Best Solutions to Restore iPad without iTunes

iTunes will be your first choice when your iPad files are lost or damaged and you want to restore them. But you should know, iTunes has restore all backup data to iPhone. Sometimes, it can be very insufficient.

On account of that, I suggest you to restore iPad without iTunes. Certainly, there are many solutions offered on the interent to solve this problem. The article selects the best 2 ways for you to restore iPad without iTunes.

Restore iPad without iTunes

Part 1: Restore iPad without iTunes (from iPad)

The first method to restore iPad without iTunes is to restore from iPad directly. As the most basic restore operation, it is quite simple and does not need any technical skill. Here's what you need to do and just follow the instructions below step by step. With these steps you can restore iPad without iTunes with ease.

iPad Data Recovery

  • Extract and restore iPhone/iPad/iPod files from iTunes backup.
  • Selectively recover the deleted or lost iOS data on Windows PC or Mac.
  • Recover deleted/lost iOS data from iPhone/iPad/iPod without backup.
  • Support any popular iOS data type like contact, message, photo, video, music, etc.
  • Download, preview and recover various iOS data from iCloud backup.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 11/12 and the latest iPhone XS/XR/X/8 Plus/8/7/SE/6/5/4, etc.
  • Safe, clean and easy to use interface.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Step 1. Download and install the program

First of all, you should download the latest version of iPad Data Recovery with the download button above. Then install this application. However, before you download it, please note that this software is only applicable to iOS system, otherwise you cannot use it and restore iPad without iTunes.

Step 2. Choose Recovery from iOS Device

Once you open it, you can find there are 3 modes to restore files from iPad. You can click "Recovery from iOS Device" button. This button is located in the first column on the left side of the interface.

Choose Recovery from iOS Device

Step 3. Connect iPad to computer

Next, connect your iPad to your computer with a USB cable, then your iPad will be automatically detected by iPad Data Recovery. If your iPad cannot be recognized, you can unplug the USB cable and reconnect in a few minutes until you can connect to your PC. Because whether you restore iPad with iTunes or restore iPad without iTunes, this step is necessary.

Step 4. Choose to scan the files

After you have made a successful connection, click the "Start Scan" button at the bottom of the interface. The process of scanning may take a few seconds. After that, you can get the contents of iPad in different categories.

Step 5. Select the backed up files that you want to restore

The interface will appear several catalogs in the left column, choose the catalog and click it, and then the specific files will display in the right column, just click on those that you want to restore on your iPad.

Select the Backed up Files

Step 6. Restore backed up files

Finally, when you choose the file you want to restore, just click the "Recover" button at the bottom of the interface. Then you can restore iPad without iTunes but through iPad directly.

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Part 2: Restore iPad without iTunes (from iCloud)

Another method to restore iPad to factory settings without iTunes is using iCloud backup to restore data. When using this method, you must make sure that your file has been backed up in iCloud before, otherwise it will have no files to be restored. Just follow the steps below to help you to restore iPad without iTunes.

Step 1. Erase all information from your iPad

Open your settings on your iPhone, then tap the option step by step, go to "General"> "Reset" > "Erase All Contents and Settings" > "Erase iPhone", and then all information will be wiped and your iPad has been restored to factory settings.

Step 2. Download and install iPad Data Recovery

Download iPad Data Recovery application, and then install it on your PC. The process of installation may take a few minutes. Pay attention to it that this software only applies to iOS system to restore iPad to factory settings without iTunes.

Step 3. Open iPad Data Recovery

Once you finished the installation, then open "iPad Data Recovery". If the iPad Data Recovery you downloaded was Paid version, you can use all functions of this program after you run it. If you downloaded it for free, it will appear an interface and tell you that you cannot use all the features. To avoid you cannot restore iPad factory settings without iTunes, please click "Buy now" button to operate this tool.

Open iPad Data Recovery

Step 4. Choose Recover from iCloud Backup Files

After you purchased iPad Data Recovery, please restart it and click "Recover from iCloud Backup Files" button at the bottom of the left column in the interface.

Step 5. Sign in the iCloud

And then you need to sing in your iCloud in order to restore the files. The Apple ID and password you need to enter is in the right column of the interface. Then click the arrow on the password bar to enter your iCloud.

Step 6. Choose the data to restore from iCloud backup

Next, the interface will display all dates of you backup files to iCloud in the interface. Please choose the date you want to restore iPad. Then click "Download" button. This step is essential to restore iPad without iTunes.

Choose Data to Restore from iCloud Backup

Step 7. Select the files you want to restore

After the file is downloaded successfully, the interface will let you to select the backed up files to restore. These files will be sorted by category on the left column. As long as you clicked on category, the right column will shows the specific files to let you choose. Also you can just choose all files on the date you have selected to restore.

Select the Files

Step 8. Restore backed up files

Finally, after you selected the backup files, click "Recover" and then the files will restore iPad to factory settings without iTunes. Here you may also want to know how to fix iPad cannot restore.


This article explains 2 best methods to restore iPad without iTunes. If you want to restore iPad data, you can download iPad Data Recovery, it makes the process of iPad restoring very simple. Indeed, these 2 solutions are the most efficient ways that have helped many Apple users to find their lost or damaged files. All in all, hope this article can help you know how to restore iPad to factory settings without iTunes.

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