How to Recover Deleted Files from A Formatted PSP Memory Stick

Accidentally formatted the PSP memory stick and get all your games, songs and pictures lost? Many users complain that the data get lost forever when they hit the formatting button by accident. Is there any way to get them back?

Many of you are facing the same situation and want to recover the deleted data from a PSP memory stick. In this article, we shall talk about effective methods to help you find out and recover your formatted games, photos and songs on PSP memory stick.

Recover Deleted Files from A PSP Memory Stick

Part 1. Common Reasons That Cause PSP Memory Stick Data Lost

In order to prevent PSP memory stick data from getting lost, you’d better be aware of the common cases that may lead to data loss. Now you can avoid these wrong operations shown in the following part.

  • Accidental deletion is the main cause of the PSP memory stick data loss.
  • Using PSP memory stick on different operating systems may get the message that the memory stick needs to be formatted.
  • Malicious malware can cause the PSP memory stick data loss or make files invisible.
  • Improper handing of PSP memory stick can cause the data loss. If you pull out the PSP memory stick cruelly, the files will get corrupted.

These are all common reasons that can cause your PSP memory stick data loss. You can easily get efficient solutions if you encounter memory card error or memory card corrupted issues.

Part 2. How to Retrieve Deleted Data from PSP Memory Stick

Sometimes gamers lose their saved PSP gaming process due to accidental deletion, corruption or formatting. They are seeking for ways to recover the deleted data from PSP memory stick. Well, using a PSP memory stick recovery tool will rescue the awkward situation. No matter what causes the PSP memory stick data loss, you can get them back with the help of Apeaksoft Data Recovery. It is a professional data recovery software that handles various data loss issues and recovers all types of data like photos, songs, documents, emails from Windows, Mac, recycle bin, memory card and more.

Data Recovery

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Recover formatted games data, photos and songs from PSP memory stick.

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Preview and then selectively restore the deleted files from PSP Memory Stick.

Step 1

Download PSP memory stick recovery tool

Download this PSP memory stick recovery software on your computer. Connect your PSP memory stick to PC/Mac.

Step 2

Select data to recover

After connecting successfully, you can see your PSP memory stick appears under the Removal Drives. It allows you to recover all types of data including image, video, audio, email, document and others. Here you can choose the Image, Audio, Video selectably from PSP.

Step 3

Select device to recover

You can select the PSP memory stick in Removable Drives, and click Recover button to scan out the deleted data from PSP memory stick.

Select Device
Step 4

Choose Deep Scan mode

After scanning, you can check all the data on the PSP memory stick. If you didn’t find the data you want to recover, you can click Deep Scan at the top right side to find out more data.

Deep Scan
Step 5

Recover deleted data

Then check your deleted images or videos from PSP memory stick and click Recover button to recover the deleted data from your PSP memory stick to computer.


After that, you can check the deleted PSP memory stick data on your computer directly. Find other card data recovery software here.

Part 3. Manual Way to Recover Corrupted PSP Memory Stick Data

In this part, you can manually fix corrupted PSP memory stick and get lost game data back on your PSP.

Step 1

Turn on your PSP and wait for a while until the PSP XMB appears.

Step 2

Connect the PSP to computer via a USB cable, and enable USB Connection.

Step 3

Your game may store in the GAME folder, GAME 150 folder or GAME5XX folder. If the game stores in the wrong folder like GAME folder, you can locate the game folder and move it to Game 150 folder.

Step 4

Disconnect your PSP from computer and play the game now. If the game still appears as corrupted data, you can connect your PSP and move the game to another folder.

Part 4. FAQs of Recovering Deleted Files from PSP

1. Why is my PSP not reading memory stick?

If the PSP doesn’t read memory stick, there may be something wrong with the slot. You can insert the memory stick to a portable card reader. If the memory stick still fails to read, there must be something wrong with the memory stick.

2. Is it possible to recover permanently deleted photos from Android?

Yes. If you have made a backup on Google Photos, you can recover deleted photos from Android from Google Photos. If not, you can rely on the powerful Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery.

3. What is the biggest memory stick for PSP?

The maximum memory you can get for a PSP Sony is 128 GB. You can purchase a memory stick for PSP that is capable for storing your games.


After reading this article, you must have known all the common situations that cause PSP memory stick data loss. You can use Apeaksoft Data Recovery to get the deleted game data, images and videos from PSP memory stick completely. Please feel free to leave us comments if you have any better solutions to regain the accidentally deleted PSP memory stick.

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