voice user. You can find this app in Google Play Store easily.

Step 2: Start Google Voice app

Launch Google Voice app and navigate to the homepage. On the left of the screen, tap on the “More” menu with three vertical dots, and choose Settings option from the menu.

Choose Settings

Step 3: Make a phone call

Next scroll down the page and select the Call section, move the slider to the right to turn on the incoming call option.

Incoming Call Option

This feature is supported to sync across devices, so you only have to do it in one place, it will work anywhere.

Step 4: Start recording the Android phone

Just tap on the "4" button on the keyboard, you will be prompted that the recording is underway. To stop the recording, simply tap on the "4" button again.

Step 5: Access the recording calls

Once done, the recorded call will be saved to your inbox automatically. And you are capable to access the recording by heading to the Menu, and then Recorded in the Google Voice app.

Moreover, the Google Voice app can be equally available no matter which company makes your Android phone, including Samsung, HTC, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, and so on.

Part 2: 3 alternative methods to record Android phone calls

Though the Google Voice app is really easy and straightforward to use, it still lacks some advanced features, such as automatically recording calls as soon as they are started. And there are also a couple of apps out there to help you record a phone call on Android. And this passage tests 3 of them to see how they works to record Android calls.

Top 1: Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Automatic Call Recorder Pro is a nice alternative to Google Voice. As its name says, the biggest feature of this app is that you are able to set recording calls automatically to all calls or specific contacts. What’s more, you can simply shake your Android phone to launch this app to record your Android phone calls.

Step 1: Download free vision

Download the latest vision of Automatic Call Recorder Pro in Google Play Store. And choose the free vision first to make sure your Android supports recording calls.

Step 2: Fire up Automatic Call Recorder Pro

After installing this app on your cell phone, launch it and give it all the requisite access it needs, such as contacts, microphones, storage and etc.

Step 3: Record and save phone calls

Next you are able to record any phone call you want on your Android device and choose which to save.

Step 4: Edit and share the Recording

After recording, you are also allowed to listen to the recorded calls, add notes and share it to your other device and social websites.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Top 2: Call Recorder - ACR

Call Recorder - ACR is also a nice Android voice recorder app for you to capture a phone call on Android device. The free vision enables you to record everything automatically without so much button pressing for completely free, but you have to put up with some annoying ads. If you want to remove the ads, just upgrade to the paid vision.

Step 1: Install Call Recorder - ACR app

Search and find Call Recorder - ACR in Google Play Store, and then download and install it on your Android phone.

Step 2: Configure the recording settings

Launch this app and go to Settings, where you are able to make the settings on how to record Android calls. And you can also set a password, enable notifications and so on.

Step 3: Record phone call automatically

Now make a phone call on your phone, then this app will record all the Android phone calls automatically. To play these calls, simply tap on the recordings under the "All" tab.

Step 4: Save the recording to Cloud

If there is not enough storage space on your cell phone, the Cloud feature of Call Recorder - ACR enables you save the recorded calls on Cloud.


Top 3: Call Recording by NoNotes

Call Recording by NoNotes, developed by a voice transcription service, is another great solution for recording Android phone calls. It has a built-in voice transcription, which enables you to initiate or answer calls through the app, and record any calls automatically. Besides, you will have 20 minutes of free recording per mouth. If you need more recording minutes, just pay for $8 monthly.

Step 1: Start Call Recording by NoNotes

After downloading Call Recording by NoNotes on your mobile phone, launch it and select "Record My Call" options.

Step 2: Initiate a phone call

Make a phone call with a contact as you like, and the app will connect with the NoNotes,com line automatically.

Step 3: Save the recording call

When your call is finished, you will receive an email promoting you that the recorded Android calls has been saved already.

Call Recording by Nonotes

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How do you record a phone call on Android from someone important? The article explains the most frequently-used 4 methods. If you still have any question about how to record a phone call on Android, or you have any better recorder app suggestion, you can leave us a message in the comment part.

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