ScreenFlow vs Camtasia: Which Is Better?

There are various video recording and editing software available for Mac or Windows, among which ScreenFlow and Camtasia are more well-known as the video recorder and video editor. But choosing between Screen and Camtasia can be challenging and confusing. So, which one is really better? This article will help you choose the perfect one to start your video capturing, creating and editing.

Screenflow vs Camtasia

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Part1. Comparison: ScreenFlow vs Camtasia

ScreenFlow is video editing and screencasting software for OS X operating system. It can capture your activities on desktop screen, and then you can edit the recordings by trimming and rearranging the content as well as by adding callouts, annotations, and motion. Also, it is worth noting that ScreenFlow is a Mac-only product, if you’re on a PC you probably want to try Camtasia — the best alternative for ScreenFlow though Camtasia is more expensive.

Camtasia is a powerful recorder and video editor to make professional videos on Windows and Mac. You can record anything on screen whether from website, FaceTime call or online lectures. The best thing to know is that Camtasia also allows users to share files on various websites or social media platforms.

Keep reading the detailed comparison between ScreenFlow and Camtasia:

Vendor comparison

ScreenFlow is developed by Telestream who focuses on desktop components, cross-platform applications, digital media transcoding and workflow systems. Telestream devotes themselves to making users improve the value of the video content and helping more and more content owners, creators, corporations, healthcare providers, government and educational facilities, as well as video prosumers and consumers to simplify the access, creation and exchange of digital media.

Camtasia is developed by TechSmith for helping users to capture screen on computer for creating compelling, polished content you can share with anyone for individual and professional use. TechSmith is the industry leader for screen recording and screen capture software and gives you everything you need to capture and record your Windows, Mac, and iOS devices.

Pricing comparison

Price is one of the differences between ScreenFlow and Camtasia. ScreenFlow costs $99 per license, and Camtasia is available with payment of $199.00 per single user license that provides access for Mac and Window easily.

Features and functionality


  • 1. ScreenFlow is simple to use, even for beginners.
  • 2. ScreenFlow owns better audio and video filter.
  • 3. ScreenFlow supports multi-channel audio and AudioUnit plugins that Camtasia does support.


  • 1. Camtasia has additional functions and features that ScreenFlow doesn’t have such as interactive quizzes, speech to text caption, draw on screen.
  • 2. Camtasia also has various online templates resource.
  • 3. Camtasia is more suitable for experts
  • 4. Camtasia also allows users to directly share files on various websites or social media platforms like YouTube etc.

All in all, ScreenFlow is friendly for novices who are looking for a tool to record desktop/mobile screen activities and only have basic needs for editing. However, if you’re not a casual user, you could turn to Camtasia for getting more professional functions to record your screen and edit your recordings.

Part 2. FAQs of ScreenFlow & Camtasia

Is ScreenFlow free?

No, ScreenFlow is not free. It costs $99 for new users. And there is no free upgrade service available for this application. The more expensive ScreenFlow plans include extra features.

Is ScreenFlow available for Windows?

Unfortunately, ScreenFlow is a Mac-only application for the time being. However, you can choose other ScreenFlow alternatives to help you record your Windows, like Apeaksoft Screen Recorder.

What are the best Camtasia alternatives for Windows PC and Mac?

The best Camtasia alternatives for Windows PC and Mac are as follows: Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, Open Broadcaster Software, QuickTime Player, Bandicam, and EzVid.


If you want something similar to ScreenFlow or Camtasia for your computer, you can free download Apeaksoft Screen Recorder to start recording, creating and editing your videos.

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